10 Video Game Cliches That Need To Die

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We really, really wish they'd stop doing that.

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One that needs to fucking die is xray vision in stealth games, Like why?.
Pradeep Rajak
Your name
cliches XD
Edgy Knight
The barrels in Doom 1993 are green and grey tho
Captain Doomsday
It's fine if there's some justification, but yeah, pretty weird when your protagonist is too stupid to pick up the enemy's superweapon or move their arms in water and the organization you're allegedly the champion of seems more like a book club you run errands for.

Escort missions are great if the escortee can't die, though. Punt them into danger, use them as bait, hell, shoot them yourself for a laugh.
Thomas H
Yay, cheap Trump jokes that were dated in 2015
Is jules the new face of whatculture? Maybe
RedShield Entertainment
Play titanfall 2, you can pick up the enemies guns.
RushPain -Subscribe
These are the worst cliches hope i tricked you HAHA
Mason S
Love it
I saw manhunt 2 and had to click it manhunt 2 is my favorite game of all time
jakel griffin
2:54 ha
tfw i play arma and dont exist because of it.
Sebastian Harrison
I love Collect-a-thons tbh, like they give me more time with the game, even if it’s boring
Bob Bobbington
Sudden, random jab at ArmA. Kthen.
ace gaming
EBD 87
Regenerating health.
Also, Developers and publishers forcing our beloved franchises to become open world/Multiplayer/different genre (Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six).
Hardcore Gamer
First Playthrough Scenes = Unskipables.
Future Playthrough Scenes = Skipables.
You spelled glitches wrong
Eric Cartman
I love Arma but I was dying when I heard your comment in the beginning
10 things to bitch about in games
and quietly asking for all games to be super open world with "invisible walls" and "indestructible doors" being removed ... like making lifeless open world games like Ubisoft does are the holy grail.

Fuck this channel
Chiagozie Onukwube
ahhh yes.. escorts and doors always had my blood boiling
the number 1 is the bane of Critical Role's Vox Machina's existence
Ethan Harris
Cliches what ????
Clinton Rausch
Atom Man
when I played legacy of kain a while back.. they told me vampires hate water and I didn't challenge them.
Quinten Lievens
ben! no!!
Lissy Loo
Daniel Tejeda Davila
I thought i said "glitches" instead of "cliches" and I'm so confused
Mandatory stealth missions in non-stealth games would be an easy Number 11.
Dr Slevin
Bad Ben
Ravick Bitencourt
No.No! And No!

Explosive red barrels are awesome! Games should have many kinds of this pieces of boom!!
Dr. Gearswell
I feel like in halo the rest of the spartan team in reach go off and drink coffee while you fight the entire covenant army by yourself.
Roiben Blitz
Fallout in a nutshell: Broken door with high level lock, & a massive hole in wall right next to it with an invisible wall.
"Welp, best give up and move on."
lol Ben for the win
Frank Castle Is Dead
Insert Swim Joke Here

They can make all the characters that can’t swim black to make it feel more realistic that they can’t swim. (And before you call me racist, black people not being able to swim as good as white people and Asians is backed up by Science, not even joking.)
Frank Castle Is Dead
Donald Trump is better than Hillary Bribery Corrupt Clinton.
Gagaga Cowboy
Another thing should die its enemies being 10 times stronger than you. Now hear me out and a lot of games like Skyrim, Fallout, and Resident Evil. You seem to run into a lot of enemies that are so much stronger than you. Just to kill them kill you 5 times. Then you finally killed them but you check out their armor and weapons. And you wonder how the hell this person lasted 5 Seconds against you. I mean it boggles the mind how this person who has 10 times weaker weapons and armor than you. Kick their ass 5 times I mean it's b*******. I know that the stronger you get they send out more tougher enemies so it doesn't get boring. But there's some moments in these games that I'm just like this is such b*******. How the hell did this normal vanilla enemy kill me with one hit. It's not even like a boss or anything it's a normal enemy. I can't think of how many times I was yelling at the game system. About to break it because the game cheated me.
Killer Frost
I'm the 666k sub 😀🙂🤗
5:38 What game is that?
Outsidxtra/xbox clone?
Tuna Samich
I totally agree with the Invincible doors like the first mission in the first Uncharted there's a gate that you can't open you have to shoot the lock off and once you shoot the lock off and you go to open the door Nate kicks the door and it falls off the hinges what the fuc
Tuna Samich
I feel like I should be worth mentioning useless support NPCs such as Call of Duty and Halo campaigns where they fire ten million bullets at the enemy but they never do damage to the enemy because you're supposed to kill them. And, no jumping. I can't believe they still make games where you can't jump
Jacob Foehrkolb
Lol in his own video he spelled it "WHATCULUTRE" not "whatculture"
Number 8 we are looking at you breath of the wild korok seeds

Number 6 Ai is always bad not even a 2015 game can get it right or have confidence in it has the I need to follow you but I'm not triggering the hit box for you to continue walking
fucken memes
You can't pick up Taken weapons because it's a body part.
Akemi Homura
This door is locked
(you look a little to the side of it and there is a huge hole easy to go though)
(you try to go through the huge hole)
(Cannot go through due to plot)
Darryl Pigeon
Why you dissing Arma?? Bitch???
Fuck Donald
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