Legend of Zelda : Donkey Breath

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Galidor Dragon
10 times and still laughing!
Random Gamer
Earned a sub.
Kris Lastname
D Super
Ryan Crist
It's amazing how much better this game could have been without that weapon fragility system.
Fuck your so funny man
Sekai Ori No Game No
If you want someone to try Zelda, this is exactly what you should do to make him/her interested :)
No game has gotten me this excited since Pokemon Yellow. Too bad I'm broke
Christopher Castro
Pls play more
no joke, this video and Angry Joe's review made me buy a switch along with this game. I do not regret it one bit (although my bank account might regret it sightly)
Rhyde elshazali
i would say the classic "This video makes me want to get insert name of game here but who wouldnt want to get this game?
Magioula Trilivas
We're waiting for your next video. My kids and I are in pain from laughter every single time we watch! You're commentary is super funny too! Thanks
hey my friend told me about you and I'm definitely subscribing
I was talking with someone at school about Zelda BOTW and I just said "Isn't it cool how you can just play Tony Hawks Pro Skater from a hill?" I just proceeded to talk about that for like 3-5 minutes.
would love to see a dunkview of this one, been playing it for the past week and just been loving it

Also, was 4:23 a reference to MGS V? XD
Good shit my dude 😂😂😂
in my opinion those steaks needed just a bit more grape juice
Alfred Rocha
Does the fact that the thumbnail image is Dobson art bother anyone else?
Juan Coss
this video made me laugh sososososoosos hard
"Why is thing called a guardian? ... Just fucking kills me"
lmao this video <3
Yumba Crew
Plz part 2
how did you pick up a boulder with stasis?
Those are some nice looking steaks. Hopefully there aren't any dragons nearby.
Can Onur Oz
05.19 😂
Sheer entertainment !
。 。
i like meth.
boko soccer the dead socks won by 3 points stalbobokin shot the ball out of his ass!
sean brennan
Do a dunkview
Jacopo Barberis
I've been playing this fucking game for 2 weeks and still dunkey managed to show me new stuff
Cayden Stewart

I lose myself every time.
Dunkey please make more Zelda videos!
Senor Studly
This is my Jam game
Riley Bojarski
I just beat botw, finally, now I can watch this.
Darth Debo
Robert Hipolito
this game looks so fun
Gihoon Song
I've been meh about Breath of Wild, then I saw this video
Clogs and Games
I haven't wanted to play Legend of Zelda this bad since A Link to the Past
Nikita Denisov
Could somebody exlain to me what does the word "kildest" mean?Sorry for my grammar.Quack.
The Bad Rat
This game looks fun, but am I the only one waiting out until it releases on the Grush?
Michael Gillespie
I feel like dunkey was just screwing around, but he really did show all of the mechanics of this game really well.
Justin Credible
It's a less offensive version of jontron!
this video sold me. thx dunkey
Malaquias PT
Anyone know what sound starts at 0:14
Zack Larsson
Am i the only one who doesn't get the "the most kill this guy" joke?
More zelda!
Mat the Speed Star, a.k.a The Gaming Rebel
oh god I'm crying! XD
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