5 Crazy Science Stunts You Can't Try At School

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Insane experiments you probably won’t be learning in school.  

Make sure to check out Alltime10s video: http://bit.ly/Alltime10sExperiments

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Bottle Rockets: https://goo.gl/QCxLVw
Electric Deck of Cards: http://bit.ly/ElectricDeckofCards 
DIY Spot Welder: https://goo.gl/3eEfLx
Batarang: https://goo.gl/ggrtBr

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This video is for demonstrational and educational purposes only.  Each demonstration poses risks and hazards that must be fully understood before attempting, and should only be attempted by professionals.  Use of this video content is at your own risk.

Music By: Scott & Brendo (“One More Time” - Instrumental) http://bit.ly/ScottBrendoiTunes

Project Inspired By:  

Alltime10s.  They asked if I could make a video demonstrating crazy science, in a collaboration effort with their channel.  Special thanks to inspiration from SteveSpanglerScience for the idea on the exploding Pumpkins: (http://bit.ly/IBExplodingPumpkins), and Fysikshow for the idea of Liquid nitrogen bottle rockets! (http://bit.ly/IBNitrogenRocket)  If you check out their videos, please leave them a comment that you came from Grant Thompson's channel and that I gave them credit for the idea :)  Thank you!  

Project History & More Info:

These are some of my favorite projects / demonstrations, and if you’re a seasoned subscriber, you may remember some of this footage from various “Quick Clips” posted well over a year ago.  But I imagine for the majority of you, most of these will be new.

I was excited to make this compilation to explain what was happening, and hope that you felt the power and excitement of science in action.  I’m really excited about sharing the results of my experiments with you.

One of my favorite shots in the video was when two separate sodium pieces joined together into one piece, while dancing around on the water.  Did you catch that part? 

I hope my compilation was fun to watch, and educational at the same time.  If you felt inspired or learned something new, please like my video and share it with your friends.  It will help make them smarter as well.  Win/Win! :)

Did you make it to the end of the description?  Congratulations!  Let me know by leaving a comment with the word, "phenomenal" :)

See you in the next project video.

Saavage Tiimez
OLD-BIT ProGaming
Only sodium sodium, bla Bla bla. What about the other alkaline metals
Patricia Sasson
I ve done all of those in my classroom
Computer Crash Gaming
Where do you get access to Alkali Metals?
Marcos Alvarez
Rhea Recai
"Honey why is the kitchen window shattered?"
Yasir Tahir
guys the potassium nitrate can be found in stum remover infact that was stum remover
hey i want u to make,

1. frog in freezer
2. how to make dry ice
3. how to make cheese
4. sodium explosion in big barrel of water, or in the rock make rock hollow fill with water and let see if it explode or no
Akshay Shikhare
Rohan Shikhare
Gian Tolentino
What happens if you put organs in the vacuum chamber? (try the pigs heart)
Brotato Chip
I did the pumpkin one in science club at school
Nylon, my teacher put sodium in water
Devkumar Jagdishbhai
I live this type of experiment
hoang prohll 123 huyền trân
what the fuch
We experimented with sodium metal...
Charlie Choob
I did
Ammar Shahid
how to get potassium nitrate
Roy Harris
why don't he tie a rope on the plastic bottle rocket so we could see how fast it goes
Did he actually brake his window!!?
Pyro Smoak
serve me up a slice of that pie lol, nice vid man
Strangely enough, we actually did do the blast-o-lanterns in my chemistry class.
At school I made a smoke bomb from the pie one
Finn Nakamura
Where or who do you get your liquid nitrogen from?
Jerry Cavanagh
In my college physics class we did the same as the bottle rocket, but put the cap on... We almost had the cops called on us for a bomb
loved it
belrace belloni
Pie-ro technieks
Benjamin Smith
Best bottle flip ever
Nathan Elstner
I subscribed to all time 10s
Jonathan Jimenez
I learned the first one in science class
Kgsoko Soko
I've eaten sodium metal I farted a lot the next day
this just makes me want to do this at school
PsychEspeon The Great
"can't try at school" CHALLENGE ACCEPTED
Sonny Lummes
because everyone has liquid nitrogen sitting around
Zachary Knower
if it's so flammable, do a video where you light it up before the sugar carremalizes
i remembered my first and last project in high schoool. I put the wings to rat
Charley 123
Just saying we did alkali metal in school
Lol we done sodium metal at school
Kai Stothers
Our teacher showed us an explosion of sodium with water... burned down the whole classroom! We had no school for the rest of the day. THANK YOU SCIENCE!
Thomas Shaw
We did the sodium one at school
Nia's Bae
omg its the pie from that one spongebob episode
the iron minecart Matter
you're going to get someone killed
Burns calories bu dum bsh
f0rn3v3r tru3
The pie is a lie
TheFizz Sister
A Random Person
Gabriel Guibone
nice pun pie-ro-tectnics
Nikita Perrigo
Love the video
Mr. Panda
i will give you $1000 if you give me the gun of meddle but no real bullets my name is???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????gohitkfhucudvBUHFhdfbhdUBSUVHUhfy dvh hvbuvchbhvh hhb bbhc bhcx bvb bvhcc hbxv xcuvdfg bhvgbvhv
Benjamin P.
My school has no idea whats coming....

Just Kidding!!!
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