hasham N
Allah Akbar subahana
Rocking Kulians
This video is amazing but plz subscribe and share my channel Rocking Kulians which is related to singing.
SB Daily
oh snake
Krystal Barker
Wow you guys suck no snakes at all just freaking dirt
Quality it's
Wow! One Girl Catch Biggest Murrel In The Lake/How to Dig & Catch Big Murrel
Erdem Ugur
daddareyo ne amk
Mr. Monkey Daily Tube
What's Kind of this Snake?
Lorn Sokmuy
Big snakes
Long Samnang
I like your VDO more VDO please
Han Sokly
what kind of that snake Guy?
Soo Binjung
Good Vid I like that place
Chan Mancy
good video
manila mann
Good Vid I Love it pls add more vid
Keneuoe Nteketse
Hai.. some people!!!!🙈
Bet when a snake sees a Cambodian they run like a MF .
como gostam de cobra esses povos! bicho perigoso as cobras!!
cika kuravale
AnimeGirl Online
OMG!!! How would you feel if someone invaded your home very rude he was minding his own business and you bothered him.
yury hoyista
que video tan pajuo
John The Cat
This is pretty much the same thing as when you tell a chick you have a 12 inch pecker, but really, you're a 1 inch grinch.
sub me I will sub you guys back
Mobark Ansari
Mobark Ansari
Maryam Warad
lvkcbj kxk
Sensiz_uz Soginchi
он не кусайтсяь
Octavia Nkosi
its can't be a man catch snake come on guys
What is 'brave' about catching and ruining the life of any creature that is, apparently, harmless? He wasn't the least bit afraid of the snake's fangs nor of being constricted. Oh, and one more, comment: CLICK BAIT!
gém ail
La photo en miniature ne correspond pas a la video. Video inutile
John Rambo
Stupid video...
Marv 2.0
Fuck you fucking clickbait mo...fucker!
Saeed Ahmad
this snake..............this snake is not big 😠😠
go to hell
Supreme Team
clickbait much 😂😂
Adarsh Mishra
fake fuck u
Trapek o Trampku
polska przejmuje ten film lajkować Polacy
Lenovo Lenovo
mau tenok blow
Benim Dünyam
Interesting 😱😵
Kamil Usama
wow its amazing
Abdul Karim
Bullshit Video don't watch
Satish K
mor video
Вася Піньора
ranjan babuli
this so smart
wong itu ularnya sendiri diliarkan,
makanya gk gigit
wong itu ularnya sendiri diliarkan,
makanya gk gigit
Hashta Rehman
Dean Nederhoff
click bait. wheres the big snake at
rey miniun
วิทวัส ครับผม
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