I've watched this about 10 times now. I love the way he connects with the judges and audience (especially Heidi).
oh! that voice!
Isabel Ament
Charisma much? He's got the whole package!
Love him!!
Tino Terazzi
Il grasso è b devito?
{ Ajack123 }
The best Diego family on earth
Jason Jones
One day i'm going to big Tommy's pizza joint, he's funny as.
Nahla Wilson
He’s so cute, caring and has a beautiful voice hmu if ya know what I’m sayin👀
"He's a person in a chair" Liked that reference to Simon.
Tomymanuaaron Lopez
Congratulations from Newport(Spain)
Sal Val you are very handsome and I love your voice and your eyes. You make me wish I was 20 yrs younger 😰
Gaby 99
Was I the only one cringing
Bobby b
my friend has asperger's but it won't be kept down, people said he could never make it in the music industry and being 58 and not musch hair he's proving them wrong, check out Tim Robinson he only started writing songs when his mum past and he was 49, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pgkscu3jBc&feature=youtu.be Tim Robinson what does it take,
Read more
Jeremiah Jim
I like the action
juan carlos roch lacarcel
Tal ve llore ta vez reí tal ve gané o tal vez perdí ahora sé que fui´feliz que si lloré también amé puedo seguir hasta el final a mi maneeeeeraaaaaa
Beth Schwind Greenbaum
Big Tommy is the BOMB!
Natedogg 956
He's confident
Natedogg 956
This guy awsome
MusicAlley Inc.
Follow the links to discover the world's greatest unknown live music venue> powered by cats +you! ;)
How you doin
Eliko Sim
The new sopranos
Amit Sharma
doesn't matter how many times i am going to hear this, he always gives me Goosebumps, wow
david white
his cousin BIG TOMMIE needs to open a SALAD BAR and shut down the pizza shop ASAP
Gary MacMillan
He's brilliant, but there's a touch of Goodfellas about this.
Tear In Glass
I met Sal after he became famous and he is a very sweet man with a kind heart and he is more of a part of us than our social media is.... I have a Autographed T-Shirt with "How ya doin" on it an an Autographed CD he made. He hugged me 7 times and this was the day I got the most inspiration out of ever. I sang Moon Dance to him and he said he liked it.
Tommy Nikolas
I love u Sal and Big Tommie
Pootie Luv LPS
7:35 idk why but I couldn't stop laughing at his face!
Edit: and also I love when he walked when he was goanna hug his brother/friend at 7:40
Another edit: and I love the hosts face when sal was hugging the host at 7:54
i like the song, but what was the song played when she hit the golden buzzer
Something about this guy and his family is pretty likeable and a bit comedic in a gangsterish way.

P.S.: His confidence and charisma are amazing - he's a born performer if I have ever seen one!
Masduki Jahur
" he's that word" 😂😂😂😂😂
emily caldera
He was slick as fuck when he was talking to Heidi. 'I love the way you talk' Heidi says 'I love the way you sing' she says. 'Really? Well I love the way you look tonight how you doing?' He says. I'm over here with my mouth wide open shocked by his slickness
Neeha B.
He’s so sweetttttttt ugh omg
saddboii Sushii
I found this because of 2jz e30 m3 video
Ray Harkins
SAL, you going a long ways buddy.
Tae Dae
he got swag straight up
Mirko LM
Great Sal 🇮🇹
Maren Ghardz
I love the intro
Adrian Sanchez
If the judges said no Big Tommy might’ve had to “take care of ‘em”
Tom Camp
this guy is amazing...powerful voice, great personality, charisma....but....all I can think about is masturbating to mel b.
salar masih
Next Sinatra
jacob nagler
Oh my gosh, I love this guy.
He was on american idol and one judge said no and i was like "wtf... are you deaf? he sings VERY good!"
David Marsh
I think he might be Italian
Typical Clips
5 min into the video, and it feels like Sal is my best friend.
He is classic Long Island Italiano. One of my grandparents and one parent are from there. I can tell you that he is real.
Elst 47
Magical moment!
Crazy Car Guy
Can anyone tell me the song at 7:34 please????
Skylr Mrsl
mfw i put mafia singer agt in the search bar and it led me to this vid
Lmao 6:31
Emily Caythe Asino
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