The Problem of Evil: Crash Course Philosophy #13

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After weeks of exploring the existence of nature of god, today Hank explores one of the biggest problems in theism, and possibly the biggest philosophical question humanity faces: why is there evil?


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Kenny McCormick
I believe God gave humans free will and that we are here on a test. When something bad happens, he wants to see what you do.
V.W. Singer
God either deliberately made us flawed, or his was unable to make us wise enough to make the right choices. In the first case he is a perverse bastard unworthy of worship. In the second, he is not a perfect god and more like Microsoft.

If we are talking about the Christian God, he made angels and archangels, so that means he is indeed capable of making beings worthy of a higher plane of existence. So therefore we are deliberately flawed creations made for ... his amusement? And yet even angels do not all perform according to specifications, so we are back to an incompetent but powerful being.

So, evil is exists because God is malevolent or he is incompetent. It doesn't matter if he has other agendas. If we are a subsidiary matter in the cosmos and possibly experiencing collateral damage which we call evil, why should we worship such a creator? If we experience evil because of God's inability to properly design and plan the universe, then why should we worship someone who is basically just a powerful (but ultimately limited) alien?
Tavish McEwen
Satan did it
We chose the Apple of sin ( could very well be a tall to explain but not actual event) god doesn’t make it happen. If god was good he would give us freedom to do good or bad, if he didn’t that would make us just like the animals of the earth(slaves, mindless beings, nothing more than a salmon in the sea unable to make moral descisions) He is a good god. He gave us our freedom to choose him and that’s what makes him good.
It’s Maya
This isnt rocket science their is evil for a reason and thats so we can be tested in the bool of genesis god tested adam and eve with the apple god is testing everyday know your signs God gave us another chance because evil was taking over so he only son Jesus am for that i am truely grateful 🙏☺💝
Christopher Bishop
Besides within creation forces will build up and they only can be released in a hurricane, earthquake. And bacteria and germs are part of the environment that we developed in and therefore maybe crucial for creating the species we are now. But now we have to live with bacteria and viruses that may kill us. It is a price God is willing to pay in order to develop the minds He is looking for.
Christopher Bishop
All good is a judgment and let's be honest we develop our character and our minds the most when we are challenged. So God will allow bad things to happen because this gives us the opportunity for the most personal growth. If nothing bad ever happens then we are like cattle being fed and cared for the slaughter. We are humans and God is hoping we will grow, change and become more than we once were.
Chyn fu
because god is trying to find answer by researcing and pushing time forward by Learning mistakes.
Chyn fu
and etics of evil
Chyn fu
evil is double edge sword that can be used for good,
Chyn fu
World must be green ,not black/water and white/flame but green.
Chyn fu
but socrates that was god which is a dictator until i and we rebelled against With Lucifer and his devils and now god is dead .
Chyn fu
Ying and Yang , you need to be Gray or green.
Chyn fu
colors is by the Sunlight and the Sunlight split into rainbow colors.
my solution to the problem of evil is that evil only exists in our minds, think about it, morality is a concept abstract enough that anyone can use it to justify anything, a person can kill someone and get away with it by claiming that the person they killed was doing evil deeds, a thief can use the fact that he was only stealing to feed his family in order to gain sympathy from his accusers, even a rapist can claim they wanted it and that their actions were not evil, the same thing applies to society, a genocidal dictator will say that he was provoked or that the people he's trying to kill are eradicate incarnate, slavery was justified for centuries as bringing a barbaric people into modernity, as for natural disasters? they just happen, there's no rhyme or reason to it, sure you can predict them to some degree but they don't have any intent to harm anyone, they're not sentient, the only thing you can do is react, morality and by extension evil do not exist, they are just abstract constructs that we use to justify our feelings towards a person, place, or event
Epsilon's Dilemma
We are dumb. That's where moral/human evil arises.
We aren't special. That's why we shouldn't be looking for reasons for natural evil, because it's not evil, we just happened to be standing in the way of a natural flow.
Jonathan Faber
I think using the devil is a bad example, because the devil isn't an absolute evil. He's simply the force of selfishness, ask poised to God/Jesus' selflessness (see every miracle where he duplicates food to feed the hungry, or heals the sick, gives up a weekend to beat the hell outta eternal death etc.), which is why Jesus rags on religious readers for obeying the word and not the spirit of the law, because they're still being selfish, furthermore, the only 'true' commandment in relation to the universe is "love thy neighbour as thyself" which is a rule of selflessness, the only to violate it is to be selfish, since murdering someone causes misery among the survivors and stealing and adultering and all that relates to mankind in mortality are all selfish acts, the so-called deadly sins are only so not because they themselves are innately bad, but rather that they are selfish.

Also couldn't an amended form of "natural evil" be added to the free will argument: that is to say, because it lacks sapience, it is neither good nor evil, but is, rather, indifferent to our existence entirely, since, from a plant's point of view, we are natural evil. Is it not, therefore, indifferent to our existence, and it is our fault for not moving before its might, as opposed to us being offended that it moved at all, since it moving isn't a selfish, or selfless action to it, because it lacks the capacity of sapience of which to choose selfish or selflessness?
Wicked FreeMan
we need to nerf god she's too Op
Abby Calverley
If you would like a theist’s opinion, you’ll have mine.
Two years ago my father drowned in a waterfall. I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety ever since.
Do I have a right as a human to be angry at god? Yes, of course I do. If any human had killed my father I would hate them.
And yet, I never felt that anger. I was angry at the water, I was angry at my dad for dying. But not at god.
The only thing god can give us is inspiration. I have been fixated on death since that happened and in turn, I really want to go into forensics/pathology. I know that I can make a difference in these fields.
God will always look for the lost sheep, even if he has to leave the herd behind in a pasture. He might not have created the undertow that killed my dad but he let it happen so I can realize myself and take action.
Does that make sense?
dev oxford
God killed more people than when Noah's ark time period than Hitler killed Jews
Super Jozzef
You do not understand what god is, funny to see you speaking about it with serious face 😂
Redneck Moments
I believe everything God does is done to lead us to a future he designed for this world that will be free of evil. He punishes those who need punishment and if they don't than it is a lesson to them in which they should learn from. For those who die of no reason die because they are lessons to other people who will eventually help the world. God created us as free beings. It is our fault that evil exists at all. Temptation is the worst evil in the world. It drives people do do things because of how they feel. Acting on feeling rather than obeying God is Evil. To live a life without evil is to obey God and resist Temptation. There will still be suffering if you live this way, why, because those who are good must sacrifice for others. That is what good is. To put yourself at the bottom of the list of the things you care about. In a perfect world without suffering all people must put everyone and everything above them on that list. Then there will truly be no suffering
Good and Evil is relative.
What's good for one person may be bad for another.
What we mean by evil is basically Gods version of evil
Omri Toren
here's some food for thought.
what if good is only a perspective? for instance, i might think it's a good idea to kill a bunch of rich people to feed my family
or i might want to light myself on fire and run into a gas station because i want to prove a point against a society.
both of these things can obviously be seen as bad but to an individual might still seem good.
could it be possible that God is all good even though we don't perceive some actions as good?
imagine if you had a kid, and the kid ran into the street. you might pull the kids arm to make sure nothing happens. While the kid might feel some pain, the overall action is good. The kid might not even learn anything from it, might distance him/herself from you or even despise you, but at the end of the day, that was a good thing to do!
God allows evil and death to show we love him for him. And not what he can do. Because being all powerful all his other creations have saw his power. So they love and do as his say. Maybe out of fear or love? But with us without any proof except his word he wants us to love him this way he knows it's true love not because of power or anything. And that is something all the angels in heaven can never do.
Steven Newdick
Evil is a matter of perspective, for instance, one may say murder is evil and another may say defending ones land is good yet is killing Good or evil?
Ah, but evil is subjective.
Kira Ismail
Ticket to heaven hhh if they have one first
Ahmed Maher
Honestly believing that God is an individual human-like being is very dumb
Tyler Thornton
Evil is relative
Shadow Shots X
First of all god did not create evil Lucifer did, he convince adam and eve to betray god,second he CORRUPTED the world in ALL state of being, thus forcing god to clean up his mess. It likes trying to punish you're children... sometimes you have to teach a lesson and Remember humanity was immortal at first until they tried to describe through knowledge what good and evil was....
elhady modather
as a muslim god knows the right way of creation and there is life after life to balance the equation after all
Divine Ochoa
Asking why God created evil, is like asking why God created humans.... Take out all the humans out this world and you get rid of evil...
Flightless Nerd
Also think about this, if god is all knowing then that must mean he knows everything that is going to happen, if that is true that means there is a set route that everything will follow without gods interference and that means that our actions, while it feels like they are choices, have already been predetermined and are out of our control, that means that being sent to hell or heaven is giving out punishment or rewards for something we had no real control over
This is good
jarod iking
yall need satan hes good god is evil
lissy graybill
i've enjoyed all these crash-courses. and usually find no flaws in them. i am always very impressed with the presentations, theories, and explanations.
however, i disagree with one point in this course - paper cuts and head colds are not actually evil. they are just pain or discomfort.
and yes, some people actually do die from other people's evil actions, but, if everyone survived the evil done to them, and if their human body survived and grew "stronger" because of it (and if the growth and perfection of our souls is god's purpose for our human lives), then how "evil" would these evil things being done to us really be?
i believe we go through many lives until we've perfected our souls to the standard that god intends. and each soul who dies because of evil done to them, carries the experience with them to the next earthly life. and also, we not only learn from our own suffering, but from other's.
Nick Perez
The Problem of Evil is an atheist’s response to the theist’s claim. “If God exists, why is there evil?” This video is discussing the responses to that question. So yes it assumes that God exists, but only to facilitate the discussion and explanation of the various counter-arguments to the Problem.
I believe evil is just anything that from our current standpoint is an inconvenience to us. Yeah, that doesn't answer to the reason for evil to exist in contrast to God, but why limit yourself to that? The answer is simple, and if God gave us free will, we'll obviously constantly challenge his expectations, even what he considers to be the optimal choice, which is goodness. Maybe Lucifer had a good reason to oppose him, but if you wanted to teach your people not to disobey you, why would you teach them that?
Ajax 7/11
So I am just writing here what I have written in my diary .
I think we have labeled things as "good" and "evil". Why good is "GOOD" and why evil is "EVIL"? I found it very intriguing that we have developed our society on evil , on killings , on loots and all that , then at what point we were like "No, this shouldn't be done" , "It is a crime!". Like how do you even classify good and evil? Most of us at some point of life were like, "At this moment, I wish I could kill him!". You know hate is natural, just like love is . Why hating is crime and loving is good ?
I don't know where I am going with this, but do comment and share your thoughts.
Yeet Biscuits
Incoming edgy 13 year old atheists
Assosiation Of Yim Chei
god created human, god gave them choice. good or bad is the choice people make, evil is not wat god wanted, but humans do hav the desire to do either good nor evil . god in the other hand does wat we can questionably say as evil, yet some ppl believed it is a sin to question his actions and teachings. Sin is wat we fear most, more than evil, sin is wat prevented human from doing evil, IN GOD'S PERSPECTIVE. the real provlem is, good and evil is never black and white, it's always gray, and everyone have their own interpretation of wat it is, religion also hav their own interpretation of wat is good and evil. christians finds the syariah against human rights, muslims believes in killing in the name of god. People believed on the good they can do for god, without realizing the evil it could grant to humanity. ISIS, KKK, u name it. in short GOOD AND BAD IS A CHOICE, AND A CHOICE IS ALWAYS INTERPRETED DIFERENTLY FROM AN INDIVIDUAL, god included.
Dark Mystery
What about Buddhism though?
Mack Chambers
You yourself are an atheist
Amir Rahimi
God is smart, strong and has the knowledge to stop evil, but he doesn’t, to test the human kind. He gave human kind the free will, so It’s up to us that how we react to evil, for God to judge us to go to hell or heaven. You might say “ God knows how we going to react in future so why he wants us to suffer in a world with evil” it’s because if God told everyone that you or him or her has to go to hell/heaven, wouldn’t you question God, why?
And that’s why God doesn’t do anything about evil in this world.
Remember this world is an Exam... .
Jae Watkins
What would god be training us for? Excuses, excuses. The more science uncovers the more religion tries to catch up.
Ghalia Dashti
I see moral evil as a test that god gave us, to see our true nature and to see whether or not we would defy his righteous path if we had the chance. Natural evil is basically god giving us a challenge and wanting to see whether or not we’d overcome it and believe in him, or if we pull the trigger and lose all the hope we had in him and in our lives in general. Basically, life is a test, and following god’s path is like studying, with heaven being a passing grade. Straying off of god’s path however, is like avoiding studying and will lead to you failing, aka going to hell.
Nathan Tagg
There is so much confusion in the comments section
Nathan Tagg
God will not take away our agency and force us to be good, that is not his purpose. The reason we are here on earth is to experience opposition and learn to use our agency righteously.
Tyrin Thompson
Natural evil?? Gtfoh. He don't stop evil cus what is good without bad? And free will... Simple as that!
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