Crosswalk the Musical: Grease

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After intense preparation, James Corden and his theater company head to the intersection of Beverly Blvd. and Genesee Ave. to perform Grease in the crosswalk.

Scott Lyons
james please do legally blonde
Jennifer Upfield
Liv Hasberg
Loved it! Though the most famous grease song was missing: you're the one that I want 😩❤
Katy Bale
These videos are so funny
Dolores Soriano
me encanta James. Es ESTUPENDO y muy buen artista.
hahahahahahhahaahhaha great!
Alicia Lomeli
Do "Crosswalk the musical: Frozen!"
Julianne Rowley
DO High School Musical
Belle Meadow
you should do annie
Jump on an aluminium car.
Nic Solo
Thought James would have wanted to be Sandy 😂
Zayra Vazquez
I was laughing so hard through the whole video since "Grease" is my favorite movie of all time I couldn't help but sing along to the songs!
Grilled Cheesus
Grace Carver
Wish they would have sang you're the one that I want
Beverly Comia
so funny for this unique late
love this
Sydney Dymond
Sydney Dymond
Sydney Dymond
Sydney Dymond
Hannah Moore
Grocery Clerk with half an eyelid
Sophia Maguire
No way!!! This started 2 years ago??? And with Grease!!😮😮❤❤
Theatre Geek
Crosswalk The Musical: HamiltonCrosswalk The Musical: Les Miserables
Teydid Rojas
LOUIS TOMLINSON WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Erin McCarthy
Is it sad I'm 12 and can sing every word especially we go together😂 'thanks family'
"Cross!Cross!!!" "We will die!!!!!" I don't f*cken care!!!"
Floranne Adkinson
Any suggestions like Heathers, Rent, Cats, Kiss me Kate, My Fair Lady, Les Misérables, Wicked, The wizard of Oz, Alexander Hamilton, Annie,...?
Mandy Leone
Mandy Leone
Jame's Gorden is my favorite British person.
John Liska
Try Aladdin or the Little Mermaid
It was funny till you jumped onto someone's car
Olivia Figa
anyone from Gloucestershire wanna do it?!!
This is quality entertainment !!
Silvia Mato lence
vanessa attard
Oh and also when he's saying ' where's my jacket!'
vanessa attard
OMG!James doing the worm
Sarah do you live with squashie
when james start having a tantrum over his jacket i was on my bus home and i burst out in tears 😂😂 it was worth it tho 1 like =1 minute of my crying
Leila Plays
Alexis Kang
He's so lucky that people are nice and don't want something on their record for running someone over.
Rhiannon Newton
It would be so funny if John Travolta was in one of the cars!
Mackenzie Coakley
Wow, imagine if James Corden jumped on your car bonnet, no one would believe you
Natalie Holland
I would of gotten out of my car and been singing from the sidewalk.. #noshame
Shelley and Boosie
Just watching this makes me just to never hear or see the movie grease again
Nina Huricks
do highschool musical then play gabriela please!!!!
MaddySquidCat 7
Benedict Cummmmmbbeerrbatch.
Tilly Eva Covers
Do Hairspray on Crosswalk! These r so hilarious! Laughing my head off!
Lorraine Fernandez Roa
Do Hairspray plz.
Evi Manton
Please can u do twilight
Mateo Pacheco
2:37 BRAH Hercules Mulligan
Dana Barrero
They are risking getting run over by cars while singing and performing and here I am eating chocolate chip cookies instead of getting my homework done.
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