Coconut Breakfast!

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Welcome to our new series On Location! In these segments you will get a behind the scenes look at all of the fun and exciting things Coyote and the team experience on their adventures when they're NOT encountering wildlife.

On this first video Coyote decides to have a coconut breakfast and attempt to figure out which tastes better...a brown or a green coconut? However once he gets up in the palm tree he finds an incredible surprise!

Calling all fans of the movie Cast Away, this video is for YOU!

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Alex Qtr
thats rough on my cocounts😂😂😂😂
I guess green=good milk and brown=good meat
Sara Rostom
Iguana 😂
Man that Tom Hanks in Castaway impression at the end was spot on.
Colin Trainor
Vid starts at 2.01
Ivan Benawan
Look! I found a piranha.. I'll put it in my crotch
he's got a horrible infectious smile and enthusiasm.
Josh O'Shaughnessy
best video in 2016 of eating
Bird Bones
"i don't think you're supposed to eat that" 😂
salvador 3221
Bro coyote's energy tho in every video
Malin Ahlqvist
i have never eat a coconat Inn my life
rosario ruiz
don't let me watch Tom Hanks but I don't care he's let me watch them I love them myself be who you are and be who you are and be who you are stay wild and I love you stay Wild location
Fûrrÿ Vīçtørîå
If the coconuts are brown they could maybe be worms, and that's really disgusting
Fûrrÿ Vīçtørîå
In Mexico I would steal the neighbors coconuts XD
supadupafart fartfart
i wonder why he went on the tree
ultra heda
This makes me wanna try coconut
Excella1900 Guren
Love the green coconuts best water and flesh isn't that bad I understand why people don't like the texture
Lilly Girl
"This is hurting my coconuts" Me: O_O My sis: O_O Me: Why My sis: I'm scard 4 life just by those words
Jessica Fox
ko ko ko, coconut
The white coconut is full of coconut milk while the brown coconut is partially filled
"An iguana and two coconuts" ... mmm, I suppose I could start calling my man parts that too.
PenguinSquad Trista
Green coconut milk: Delicious
Green coconut meat: Eh
Brown coconut milk: uhh
Brown coconut meat: Mmm
Ximena Cruz
Coyote: you want some ?
Wilson: yes why would I be in a coconut tree?
Chancho Velasco
H sounds like a kid
Luis Garcia
Kayleigh Taylor
brilliant haha
Terrie Carlson
the brown coconut is better for eating and the green are better for drinking
I have the same thing ! 1 iguana and 2 coconuts
Wolfing fox dogs
Coyote, watch grant Thompson's how to open a coconut without any tools. He loves cast away to!
Zoe Collins
you need a machete
Jack Mac
Do coconuts have meat??
Explicitz Trend
"Sounds like a rock!"
Me: "What does a rock sound like?"
Ian Shea
"Aaaahhh!!! That's rough on my coconuts"
the mole on v's nose
8:22 Coyote: want some? eats it
Wilson: hello darkness my old friend
maria rodriguez
did you ever get wilson back
Darkangel Soul
he took grant thompson's strategy
Katie Scott
" you're eating raw sushi" ......... sushi is already raw.......
Darkangel Soul
coyote just so you know the liquid you heard inside is coconut water, not milk. mil is ground and squeezed from the meat of the inner coconut.
Anton Vickrey
Does that make coconut a meat
Tammy Highlighter
When you find out the coconut is actually in the middle.
Gezlle Sings
I love cast away but I started crying lil
Silent Ninja 488
i actually had WHITE coconut before and the milk was good and the meat was go too if you want a good coconut get a white coconut its like mid-ground between green and brown
Tiffany Phung
You know that I eat coconut a lot and your not sapose to eat the outside
Venom King
"I FOUND AN IGUANA! I'MA PUT IT IN MY POCKET" Proceeds to put said iguana in pocket Iguana "Why me"
Kavy Dave
BreeZy Flo
'ive got an iguana!' - casually puts in his pocket... classic Peterson XD
"i found an iguana imma put it in my pocket"😂😂😂
Arco Poot
"Ima bust this open on this rock"(coconut)
He busted a nut ;) (6:48)
Random iZer
coyote is the first guy i heard that said "i got and iguana!!" then he just casually puts it in the pocket😂
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