Mateusz Gozdera
I have loved her since when she started the dark knight rises as cat woman , as Christopher Nolan said she should start her own catwoman movie
Why everyone in comment section talks about "hate" towards Anne? I can't find a single hate comment.
Asmo day
cant think about that dress it hunt me stell :P
Jimmy Neutron
Anne Hathaway looks really hot here. She is the perfect example of a double face: half the time extremely hot, and the other half extremely average
Mara De Chiara
secondo me anne hataway è molto molto brutta, ha degli occhi enormi tutti calati, un naso orrendo largo i denti enormi
Kevin Colt
all the time she was talking all I could think of is to fuck her so hard
Imran Atique
not about find the gril miss
Jacqueline Lane
i 💙❤💙❤ her!
Meg Fujiwara
Her voice is so good for an actress! It's so easy to listen
Every Anne Hathaway video has (at least) one comment about how lovely she is and how weird it is that people out there hate her. I'm honestly starting to wonder if anyone does at all...
She is the first person who actually reminds people of her mistakes and embarrassing moments! oh God I love her. She is simply perfect
She has become very boring and uptight
Karthik Ravikumar
Anne playing the victim again... gosh will she ever STFU!!!
benda Lee
Koreans really love her especially because of her humble personality
Junaid Anik
Come on guys ! Every video i watch of Anne, I find these comments about people hating her but i never came to know who or why or when "these haters" hated her? Explain please :)
Sexii Sauce
She should have been belle
Miss Vendetta
I have loved her since The Princess Diaries <3
Khanysha Coolcat
She will always be Mia Thermopolis to me
i'd tap that ass real good,
Aliie Gutierrez
I loved her in the movie becoming jane!!!:)
Elizabeth Ndongala
Caitlin Belforti
I feel like she has to tear herself down in order to be likable. I wish I could just give her a hug. She's actually frickin amazing and deserves all of her success.
Umutay Kashenova
aguna tu huje haivana.tu plahoi manager
Lana S
Loooooovvveeee her
Naina Talvar
She is not even ageing!
صوت الحق
i love her
웃유 Aomออมツ
I like Anne Hathaway because She's very beautiful , in Alice through the looking glass she's really beautiful.
Why's everyone talking about people hating Anne ? I've never heard anyone say they hate her
Ashley Valley
what a annoying woman.
you can tell she's offended at :31 secs when he says you do not want to follow those two - I don't know what it is about Anne...unlikeable woman
La Palatine
I really need to make a funny moments video about her, she is hilarious! All her interviews are great, I don't understand why people hate her.
Maluh Kay
She's perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Angie W
I think Anne is a great actress and seems like a decent person. From what I've seen of her in interviews she seems a little socially awkward and to compensate for that, she sometimes tries a little too hard to be liked, so I think a lot of people misinterpret that as her being insincere or disingenuous. I think she's just misunderstood.
Is she wearing a black garbage bag
Jack Saltzberg
she just proved herself as to why people hate self absorbed
Art by Julia Blakita
Great job!! Guys, I have drawn Anne Hathaway and I need more subscribers. Could you watch my Video?
Your click took a few minutes:) Thanks)
I liked her hosting the Oscars and when she danced with Hugh Jackman and whenever she presents and when she won was awesome! didn't even notice the dress! they should have recasted James Franco though... to just about anybody else... like literally anybody... like maybe somebody who was awake during the Oscars... or like they could have pulled someone out of the audience and swapped him with James Franco... they literally had so many famous, charming people to choose from and they chose freaking James Franco... I hope Anne Hathaway can host again with somebody else
philomena D.
She such a beautiful soul! I love her!
Lianys Olmeda
poor Anne awww she's the best
Lianys Olmeda
poor Anne awww she's the best
Janyce Kaguai
Listening to Anna Hathaway in this interview had me thinking just how articulate she is. When I listen to what she say, and how she says it, I know that there is a reason why she is in the movies. This particular aspect of speech requires masters in the area of oratory, and sometimes rhetoric, to single it out. In movies, many people know that some of the lines are written. Therefore, if a person is repeating them, the average person in the audience only concentrates on what is being said, not what, and how it is being said. Without saying too much, I will bring in the aspect of charisma, diction (never use this word without proper authority), flair, finesse and a simplicity far removed from what concepts are considered moronic (sorry for using such a strong word), but what is born of a clear, concise intelligence that is based on fact - however simple or complex.
Lidia Del Prete
I ca't help it, she's too phoney for me
Alice Carroll
I love her humor! :)
Juli Bumazhnova
I like her!
Danny Silver
hathaway had a obama moment when the teleprompters went out
Diego M-A
Jimmy "fake laught madafaka" Fallon
I wanna marry her.
Lover Of many things
Loved her role as white queen, she was born to play it!
Onise Okriashvili
Why that fucking dress, tho, Anne?
Jade Catalino
people hate Anne.. is could insecure...Thats all...Bcoz Anne is Beautiful and talented... i love her..
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