GOFUNDME - https://www.gofundme.com/LOVEARMYFORSOMALIA

American Refugee Committee http://arcrelief.org/our-work/somalia/

Teen Vogue: http://www.teenvogue.com/story/somalia-famine-drought-turkish-airlines-social-media

BBC What can you do to help: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-39248860

CNN what you can do to help; http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/16/world/iyw-how-to-help-east-africa/


AS OF 7AM MARCH 19 WE ARE WAY WAY BEYOND OUR GOAL!! this is so wonderful. we will keep raising! the UN is calling this the worst humanitarian crisis since ww2. currently more than 20 million people in 4 countries face starvation. all of the money we raise will go towards purchasing and delivering goods. we will NOT be giving the fund$ to any governments. we are working with the American Refugee Committee to organize logistics. THANK YOU SO MUCH. more info here - https://www.gofundme.com/LOVEARMYFORSOMALIA
Turtle dove
im somalian
Skillz Antrax
Juanpas Locks
I saw Juanpa in the thumbnail and clicked so fast
R. MacDonald
For all those ppl saying "this is a quick fix, it doesnt fix anything longterm" JUST TELL THAT TO URSELF WHEN UR STARVING
Karla Silva
Juan Pa Zurita 😱, good thing 👏🏼
it is metaphorical
Casey was watching The Godfather !
did you get your money
cunto karen fudud
thanks guys helping as
...."...thanks!!" ...r e v e r b ...)....
happy banana
hi wampa your from Logan paul
Mugu Ogo
love u
Janet Snakehole
Often times young people amaze me, these are your future leader's, your humanitarian's, your keeper's of the earth....look to these names as you move forward in life, emulate these names as you move forward in life. These are the young people who are on the right side of history.
Uhhhh french 🙅🏿
Rich Society
why not send tons of condoms instead ??????
Hermes Chen
be skeptical
Waldo Van Niekerk
Hi Casey, I have no idea how to get hold of you, but we in SA are in need. I am from South Africa and I'm not sure how news travels from here. Knysna a beautiful and historic town on the coast of South Africa, one of the most beautiful places in SA in my opinion have suffered a terrible blaze taking over the most of Knysna and its people - the most of the homes of people living in Knysna have been destroyed. People have lost everything in the fire, some people their lives. All I want to ask you is to help raise money for the rebuilding of Knysna and get the word to the people that Knysna is in need. There are a lot of people stranded not knowing when they will have a roof over their heads again. There are a lot of informal settlements that have been totally ruined leaving the people that didn't have much with even less. I want to reach out to you because of your influence and your wonderful viewers that never had a second thought about donating something for a good cause and helping people in need. I hope this message gets to you, the people of Knysna needs hope. Help the Knysna community raise money they so desperately need to rebuild their homes
I feel so guilty...where I live rain falls every other day and most of us complain not knowing so much people are praying for rain and having water shortages ......I feel so bad
David Cable
So mAny dislikes tho
Leyla #
Love What you're doing
d x l t v
somalia?? those guys always waiting for the white people to solve their problems
Zana Serbest
Everyone's giving hate to these people for just trying to help with what they have. They have the power of social media. You guys are all saying these people are stupid and are scammer,s well I don't see you bitches fucking helping feed starving people in Somalia like they are so stfu.
Xime Gómez
Like si eres una zuricata
mohamed rasta
i am from somalia thank you guys for helping my people good job
Shae Reid
camera quality A1
yassine Drift
Help YASSINE To Continue His STUDIE https://www.youcaring.com/yassinecharik-834116 via @youcaring
ok that girl voice saying thanx is creepy as fu..!!1
Cristiano Ronaldo
So many people spewing bs. Juanpa and many other yt'ers went to Somalia without any problems. Check Juanpa's instagram. They never got kidnapped and held as a hostage like those fools are stating in the comment section.
AS BAYRAKLARI AS AS AS AS AS !! her dilde her dinde ırk gözetmeyiz,şefkatten hoşgörüden taviz vermeyiz,dünyanın her yerinde hep beraberiz,biz insana değer veren gönüllü Askeriz.Türk Kızılayının ilkelerinden merhametinden hiç vazgeçmeden,yardıma koşacağız hiç düşünmeden,uyumayız insan ıstırabı dinmeden,biz Türk Milletinin merhamet eliyiz,biz barışın ve sevginin simgesiyiz,her koşulda her yerde her zamanda TÜRK KIZILAYIYIZ BİZ HER YERDEYİZ ^^
kash React
who the fuck dislikes casey neistat vlogs and specially this one.
Wilmer Top
Que excelente JuanPa
Byrex TM
The Chosen One
Rip Jerome Jarre's english accent.
Astro - Space & Discovery
Bro, just get them from your bank account :)
Alpha Alfalfa
Kanadalı Türk
thanks to Turkish Airlines
TURKEY doing too much in Somalia and no-one knows that
tom mark
why don't you teach birth control the world is over populated how much money they skim off
The reason no one can give them aid is because terrorists and independent death squads control that country , same reason for the rest of Africa. You can't just send in a plane filled with resources and not expect terrorists to immediately take control of it
Frosty Rose Fox
I wish I could watch the entire ad but it's 82 minutes long...
Yan Vegas
Some of this money will go towards funeral expenses for Somali Pirates
wow, thats the power of social media
go to your bank. and go get it ! ;)
Steven mc Towelie
If u sent a plane over to Somalia it would get taken over by pirates orfucking criminals
Cristo sanchez
Just donated ££
Meme The Cat
love the intro, putting the lens on while filming
blue berry
Les français ils ont des bonnes idées! #helpsomali
Im in istanbul right now
Billy Carter
The thought came out in words. The words became a Meaning. The meaning became an action.
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