i'm surprised i haven't commented before. AMAZING.
Patricia Abramz
When he said "Tell me.." to heidi. Soooo sexy!
He deserved that golden buzzer
Charles Fuller
I love this guy!! one of my favorite all time auditions on any talent show.
Andrew Williams
He should have won last year, in my opinion he is 10x better than Grace Vanderwaal
Jordan Singer
I think we need to open a fb page to bring Nick Cannon back
Char Lion
My favorite AGT audition by far
Damn this guys voice, talking and singing! He's like the stereo typical Italian guy and HE CAN SING!!

Beautiful voice, beautiful song!
Suivro _
I searched for mafia singer and this popped out
Kimmy _G
I love how Simon right away loved his confidence
Mrs Foodfairy
WOW! 20 with that voice - singing and speaking?! amazing!
Jarod Morris
One of my favorite auditions of all time. Miss Nick too
Zachary Evans
whats their pizza shop called
I cannot get enough of this video. I know it is from beginning to end massively edited and maybe even the mother's reactions were filmed early on and even the big tommys 'charismatic' talk is farce but STILL it is indeed so damn entertaining and sal is indeed a great soul.
Damini Sharma
The mafia family
I gotta be honest... he shoulda won 2016. He was absolutely flawless. He was so charming and funny, and his voice is just perfection.
andrea gallucci
fuck all the haters
Umair Malik
"Dont worry about simon" 😂😂😂
Taranisaurus FPV
Saw him live last night
This is like my 8th time watching this xD
Joshua MacLeod
This guy needs to do get with Capitol Records, I wanna hear more of him. Buon Lavoro, il mio fratello.
6:36 that noise is in the next hentai
Yolanda Vera
soy chilena soy fanática de sal v. canta como los dioses dios te bendiga te mereces muchos éxitos ojala que algún día vengas a mi país que es precioso
max toscano
Robert NYC
This audition was awesome. I love the flirting with Heidi Klum. Sal has flow and great singer. I hope Sal has a great singing career. I love what Sal said to Mel B, "I love Sugar and Spice and everything nice". I love Mel B's smile.
cesar noya
He deserved a better ending. I believe he was competing against no doubt a young lady who in her own right was also talented and he did not stand a chance. That happens when kids compete with adults. We have seen it before.
Daz k
wouter stein
Uncle tommy car fellas
santiago hernandez
All I can see is a little white mouse.
Josh Kinkel
Sally boy, today is the first day of the rest of your life. He's a rare talent. Forget Bieber, this guys puts him in his place
helena ferreira gonçalves
an american has to be italian to have hugh sucess...
English Together
...You'll Never Walk Alone ( style of The King)Elvis Presley, you can find it among my songs, your opinion is very important for me, Thanks in advance.
sripathy baskaran
Anyone knows the name of the song played after 7:33?
Bethany Staub
His family should get a tv show
DJ Deckard Cain
the confidence and voice of the man, himself. what an amazing person!
x LM10xCr7 x
If he was around before 1980s, he'd be the boss of the Italian Mafia, jk, but this guy is awesome :D
Ned Fitz
Anyone else just love big Tommy
Tengo Kawana
you just got to love that Italian style!
วิมลรัตน์ สนิทไทย
How many times I watch him on YouTube, I can't count
Every time I'm free, I need to see .I like the way he presented himself and his ability. He's a very confident person .
I could listen to an album of music recorded by this guy... someone please make this happen....
Tobias Walker
Such power what a voice!
gillian sinclair
FRANK SINATRA will never be dead while he's alive...truly a-- -mas --ing
Amin Anjri
"listen to me, dont worry about simon cowell"

I felt like he is going to wipe his ass if he says no XD
R. Kidd
0:49 That cigar is MASSIVE!!
Riley Zimmerman
Like because your awesome
jo o
Jerkoff wanted 15k for a party i told his broke manager to come over and suck my cock 3 years from now he is gonna wish he would of took my 3k for 30 mins he will be back taking pizza calls that music will never sell
David Turner
I love how Big tommie is so motivating lol, to me he is hilarious, not only that he looks slick.
Veril 1950
Songs plz ??
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