The ballon on top of the bomb is unnecessary, they are so light even square bombs roll under wind
Charizardmon piz
LoL dunkeys last words before he died at the end
Phantom Wind
I didn't know it could be that funny!
Sol Teo
something about this reminds me of a ghibli film
Varun Insertlastnamehere
and I name this ship the S.S. piece of shit
Matthew Bunce
Dude you are hilarious. This video right here is all the more reason to pick up a switch after work. The game already looked fun but I had no idea you could do all of this shit haha. Makes my Xbox One X look like it doesn't even exist.
La Potato
how tf did you get link to do so many splits like every time you died
I laughed so hard at this
OG Cup O Noodle
Can't stop watching
how did this game never get a real dunkview :O i subbed for the comedy a long time ago but there is literally nothing i enjoy more than dunkey talking about a game that he loves and explaining exactly why he loves it :D
Bogs Binny
I never knew the chickens attack the enemies mind = blown
John Leos
Oh my God I'm fucking crying...it hurts...I haven't laughed this hard in forever
Suxkem Mkreno
Do more
holy fuck i already finished this game and i never knew so many of the sht this dude was doing.
Colin Burke
Would dunkey exist without "drinking outta cups?"
Fuckboy Jones
The video I watched right before this one was the Last Guardian one
PowerGamer 100
is this mr t lexify
King Geek
You can tell he had so much fun with this game.
This video is good but you trying hard to sound like Pewdiepie is a bit off-putting.
Paradox 2099
The SS fuck this shit lol
The ss-fucking piece of shit!
Toaster Master Race
fuck me, this shit looks so fun. wish i could buy a switch.
I like the part where Dunkey dies
Tyler Tortellini
"I learned his moves now, he's got a new move now." I said that so many times playing dundertale
فاء بن ألف'
Did you mean Dunkey in the title?
You, sir, have earned a spot on my subscribed list
Owais Khan
aaaaaaaah swears
Now this is the story all about how my life got turned, flipped upside down. Now I’d like to thanks a minute just sit right there n help me I’m stuck trynna do an English paper
I swear to god, dunkey is fuckin effortlessly hilarious. I'm in tears
Ruler Jared
Play GoldenEye007 for the N64 with your friends
This is probably the best video about a game I ever saw.
Flowr Powr
Has anyone noticed that Experiment 626 has disguised himself as a blue Bokoblin in this game?
Don't go to my Videos
“The S.S. Fuckin’ Peace of Shit”
-Dunkey 2017
Jaxongir Messi
Ryan Fiske
That Martin Yan cooking reference though
axel eleasar velasques
Jajajaj this guy is so funny
When will we be getting a dunkview of this gaym?
Blue Flame Gaming
"SS Fuckin Piece of Shit." i like it. it has a nice ring to it.
Molly Line PG
Hi how do you record the screen on the Nintendo Switch, This is the first video i see you’ve made and I CAN NOT GET ENOUGH!!! :)
Treven Flynn
When u punted that skeletons head into the lake lol
Acana Onix
You sound like Joe Pesci :D
I really hope this game gets game of the year
Just-in To Games
This video alone shows how great this game is and would sell anyone on it
Hector Gomez
4:57 is basically Super Mario Odyssey in a nutshell
Timothy Lefkowitz
David Fitzgerald
4:27 (metal gear solid 5: the phantom pain reference)
Bodacious Bagels
I played through this game once but your video makes me want to play it again
Multifaceted Jackal
Jason Krantz
holy hilarious video batman
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