Gross Slime BathTime with Silicone Baby Doll

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Emily Bathing your  Silicone Baby in the Pink Slime ....

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ali zeeshan
Ruby May
She farts in the video after she puts her slime into the bath 🐶🦊🐻🐶🐱🦊
Gina Belitz
Will Maupin
Kiara Heyhey
Is that baby a toy?👶
Darcelle Lowry
Gurjit Kaur
It's cool😎
Lina Zent
The V
Barsha Baruah
The baby doll looks so real!
Lauren Etienne
everything is not Emily's
princess laya
Is luna a real baby?
Choua Yang
Is this baby in fake or real
D&D Read
How much did it cost
Tuba Wadood
i loved when u dressed her up
Roith and Riya Sengupta
Is luner a real baby
Ayesha Zuberi
Is it a doll
Kimberly Nichols
Why did y'all give the cute baby slime I would not do that to my baby
marie past
C'est un faux bébé
Σοφια Σημιτσακη
Είναι σαν κούκλες 👭
J'yahni Lathrop
Where did you get her from
dancers group
Why do the other sisters do not have a channel
dancers group
Celeste with mother Emily with Celeste
cailee Moreillon
I like dress her up and bathing her with slime .
genesia tseng
T yi
Laura Ordóñez Llobet
Laura Ordóñez Llobet
Geidy Ramirez
,kith &'uuuj
Coultan Buhagiar
baby con t drink slime
Libellule Volcano.
Slime and silicone is not good.
Shymal Ghosh
it is so cute 👶👶
Yasmin's silicone
No offence but u don't treat a silicone like that even if it's a doll
Kurt Dove
Don't like the slime bath one only because think about it kids will try to do this maybe on there own with a real baby feed it a bottle of slime and how they put it in the bath and keep pour it on the baby face mostly the feeding I know my kids are always attended but there are some kids left alone just something to keep in mind when making a video other than that my 4 year old loves y'all thank you God bless
JB Highram
The baby looks like a real newborn baby
grassing her up
Zoi Wilson-Hamerlik
Amy Holland
awwwwww so cute
Massimo Papili
Dove l hai presa la reborn è quanto ha costato
deborah newby
patrice forrester
baby talor
I meant dolls please
baby talor
I want 1 of your sold please
nk gaga
""',je n,dS
allison estem
M m
Is her name Emily or emilyerrrrrrr
Jasser Jasser
Emelie is soo cjuut
Layla Warren
is so fun
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