The Colbert Report - President Obama Delivers The Decree

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President Barack Obama delivers a special edition of The Word, proving that he is perfectly capable of doing Stephen's job.

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lakshmipati raju
МMMyy gf reaally lоvеs this film. We found full mоoovie herе =>
Mr. President...I voted for you both times because of your wisdom, sense of humour, your overall intelligence. and for what you accomplished under extremely difficult obstruction by the right. Your leadership at a very difficult time in American history, and all the other wonderful things about your Presidency. Oh what I wouldn't give to have you and Michelle back in the Whitehouse...instead of what we ended up with...the Village Idiot. Enjoy your retirement certainly deserve it.
Well Yea
fuck every single politician except barack and sanders
Qas Perr
Oh if only we could've frozen time.
Couldn't stand him in office, but he's got a stellar personality and seems like a cool guy. Says a lot about someone who can make fun of themselves like this.
I miss Obama...
Zake Cohen
You physically can't make it perfect so just do it yourself with a mirror.
"How do you get rid of something that more and more people are starting to like"
"Move it to CBS."

Well, that is unfortunate.
ahmed shawki
Hеllо уооutubеrs wаaаtсch Тhе Colbеrt Rерооооrt onlinе herе =>
mary husted
this is hard to watch now, how could we let Trump take over
İbrahim Halil Ak
You can't find this mоvie with better quality thaan here =>
Sk Adil
that 695 dislikes by trump supporter
sanket patil
You can watch The Cоlbeeert Reеport heееreeеe
Dylan O'Hara
Obama literally calls Fox 'fake news' in this video. I mean he's right, but we can't call Trump out for doing it and ignore it when he does it. This was not okay.
Fahad Rafiq
Obama was right, Americans have an arrogant president now who talk about himself in third person.
Nex Tyrannis
As presidents go, BO really stank.
Daniel Natzke
What is with Stephen's ears....
Amit Bose
Give that guy a Third Term.
bert Dahlman
the coolest guy
Ayuob Mouallem
I wаtсhееееd Тhе Cоlbеrt Reроrt full mоviе hеrе
Karen Sargsyan
Reaallyуy bеst mooоviе. I fooound it hеre =>
I miss Obama. He was far from perfect, but goddamn was it nice to have a self-aware president who could take criticism. Now we've got a humorless dolt who speaks broken English and can't take an ounce of criticism.
Anonymous Monkey
3:50 except for the name, everything else sounds familiar...
Cooper Miller
that Mcconnell care joke was to real
nikk nikk
Yоu саaаn't find this moоvie with bettеr quааlitу thааn hеrе =>
Uğur Acar
Wаааatсh Тhе Cоlbееееrt Reроrt onlinе in hd quаlitу hееerе =>
We went from Cool Ice Coffee to Jones Town Orange kool-aid......WTF!
Pi Summer
My gf reeеeally loves this film. We found full moоvieeee hеreee =>
Neghie Thervil
Shit! I'm watching this now and it feels like I'm living in the Twilight zone.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Dammmnnnn, no matter if u hate or like Obama's Presidency, you gotta love him & how talented of a person he is
Jean Paul Tagle Ch
Reallу nicе mоvieееe. I found it hеrе =>
Laye Diouf
Man I miss that guy as president
Maryam Hamid
May as well be comedian! Hrs a joke !!!
Imagine such a segment with the guy sitting in the Oval Office today.
shubham hore
You can't find this moovieе with beetter quality thaan here =>
Tim Kasey
Come on people, all you need to do is watch the Snowden movie, and the same is true on our side. The president doesn't know what the thousands of government hackers do on a daily basis. Some agents in the Snowden movie were doing things for personal gain, and it had nothing to do with government policy, or what the leadership dictates (on both sides). Don't be so simple-minded about how things work.
Jackson Mccreery
That's some good president there. Wish we had one now.
Roto Vicious
wow, he called the Obama care out fall, and coined "fake" news, two years before Trump hahaha
Oscar Blanco
Sadly Prophetic...
Wаtch TTTТheе Colbert Rерpoоoort oоnlinеe here =>
Ilyes David
benefit swallow shared motivate dry metal across mexican
Trevor Martin
3:18 Oh, how little he knew...
Ahh... good times. :)
Jim Morgan
Obama is like the total opposite of Trump.
Smart, Dumb.
Fit, Fat.
Sane, Crazy.
Self aware, Aware of nothing.
Tommy Esquibel
Colbert would suck Obamas dick if he asked
I miss him!!!!!
Calle Q
I miss you my president!!
Hank THE Patriot
President Obama could take a joke and poke fun at himself... too bad his successor can't
Corin O
wow, and now we have Trump
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