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Heineken presents ‘Worlds Apart’ An Experiment.
Can two strangers with opposing views prove that there’s more that unites than divides us? #OpenYourWorld

Find out more about the campaign, and sign up to one of our new Human Library events where you can share a beer with someone unexpected at http://www.heineken.com/gb/open-your-world

Overt Enemy
Great ad! Fantastic job Heineken. Check out Slayer's thrash Classic "Raining Blood" performed by Overt Enemy - The Best Slayer Tribute in Texas \m/ \m/
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Joshua Engler
Great commercial, great point! Unfortunately overshadowed by the people on the "right" having to compromise their views to "better appreciate" the people on the left. Kind of defeats the purpose of the ad there at the end...

The goal should be that people of two different opinions CAN get along, not that one side must compromise on their ethics or views in order to appease the other.
Fred Grün
Amazing ad. We need more of this.
Arvid H
that is absolutely beautiful
i know that people are saying that this is biased (which they may or may not be correct about it) but the way i see it is that this ad supports a different message that isnt directly about politics. In a world where you see everyone constantly arguing, fighting and taking things too far to the point where it just seems so stupid just because they have different political views. This ad reminds us that despite our differences, we can still have friendly discussions that doesn't result in a possible bloodbath (overly exaggerating here but you get the idea) as long as we take a moment to sit down, have a beer and enjoy the company of another human being. tbh, i dont fully understand politics but what i wrote here is probably going to be the most optimistic thing i have ever written and this is coming from a pessimist who doesnt really hold much hope for this world
Christopher Perry
If you've given up on him, why are you so directly critical of him?
kathleen anne
What if your problem is alcoholism?
kathleen anne
Because drinking a beer will solve all of our differences?
Jette Blok
Love it. Thanks Heineken & Human Library.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8E7l_vwZew/ 유출픽,밸런스 없는 사다리!
Francesco.D Delasche
Love this
Jesus Hernandez
It has merit. It is not about conflict resolution. It is about common ground. And beer if you like.
San Ehrhardt
All I see is the "right" siding with the "left". It's just liberal propaganda. If you're a man, you're a man. And vice versa. Even more proof that feminists can't see that they're wrong. Garbage.
Bruce Lee 117
If you walked off at step 4, upon exiting the building, you would be handed a Pepsi.
deddy wirdana
I Love It So Much
Darryn Wright
#JoinTheConversation, grab a Pepsi. #OpenYourWorld, grab a Heineken. Use manufactured celebrities & cause-célèbres, throw in some 'science' to sound legit. (Conversation can change minds?! Why have we not known this before 2017?) Fizzy drinks promising fairytale dreams.
TL;DR: Another brand fixes society! Consume their wisdom.
And, if you're into this, you might also search for the Human Library. Great project! - More of these please #Heineken!!
Just learned about this interesting project yesterday: https://www.lifeafterhate.org

We can do anything we commit to! I have seen and been involved in lots of bridge building, in and outside a bar :-)

The only good thing about this is their accents.
Joe B
I find this comical. What a way to promote business. A for effort.
MissGidi May
A very powerful ad i think :) i like it
Frank Jackson
Gen G
I actually love this
These are gonna happen until the end of world because we are just human the thing which would change is only the world, not human.
Mike Em
If more ads were like this, creative and relatable, I would be far less annoyed with them and might actually pay attention to them instead of making sure I swerve around every ad that seems to just be all up in my face all the time.
Elisa Kaplan
Anyone for a beer?
Eugene Leader
Apparently all these people are just idiots and haven't really given any thought to the things they believe in.

(or they could just be actors)
Reggie Brightside
Don Grose
Can someone explain to me why youtube provides a warning for this video? I grew up in the eighties when people routinely exchanged differences of opinion and nobody lost their jobs over it. Are we really at a point now where trigger warnings are needed to portray the idea that not everyone agrees with the liberal orthodoxy?
Henry Ford
shitty beer supports shitty jewish globohomo incentives, what a shocker
Diane Babcock
Brilliant <3
Aloha Jacqueline
Well done! Well done!
The Saltiest Shake
Oh please, the "bad guys" are such obvious actors, told to be as obnoxious as possible. Could you shill harder please?
This could have been okay, except the nonsensical "smash the patriarchy" comment. There is no patriarchy in the west and if this white dude had been brought up with nothing he would never except that he was born with "male privilege".
This is amazing. This is what we should be doing instead of screaming at each other across the barricades.
Tim Piele
Does anyone else think this video being marked as offensive by Youtube as part of the problem?
Szczepan Hołyszewski
Called it 3 seconds in: "wrongthink" caves and confesses its wrength, the antifem guy ends up clinking one to "smash the patriarchy", but on the part of the "rightthinkers" there are no equivalent concessions, critical introspection or revision of currently held positions. They're just here to accept wrongthinkers' unconditional surrender. Curtain!
Levi Sash
The biggest difference between these people is that one side is trying to legislate and enforce there lifestyle on the other
Daniel Tobin
Another company pushing their left wing agenda, Boycott Heineken.
Heidy L. McCallum
One word LOVE
Dan W
Why does this commercial have a content warning when I can watch CCTV footage of people being shot in the face without a content warning prompt? 65Million likes... Youtube/Google are a bunch of bigots.
Wow amazing
Love it.
Don Bizarrascas
And the snowflakes now are..?...Check the comment section.
Julia Kirstine Kortholm
Awesome <3 love it
Guido Bisocoli
I'm the only one that notice they are actors?
_rmaze_ Quiambao
Open your world... to geckos! Yeck. Never purchasing this beer ever again. Google Heineken and geckos in orange county. The picture is disgusting
OpenYourWorld, but only if its supportive of the liberal progressive ideology
Robert Dodd
This is cool....take a watch (?? get a Heineken??)
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