Crying Silicone Baby Doll SICK! / Emily Transform Colored Food

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Emily can you wach the viedo I was talking about you how awesome you are can you wach it you don't have if you don't
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were did you get the reborn
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Olga Baby Show
Silly Surprise Songs
Awwww...."don't cry"
HELLO EMILY !!!!!! ..... This is a very LOVELY HOUSE you have here ...... with a lovely baby ....... sitting on a lovely TOILET !!!!!! ........ and the toilet is filled with SKITTLES ...... HEY .... There's CELESTE !!!!! ...... Hey Celeste .... I've got some Skittles for you ..... fresh from the toilet ..... They don't get any fresher than that.
Ez Cad
Fun with Kali
That little house is so much fun! Liked & subscribed👍🏽😀
Kids Toys channel
great video Emily
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so adorable subscribe to Abigail Ward and follow her watch her videos xxxxxxxx
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RainbowTube Review
So Fun Emilyyyyyyy!
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I want this doll I love full body silicone babies
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super video!
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Love the vid
Frankie's Playtime
Oh no! Skittle pox!

Cute video 💜 :D
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ⓈⓊⓅⒺⓇ ⓋⒾⒹⒺⓄ,Emily&Celeste!!! 💦🌼🌻 🌷🌺🌷🌿
Activity Celeste
nice video emily!!
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Hi Emily 💗💗💗 wonderful video 💗💗💗
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very nice
Balloon Songs
Jumping On The Bed Kids Songs
🍭🍫🍫🍫🍰🍰🍰🍰Hello Emily!!!!🐝🐞🐲🐉🐾🐾🐾🐾
Kids SURPRISE Songs & Nursery Rhymes
💚💛💜Nice video EMILY!!! 👍👍👍🍯🍮🍭🍬🍫🍦🍩🍳
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Super funny
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fun video!
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Cute baby😄👶🏼👶🏼👍🐥🐶💗💜💛💚💙💖💝💘❤️🐰🐼🐼🌸😘😃😀😸🍬cool baby
Funny Rainbow Kids
Nice video again :)! Very creative channel :)!
🐾🐉🐲🐞🐝CUTE BABY!!!🐕🐶🐩🐈🐱🐀🐂🐧🐼🐍🐲🍨🍰🍦
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Super color for kids
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