Legend of Zelda : Donkey Breath

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Leena Fdz
"I got a new weapon for you bokoblin!" Makes me crack up every time x)
Budliky CZ
Loool, i need to get the switch just to play this game. Also I came here because of Joseph Anderson video Not Enough Zelda. And you got yourself a sub because of him xD
Tommy Vercetti
4:20 That made me laugh way too much lmao
Bluest Togepi
What is the music at 0:14?
Chuppy Christopher
yes it worked! set sail for adventure ladies and gentlemen 4:48
Chuppy Christopher
cooking with the dunk lol best part 4:02
Chuppy Christopher
I thought he was black
I'm Eating In Bed
this is the best BOTW video on the internet
Morten Vildhjarta
Nintendo should use this Video as a Trailer for their game. This made me want to play the game more then any other shit. Even though i know it has a lot of Flaws,
Morten Vildhjarta
I waited so long for a moment like this in video games 1:45 I love that so much!
"Don't you get struck by lightning, fall in the river and die"
Eugene InLaw
you make this game actually look fun! not 360$ worth of fun, but STILL!
Landon M
The bokoblin at 1:36 😂
Steven Ball
literally my first time with the mini-guardian near the first bridge you meet sidon at 3:17 - 3:19
Nintendo should pay you for this video.
SamuHappyGamer channel
second part please
you forgot about that one guy
Andrew Luu
Paulie your fired
No don't you try to kiss up
Fuck you paulie
Trevor Robinette
Brilliant hahahahaha
Spoden insert
10/10 new favorite youtuber right here.
The S.S. Fucking Piece of Shit XD
Fairytale Bliss
u should play more
Is this the best game for the nintendo switch
i laughed so hard when the title was donkey breath
ladies and gentleman, i present to you: the S.S. Fuckin' Piece of Shit!
6:05 wins hands down :D
Final Flare
Well I have nothing else to say so... ... ME ME BIG BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Xavier Russell
the "rock bottom" fucking killed me XD
The dab man
This was hilarious you just got a new subscriber it wasn't me though
Just kidding
Grundy Peebo
audio synch is off..
Hawlucha the Hawk
hey are you the guy who works at 6 flags?
"Why is this thing called a Guardian? It just fucking kills me!"
shows a picture of The Last Guardian

Jesus Christ.
BuRn Tran
Shiny Samurott
Guys someone please do this
Gold Lynel vs Cukoo
Brycasaurus Rekt
I've never needed a nintendo switch so badly until now
This game looks so darn fun. I think I'll finally buy Switch :d
Janus Tilanus
3:01 charging it up again?!?!?!
eat the food you f*cking piece of shit
can't stop laughing hahaha
I love watching people discover the mini guardian fight for the first time. XD
Lit Man
I freakin died lol
3:33 GG EZ
javed sheikh
This is so funny. I need this game
Dirty Dave
4 months after release people still watch videos of this amazing game. Guess no one's watching Horizon videos. Nintendo ftw!
hey whos that behind you
look guys i found a horsie
I usually don't watch these kind of videos, but man that was funny.
Atem Andrew
This video made me laugh far more than I should have...
Holy shit! Cooking With the Dunk is back on air? I gotta get my cable package back.
idk gaming
"Don't you get struck by lighting, fall in the river and die."

best part
Devlos Marona
dunk souls 4 kidz
AcerTCG // Tutorials Challenges and Gaming
This hilarious please do more
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