Legend of Zelda : Donkey Breath

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Get this game.

seriously the graphics are feces for 2017 but NIntendo, fucking fan whores.
Literal human piss why does Nintendo get so many passes for doing shit know one wants.
Dukie Blade
you're a fucking cancer. why are you on my feed slut, get off. Ban me, so I never see your shit content goddamn. Please
Richard McGaughy
I lost it a little too much at the end with all the Stasis uses.
Doctor Superfox
Do a Dunk view!!!
time to sail the SS. Fucking Piece of Shit!
This actually makes me wanna get the switch
can you do another one of these? :D
Jonathan Rigtrup
Why are your videos so addicting?
Its Nicky
this game is fucking fantastic
Love this game, but I think the fact that dunkey uses so much other zelda music in his video highlights the disappointing OST in BOTW :'(
the rock bottom actually looks pretty cool...too bad I can't test it out(;^;)
Falcon Plays
Yup, found my new favorite YouTuber.
ok I'm subscribing
You are funny as hell. I usually think videos with commentary are dumb but man, you made me laugh.
Riftys BigNig
"As we speak your very weapon is being sent to mother base so we can research and develop it" that was perfect
This game sucks just like every other zelda game, and the music sucks xd unfunny video
Is that what the graphics look all the time?
Why is Tony not fired
People enjoy watching you?
Joe Novak
Hysterical. I also learned a ton of new moves.
The Cheify Studios

that had totally hitted rock bottom
You know I'm sayin?
N/aHMN // Vinydiamond
This game is hilarious
Jizz McFizz
does anyone else think that almost al charachters in this game had the wrong voiceactor? :D zelda sounds like a british woman in her 40's but looks like a 16 year old schoolgirl, the deku tree sounds like a dude that you would casually talk to on a busstop not like a 1000 year old wise tree, and there are so many more :D wtf happend when they were voicecasting for this game?
I really hope this game becomes the new MGSV for Dunkey and he'll make like 4 more videos of it. Because holy shit this was hilarious.
6:04 Damn! He ain't gonna be in Rush Hour 3.

Distorted Clockwork
has a Knight shield but no amor
Mitchell Laclé
Horizon : zero dawn
Fatima Osman
107 facts about botw used this video
Huseyn Mammedov
Gud job gets axe+ breaks axe++ lmao
Rico Blaeske
This is hilarious! Great commentary.
Vinícius de Ávila Jorge
The last scene is kinda fun XD, but I have already passed this shine and it is pretty easy avoid those boulders, you just have to catch a metal boulder at the other ramp using Magnesis and climb this ramp with the metal boulder ahead of you, pushing the other boulders away.
jur rabi
danh nguyen
can you translate this video into Vietnamese ? I love your this video
Dammit I knew that you can do much stuff in this game... But you really brought inspiration to the table. Gotta have some fun with Bokoblins soon * g *
Wrecked 'Em
Love this vid Dunk. Hey peeps. Just started our own gaming channel. Come check us out! Give us a peep with your peepers and get jam out with us. Cause grapes are my jam!
Game over screen and the jingle with it should be a meme.
Dean Oliver
please more of this
Tracey Foran
I have seen this footage before maybe dunk is stealing footage
3:05 XD
Holy shit this is adorable you're like a baby Jontron
Gilles Morneau
Nice compilation of naughty things to do in BotW. Thanks, I had fun watching it and will try a few ones.
laughing out loud in work lunchroom. This is hilarious.
dasda dasda
Omg I just found you and your amazing! XDD
Williethekid Productions
LOL! Dunkey YOU wild man!
a disgraceful
the s.s fucking piece of shit great name
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