Shoppin like a bitch, i hope floyd whoops his cocky ass. Fuckin shoppin bitch ,Nate diaz raped him
Maga Mma
What a little weasel walking next to him
Jr B
Cameraman is such a dickrider LOL
Can't u just ask questions without acting like u wanna blow dude?
STD oish
hai connor you look worried
trololol trololol
a bunch of women running around him just like prostitutes who try to get fucked and become famous trashy sluts should be fucking burned alive
Kevin Kevin
LMFAO floyd is gonna lose because his is black said the black man!,...hahaha Floyd is a awesome man person but Mr Conor McGregor is a wild young beast no one will stop that man his angles are ridiculous!! Conor 100%
ffs these clowns ask the dumbest questions imaginable.
Oscar Cruz
im watching triple g and canelo
Agnostic Realist
what does he say at 1:05 "blowin' through...?"
XCCC Unknown
I love this guy lol
Bryan Little
I'll see the fight the next day for free
Bryan Little
100$ Fuck youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Here comes the whole.. "if there were no rules Conor would destroy him". Show me a professional fight without rules. You know why you can't? Because the result of a fight without rules could, and often would end up being a murder charge. That whole argument is just fucking stupid. Like any Navy Seal will tell you.. if you find yourself in a fight (without rules), get a concealed weapons permit, buy a gun, train to use it.. hand to hand combat to the death means your dumb ass is unprepared.

I give Conor much credit and respect for being the one willing to go to another sport to compete. I highly doubt Floyd would even consider fighting MMA rules because he would be so dominated by Conor.. the fight would be a complete waste of time. At least with Conor going to boxing there is a slight chance he can pull off the greatest upset in sports history.
William Hollman
What happens if you walk through his weak ass crew and MAKE them share the sidewalk? Conor Floyd really should of stayed retired? How you gonna get the $$ you want without a Floyd fight? Be real man Floyd is you're hero! Oh and Floyd wasn't where you are in his 20's but who will talk about you past this fight? πŸ€”πŸ€” little men are hilarious
Archangel Michael
WTF lol, why American journalists try to lick asshole of someone they are taking interview from, in UK reporters are rude and very hostile
Calob Adams
Giorgi Tartarashvili
Conor Will Win
saile 3
Conor he is a disgrae for boxing. Just a clown with a big mouth, a comlete joke for the sport.
Ishan sharma
Did I hear... "Fuck the daughters"
Luis Loreto
Conor is a fucking legend he will win i know for sure i bet my life on it
he might go down once and get the fuck up because this aint ufc but mayweather will go down and stay down like conor said in 4 rounds maybe at the start of the 5th round 40 years old to 28 years old conor is taller has a longer reach maybe slower but has much stronger power he is a southpaw fighter most of the time but he can adjust to any style that he wants all boxing fans just chill for a second dont talk so much shit and watch a conor mcgregor fight jose aldo one of best the pound for pound best fighers it took him 13 seconds and it that was basically boxing with a 4 ounce glove and now imagine what he can do with a heavier glove jesus may god bless mayweather he will need him
zach Hudson
This isn't even gonna be a fair fight. McGregor doesn't stand a chance. They should have got mayweather vs cm punk.
Luca Toni
Lies he just posted on his Facebook his tax receipt. always have to come up with lies like the fake media..
Mike Lawry
this interviewer sucks... .
South from Texas
heesss fuk now mate
Randy Watson
Conor you are not confident you are delusional. Master Floyd is going to finally shut your big dumb mouth.
TMZ is like that lenky tranny hooker that just won't go away. .. " GO AWAY TRANNY!" .. GO..
TMZ: " Jessuuthhh chriiiiiiss "
Young Luo
Champ? WTF?
Floyd is going to school conor like he did everyone else in the boxing world. TBE ! come back to this comment after the fight ends and then try and talk shit u conor cock suckers ! TBE ! EASY WORK EASY WORK!
Alright, now go ahead and take conors dick outta your mouth.
Killer Product
The Iron Bank will have it's due.
Ritter out
remember nate diaz k.o mcchicken, mcchicken never k.o nate diaz
You have to be a complete moron to pay for this fight it's 2017 not 1997 c'mon people everyone can stream it online for free. Don't give your hard earned money to these parasites
Tim Allen
Conor begged Floyd to come out of retirement, and he should be thankful he did, because he will make more for this than he would in mma.
Matt P
That was a really shit interview. Always annoying when so called "stars" wont take 5 minutes 2 stop and speak to the people who make them popular.
Ginger Irish Man
Walking through LA like it ballymun
Mikey Dunn
this guy sounds like he is trying to suck Conors dick
Max Towers
Mayweather can claim A side but we all know that Conor is the Alpha between them..
ma ga
this dumbass said "i would pay that" shut tf dickrider πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Mr Chode
Another staged fight incoming. Mayweather will win on decision I can guarantee it.
Makhaya Maqeda
are you people that crazy to think floyd broke needs conor its easy money that why his in ther boxing ain`t power stupid conor you easy work..floyd not same man but his going kick ass
Shane Leone
used to dislike his attitude... now i think he's fuggin hilarious... AND a straight up warrior... win or lose the guy is fearless... he is the closest THING to Bruce Lee we have seen since the legend himself passed away... he is so scientific when he fights... he is a master of motion ...and like Floyd... the best counter fighter in combat sports... of course he's confident... cocky... whatever... he has an image, a brand just like Floyd... arrogant witty shit talking white IRISHMAN... Him and Floyd are basically the same.... aside from Floyd having at least 4 or 5 times the amount of money, cars, houses assets and money coming in from all angles outside of boxing... Connor is a lot younger... he will get there some day... maybe not with the UFC tho...and hes the best in his sport... super marketable which is why he has big money even with that greedy thief Dana White taking 50% of EVERY FIGHTER... EVERYFIGHT.
So yea even if Connor loses he's still gettin 180 mil or something? I don't like Floyd... he has no respect for Boxing which he's said himself... But as much as i cant stand him... I am a big fan of how he fights... One of THE best ever... don't get it twisted... not just because he is in his fuggin 40s either... Connor actually has a legit chance of beating him.. just sayin...
Well Its happened OL, MMW has officialy been dignosed with weaponized Autism......#PEPE
coni burciaga
Why is he always chewing gum 😭😭
slazart 1
it should be 120 I'm fucking dying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚this man is a born entertainer!
Gorilla Gungsta
Old Conor Mcdonald had a farm, eyaa eyaa yaaaoi
and on that farm they had some PIGS!!!
eyaa eyaa yaaaoi!!
TheVipers Smile
coonor is shit hes going down
Sam White
your gonna fookin eat ya wurdds
Rambo Ramsdale
So confident that he has to walk with 4 body guards.... I'm a big McGregor fan but Mike Tyson never walked with body guards thsts the real Champ
Humble Soulja
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