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Heineken presents ‘Worlds Apart’ An Experiment.
Can two strangers with opposing views prove that there’s more that unites than divides us? #OpenYourWorld

Find out more about the campaign, and sign up to one of our new Human Library events where you can share a beer with someone unexpected at http://www.heineken.com/gb/open-your-world

Oolax 87
Excellent advert. Brought a tear to my eye at the end.
Hatred only stems from fear and fear is overcome by knowledge.
celest simmons
this is one of the best commercials I've seen in a VERY long time😊💕😍🌍extremely heartwarming, we need more of this in the world most definitely.
Stephen Tuerff
How is this so-posed to make me want to drink beer?
Honestly, these are not debatable arguments- with good common sense there is a clear right position to each one - I promise you - but, I won't say which ones they are you should already know and if you don't you don't
Pauline Schneider
How adorable. Normalizing hate and ignorance as just another opinion. Very sweet.
How stupid does Heineken think Americans are? Don't answer that.
r penny
won't be drinking anymore heineken. cheers
Roxyie Curone
awesome commercial, guys! you did a great job!!
daniel wolff
First ad I've actually watched all the way through 😍 I think this was brilliant 😆
Kill some brain cells. Open your mind to irrational nonsense.
Yes they are selling a product but i love the fact that their incorporating the different social issues that we go through today I think this ad is so people can rethink their views no matter what a company does there goal is to sell their product but that doesn't mean they can't put out great content that can raise awareness and i think this company did a good job of doing that
diana gomez
Transgender is a mental illness and does not deserve anymore debate.
Skezeks Skybreaker
Lol this video is so one sided and stereotypical as it pretends to just bring people together. All of the people on the Right were white men. Most people on the right don't say "women are just here to make children". At the end it doesn't show the resolution of the climate change one but the other two men on the right had their mind changed and it showed no one on the left changing their mind. Showing that discuss your differences, but in the end the right needs to change and open up their minds.
I think the commercial was too bias to the left, but I'm glad to see how the reaction of the people in the comment section has been from what i've seen so far. People need to sit down and discuss things, hell, even in other countries (I'm brazilian).
I think it safe to say this ad was a success not from haineken but from evryone who are discussing their differences right now,, cheers !
I'm an alcoholic....
cor de jambo moda praia
Turma Adm M1A Faci Devry
caralho. sem palavras!!!!! muitas dessas opiniões são minhas. mas aprendi que
é preciso respeitar a opinião dos outros.
Ryan Owen
wow breath of fresh air to see this
SickName Brah
lmao sjw is such poisonous cancer. Heineken and pepsi are in a death spiral.
Élzio Júnior da Silva
Wade Hawkins
Cool, but I can tell that the ad was made by left leaning people because the people on the left in the video had pretty reasonable views. No people saying "All men are pigs" or "all white people are racist"
Chris Vournakis
We need to do more talking over beers in the USA right now...
clearly biased ad. nice concept but why not show both sides open to each other?
Feminazi Detox Clinic
What a load of politicised left wing rubbish. You're selling beer you fools, who for, the globalists?
This is actually one of my new favourite adverts
clint rathman
Her face after he said I'm only joking
Jess G.
I watched this as an advert enjoyed it better than the actual video nice one Heineken 😂✌️️
Jordan Smith
I really think people need to see this. Maybe there would be more reasoning in the world if we communicate instead of arguing over petty differences.
Jim Fernandez
This is a MUST watch video, this is GENIUS. This is how you handle all the division that is happening in the US and Donald Trump.

I liked it so much that even when I do not drink alcohol nor I endorse it, I was positively motivated by its message!

Just watch an enjoy, it is only 4 min 25 secs!

Heineken | Worlds Apart | #OpenYourWorld

Don't you agree?
Bhavya Gautam
age restricted!!!!
I thought they'd end up in a bar fight
New World Propaganda, Anarchy 2020!
John Hooper
Good ad, but the 90s.. man those where just awesome..
Scott K
Life is like that you have your opinions until you meet someone that shows you a different way to think. Oh yes have a Heineken.
This was soo good😁 not gonna lie this had me hooked, and plus now i want a beer 😂
Grégory Fleury
Woooaaah... This is impressive how actors can get along if told to !
There's no 'patriarchy'.
I find it pretty annoying how being bigoted towards transgender people and denying climate change is put in the same category as being anti-feminist.

One is just being a douche - one is being anti-science - and one is perfectly reasonable and supported by facts.
fermented sugar water is all it is
this was nive why all the hate
Tom Z. Bodor
Heineken did a much better job than Pepsi about trying to tackle the issue of classism and political differences. It shows given how many people are liking this video. In no way do I think this commercial is perfect, but it sends a positive message that we need to bring people together to find understanding. This is how we heal and make progress as a society. I am so sick of the radicals trying to create more conflict and further dividing us. The world needs more of this.
Monica Fogarty
Brilliant! The end beverage could have been anything....coffee, soda, tea, wine. Well done Heineken!
The Zubia
damn I love this inspirational Ad! these are the ads of the future! who agrees?
Andrew Tam
Feminist: "I want to discuss."
Blad guy: "Beer." (Not discussion, cuz I know this won't be a discussion unless I stop being logical)
Segs B
This advert is even worse than the pepsi one..its message is far more insidious...all we see in this video is the "conservatives" coming round to the liberal way of thinking not the other way round...bear in mind that the "so-called conservatives" are ridiculous caricatures of what many conservatives actually believe..perharps if liberals really tried to understand what conservatives were saying rather than make things up they would know that someone who describes himself as new right wouldn't go on to say he thinks a woman's place is in the kitchen or that there is nothing like climate change...only a fool would say there is no climate change...the climate changes all the time or else there'd be nothing like the ice age etc..people who question climate change have more rational arguments than there is no climate change..
Abi Tarroza
nice study in body language but honestly...they're still playing us
I like how everyone ''changed'' their opinion in the end to fit the mainstream ideology. /s
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