Crosswalk the Musical: Grease

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After intense preparation, James Corden and his theater company head to the intersection of Beverly Blvd. and Genesee Ave. to perform Grease in the crosswalk.

Chase Goldie
please do Frozen
Russia Cheese
James would've made a great sandy
SockBadger 24601
Imagine of some beat-up Subaru was in front for Greased Lightning πŸ˜‚
iAteYour Cupcakes
Sydney Brazier
no Your the one that I want????
Dynamite Dancers
they need to do Hamilton or heathers
Mariana Chumbo
wanna do this 2 so bad
Georgina Way
Bra Bla Say Benedict Cumberbatch ! LMAO!πŸ‘’πŸ‘‘πŸ‘ πŸ‘‘
I like Hamilton
what the the BRAHHHs remind you of??
I like Hamilton
Unicorn Drawing Club!
This is by far my favorite!!!!! I love this musical!!!!!
toys for every one
do high school musical
Msp Sami 1018
Melissa Memmott
Do Into The Woods James!!!
myla magic
Celer Studio
"Be-ne-dict Cum-ber-batch, Be-ne-dict Cum-ber-batch!" XD
I am a baby boomer who grew up loving Ernie Kovacs, The Smother Brothers, and other comic geniuses. I'm so glad I have lived to see the genius of James Corden and his Crosswalk musicals and Car Karaoke. Thank goodness for YouTube so those unable to stay up late and see him can experience his madness. What Lin-Manuel Miranda is to musicals, James Corden is to comedy.
Levi Kitty22
Benedict Cumberbatch
Laila Guzman
I am waiting for more musicals
Candy Bozo
They should do hairspray ❀️I love that movie! :D
Alexa Petterson
Just imagine if an ambulance came through, they would all get hit. They don't have to stop for red lights (maybe....) or stop signs lol.
Reuss Lunar
Hope they do wicked
Maheera Alesha
i love grease
Zahid Zulfiqar
Rizzo was πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ’•
Tara Mugford
Pleaaaaase do Hamilton. Please.
Joanna Jones
I really think you're great James. You work so hard, thanks for the laughs!
Amber Brown
1:10 when someone steals your prop
Justyn Collier
the cast and crew calls are my favorite part but the crosswalk theater musical Must Go On!

I am a fan!
Jasmijn van de Kemp
pra pra pra benedict cumberbatch
Robyn van der Heide
🎢 Summer nights, tataa CARS CARS CARS CARS
Abigail Valdez
You MUST do Wicked
maggie bdups
I would honestly pay to go see this
James corden on someone else's car xD
emel miguelito
omg this is soo funny but amazing!!!πŸ‘πŸ˜‚
Yasmin Garcia
This is legit at the top of my bucket list
AlexM 8262
I loved how he was yelling at the guy to be stage left made me laugh
Jiggly Puff
Do Hamilton!!!!! With original Cast PLEASE HAMILTON
Zoe and shae
Do high school musical
Rafaela Perez
Awesome guys πŸ‘
Faith Nix
Jamie Bautista
but... they didn't sing you're the one that i want :(
Giuliana Para
Do High School musical with Zac, PLEASE! Or Camp Rock!! : D
Isn't sandy blonde?
How TF does pewdiepie have more subs than him…Like I've watched every single grease movie from the live ones to the old ones and. This is just the funniest thing ever.
Tato Finn
Who else came here from the beauty and the beast crosswalk musical?
Rani Sharma
was that sebastian stan at 2:56
Leo Frosts
I'm so scared one day James is going to die doing this
Ali Hamada
"72, you're Rizzo" HAHAHAHAHA
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