Matthias Barrocks
......or anywhere else
Angelica Sioson
very cool
Jaskaran Singh Sandhu
U should make more videos like this
Brooklyn Hope
Spellbinding ha
Rachel Zuidland
Amy Boodram
Lock dry ice in a bottle
Kye Talks
My school did not only sodium in water, but potassium too. Twice. (Once in grade 9, and once in grade 11)

I still have the shirt that got debris all over it because I leaned in too close when my 9th grade teacher was doing the potassium.

(Btw potassium is even more reactive than sodium)
Atelana Dela Paz
What will happen when you put ai egg into nitrogen?
That Asshole
Imagine using this on someone's face
Movies Bucket
Aaron 隼
Where can i get liquid nitrogen? πŸ˜‚
B&c Gaming Jj
microwave one is my fav
HypeRt rep Roblox,Minecraft and more!
I learned about sodium metal in 4th grade!!
My teacher had us put sodium in water in 7th grade
Noah Fernandes
In our school we actually did 3 for Halloween and 1 when we were studying chemical reactions and breaking/creating molecules bombs
Rachel Wong
Our chemistry teacher did put sodium in water. It was just a tiny piece but it's super cool.
Steven Garcia
Best puns ever dude
Beast Mode
can you turn a crunch into a pogo stick
Chara StoryShift
nice pun
Ian Hanson
PIE but poison BUT pie but poison I'm so confused right now
Eric Leal
hey i was thinking about using some of these for halloween
Adam Bryson
I love you
Miguel Pirela
bruh I wonder what happens if you eat that pie and go smoke a cig XD
Angela Simpson
i dont have dad but if i did i die to have one like you !
Mateo Rios
would a stun gun light up a firework
I did the first one in school...
I Am Mia
Ive done 3 of these experimnces in school xD
Short Kid
We did the pumpkin and sodium metal in school this year. Best teacher ever. Lols
Ben Chris
I saw all of these in a class room through videos
LIL huntudown
Why is there so many bottles in my yard...... Oh it's probably just Grant
Amy Macefield
try pottasium
lily foggo
Stephen S
Look on the flower on the left when he makes the pie and igniting it
we learned first one
Tayib Evans Aziz
i did the first 1 in year 8 3 years ago
Nintendo Fan
That bottle is goin' places
Carlrussel A.Doblada
... nice pun
Dancing With B E L L A
I'm definitely trying the pumpkin one!
where did you get your Na?
Dart Deity
random rocks
Peter Baum
The first one we actually did in school :D was fun!
William Borza
this is definitely fake
Fine I'll try it at my friends school
Chetan Nehra
from we can get kno3
i tried the bottle rocket and it broke my neighbor's car window
DansoundsFX B
I've done all of these in school
Talha Shaik
You rock I hope I will win the exbox
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