SebaCod Py
just fucking amazing
Juro Jurkic
legendary video
nurahmet kuralbay
What's the song on 12,40?
Valar Morghulis
There never even shoulda been a "big" McGregor VS Diaz 2nd Fight. He fucking got jusssssssst a bit too arrogant. Just a bit. Let em up that 1st time & let him hear the roar & know what's next...& he did it. Again, and again... 4x. Get up. Sure, that's "respectful" but fuck all! End that shit! 4x had the chance then when slippery & Nate is gushing blood...slip & slide..gassed...then accidentally gets fucking choked out by a blind man. Ahem, he won decision in the 2nd fight...yes, he definitely wins the decision & YES Nate is very good & has a fucking chin/brain like also looks that way because Conor let him back up like a total of 10x. Same thing in bout #2 rematch. END IT! Jesus christ...end it. He was TOAST 25x. TOAST! Simply slip down to the side as he's slipping out of consciousness & falling to the mat...slip down to the side & elbow from on high & then HAMMER HAMMER HAMMER..."...IT'S ALL OVER..."
You Conor you called round 1. It would've been if ya didn't watch him crumble knocked the FUCK out & wait 5 seconds back up & cocky & say get up 20x.......dumb. Doubtful he'll do that again! When you have it, end it?!
Piotr Komorowski
McGregor I am coming for you! In 2- 3 years I will test you!
Conor Francis
This highlight video is bloody fantastic
Light will swallow the dark
Law of attraction self belief hard work ! 1111 . Have a great life yall peace and love to you and your family !
full back
похож на кино респект автору
Sazan sazan Rai
Born to fight...... Corner
karl karlsson
True viking that one.
Shamraj Alom
I remember watching this video when it had 1 million views.. now almost 11 million
Michael Lawlor
What is the music in this video?
Alexander Smocot
I would give my one kidney to meet this man.
Chevy Chief
joe the whisperer rogan
you need to add 13 more seconds to this...
Mili Tante
So fookin' proud 💪
93 Menace&OG
1:48 music?
this is by far the best conor mcgregor motivation video
B4 ue had cabbage ears
Guilherme Kroes
connor changing history from mma
emilio guevara
i miss this mcgregor
the one who had to prove he was the best ufc fighter
got to the ufc with a hunger unlike no one. destroyed anyone who was in his way unlike the conor now who just wants the big money fights.
he can still come back to this if he decides in 2018 he is going to destroy the 155 division for talking shit about him not defending his belt. then he can go back to 145 and get that title back and get the 155 belt stripped. after he is stripped from the 155 belt cuz he chose to go back to 145 and be the champ he will come back and win the 155 belt again by the end of 2019 he can do all this. by 2020 he can start doing his money picking fights. his legacy will forever live on.
4:24 hahah that rape face
Anyone notice that crazy look in Conor's eyes before every fight 4:23, he didn't have the same feel at all when he walked out for the Mayweather fight. Which made me immediately less hopeful.
I honestly love Conor but in the Mayweather fight I knew he couldn't back up his talk .. because I mean come on it was obvious that he's gonna lose..I mean he got to the 10th round but still I knew he wouldn't win..but I respect him he is a man..and I respect that he stepped into Floyd's world..👏👏👏
John Bautista
Yo the part where he's fighting chad mendes and there were flashbacks of Conor was intense af. Amazing vid
Willie Rhoads
Anyone know where I can get a picture of the thumbnail if this video?
smash 7play
mayweather needs to fight mcgregor in a real fight (mma) or he will always be known as a coward ! mayweather come fight in a mans world you boxing pussy
T Cyr
You're videos are the best...I really do miss your old videos that got tooken down 😔
DH Thomas
You know whose ass I wish Connor would kick? Fucking Tai Lopez, whose fairy face blasts on my screen on 60 percent of the videos I open.
Christian T
I liked this video as soon as I heard buckethead.
Leon Hoffi
a good fighter who knows how to build up a big buisness....i love to see this man fighting :)
Badass Vuca
The name of that first damn good song?
Ektor Arkoulis
this video got the reputation that it deserves the editing is pure gold man i have watched all of your videos and there are awesomeeee
hasan uçan
Im just commenting for THAT EDİTİNG. Thats amazing man.
Cole Sprau
Anyone know the song in yhe back ground?
KhamHuk ThongViLaiSan
Rashik Sharar
Man this is fooking amazing!
this video motivates me
Erik Kantor
Best highlight I have ever seen, perfect composition
Sijan Karki
Embrace the ladder
Got fans😉
Future Trunks
I'm the only one who is watching this after his lose with may?
jonah lopez
he is on the same level where bruce lee
Gagan Johal
Amazing work
Lightning Strike
He is Bruce Lee
Morgan Little
we're not here to take part we are here to take over Nate Diaz should be fighting him to see who's the better fighter between the two. Nate won the first fight and Connor won the second fight so they should fight the third time to see who's better. I would much rather see that then watch him box Floyd Mayweather
Admir Black
11:58 song?
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