The Colbert Report - President Obama Delivers The Decree

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President Barack Obama delivers a special edition of The Word, proving that he is perfectly capable of doing Stephen's job.

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Abbie Wilson
sighs these were better times
kassie raine
May 24, 2017...miss you SO much O.
Danko von Bismarck
"How do you kill something that's becoming very popular?"
"Move it to CBS"

The Irony
Edin Ahmedspahic
Finally I've found hd The Colbееrt Rеport mоvie hеrе =>
Aaaand its gone :(
"How do you stop something that more and more people are starting to like?"
[Move it to CBS?] LMFAO!
TTТhis movie is now aaaаvаilаblе tо waatch hеeеrе =>
DRich M
I'm a republican and like it or not, I do acknowledge Obama was a cool president and admired even by kids, just being honest
I wish we had 4 more years of Obama.
ola tito
lool oh wow, OBAMA!!!
Miss him yet?
Moe Grimm58
Isolate and kill in place globalhomo pfhaggotry.
_ Tierney
Who's watching in 2017
Shannon E.
COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wendy Weissman
We miss you, Mr. President!
Travis Cummings
Obama doing this makes it that much funnier! 😂😂😂
waqar khan
how did they ask him to do the segment of the show
Zombie Killa
i am german and i think he is my pres too, weird
David D
guess he looked into the future
Karthika Murugan
i am watching it becoz trump pisses me off.
The 666 people that disliked are obviously satan
666 dislikes wow
Sak __
Colbert is Obamas cock holder
Aerwynn Stormwind
As of typing this comment, 666 people dislike this video. I guess that says a lot about those people!
Travis Cummings
Obama was probably one of the coolest presidents ever! Too bad Trump has to be such a fruit
Lane Rice
Thee Colbert Repppport movie heeeree =>
Egzit Woond
Did Obama just pull a fake news joke? Before it was a thing?
Lego Play Time
Wow. He predicted the future, 3 years ahead.
Roopinder Pal Singh Randhawa
God do I miss this man in the Oval Office, the one without any corners :D
Casey Ramsey
Even in 2014. Obama is funny about his own plan!
Shawna McPhail
I miss you every single day, Obama!
"How do you stop something that more and more people are starting to like?"
"Move it to CBS"
Rick 1998
This is why Trump is a joke.
He cannot take a joke.
Grandma Adelaide
How do you stop something people really like? Move it to That is funny.
Nordin Reecendo
Two years ago, we jokingly (and often seriously) called FOX "Fake news." Now look at us! Calling FOX "Real news," and everything else "Fake news!"
Missyd 21
Listen to that crowd roar when Obama walked out! That's when America respected their President.
Kilo Mintoni
Talk about the Antithesis of Trump. Miss this man.
Hendrik Setiawan
And today Obamacare starts getting repealed...
Luiz Alex Phoenix
I never realized how much of a great figure ran the USA until he was leaving for the current one. How little I cared for the man leading the nation that pretty much ruled half the world.

I always assumed that there was nothing special in a smart and charismatic POTUS. That there was nothing special in his actions, for they all seemed reasonable and predictably sensate. He was just doing what he could and should.

I saw him as a step in a natural evolution of politics, that better leaders would follow. Oh, how many things I took for granted...
Patrick Segaard
Valrock Mograth
you know he had to have been holding back his laughter the entire time
Iver Kjelløkken
God I miss him
Could you see that ass Trump doing something as fun as this?
M Im
I'm not an American or I never visit America I don't why I'm in love with Obama
Ling Li
Reminds me of the good ole days....
Dakila Lozano
Larry Panozzo
I wish I saw this years ago 😍
Akhilesh Gannavarapu
"... Leader of the free world."

That moment when you realise the POTUS is no longer that. Oh Barry! :(
Rowan West
Right garden frozen kvzlcd better and/or hearing stage beer.
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