MONSTER River Shrimp!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote catches a MONSTER river Shrimp!

Deep in the rainforests of Latin America live some of the planets largest species of Shrimp. Their official name is the Freshwater Prawn, and they can grow up to 18 inches in length and have a very unique hierarchy system.

Get ready to witness the biggest shrimp you’ve ever seen!

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Prawn:now look at this net!
Sirleni Rodriguez
At least you got the 3rd shrimp
Nmjkui10 Alaa
HAAHHAHAHAHA XD THE PRAWN PINCHED CAYOTE AND LOOKED AT HIM LIKE (҂-̀_-́)bitch i know how to go to water myself
Nmjkui10 Alaa
lol the camera man doesnt say anything for cayote except...

Nice catch
Nmjkui10 Alaa
Lol why am i making stories XD
Nmjkui10 Alaa
2:59 pause there and u will see a real dab doe!!!!
Christianhhh Cooley
he reminds me of fate of the furious why are you always yelling
That big shrimp looked so tastey
David W
Better luck next time!
Joseph Mansour
This guys savage
Kasey Louie
Coyote's First Rage Quit!
Robbie Rotten
It looks like a Larry the mobster lake Lobster
Kalina Merriam
Why was there foam around the largest one's mouth?
PainZ_DestinyZ 2nd Channel
I feel so bad for him that he lost the animal
lolerz bros
i would eat those prons
James Mary
"this pain will make me stronger"
Owen Powers
'3' XD
Mark-"Don't lose it" coyote-"don't worry I have a tight grip" prawn gets away
shrimp be thowing up gang sighs lol
Looks nothing like blue or clear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
never seen coyote that angry
Logan Bouwers
The Orange claw loves to dab that's for sure
Nicole Marie
Some people search their entire lives and never find what they're searching for, and some creatures are never meant to be seen. We're blessed to have gotten a look at the blue prawn, if only for brief moment in time.
Mayumi Yukimaomi
its time to make tempura
J Bolo
Around here we call that a crawdad. "freshwater prawn"???? haaaa!
Will Hardaway
I mean weren't auto correct
Will Hardaway
we're u just in ohio
Will Hardaway
y is the pron bubbling
I never seen coyote so sad before :(
it had bubbles coming out of his mouth... did it have rabies or something
Bitoy mikunug
I wonder if there's a way to eat them
Alyssa Brock
@4:51 the sea creature dab😂
L Vigen
Sorry it got away
the gamer
if he is a great youtuber like
garrettf 70
the shrimp dabs
Pitbull Tactical
this guy should make a tv show and have it on animal planet
Zack Miller
It looks cute but I want to eat it ;_;
Juexin jin
is this shrimp delicious?lol
Alexander Sales
Alexander Sales
I loooooove shrimp
Brass Jake
"I think I got a Blue claw!" Reaches into the net like a smart person
Butchie Sexton
I wonder what kind of highlighters they are wearing on their faces.... looks nice. Bwahahaha.
David Kingston
5:15 the shrimp is shaking something down there
jakerule 10
4.42 dab on the cam
It's Scopez
who else saw it DAB AT 4:44
Roberto Robertson
garlic bread recipes
Devonta Hargrove
isn't that a yabby
Victoria Simmons
How can anyone dislike this video ??!!
Victoria Simmons
This guy is so cool!!!
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