Juri Raak
Outsmarted by a shrimp kek
la de dam
9:00 what you came for
Evan B
That was a code 2, accidental dab while trying to hurt human, I'll let you off with a warning red claw, dab police out
RobloxGamer Duag
i feel bad for cayote
Something Stufff
I went to Costa Rica this year it was amazing
Tangle The fox
Is it just me or did the orange prawn started dabing?
Lachlan and Jemma
No. 1 lesson: never put your hand in a net that Coyote just fished with
Mr. Skittles
It dabbed at 4:50
Aram Vaezpour
Can you try to find a lochness monster in the lochness lake? And no I am not a boy I'm a girl.
Your badass coyote
Ryan Xu
That was very honest and professional of Coyote to keep the frustrating parts and still end the video on a positive note. He could've edited that part out but this shows how honest this channel is, and there will be times where things don't go according to plan. Still, a great episode!
Jordan W
That thing could be on display at an auto dealership swinging its arms around
Why would any normal human being dislike a video like this??? I mean really?!? 1300 people are mental and more than likely will be the first in the FEMA camps js... lol
Skeptical Beast
at 12:03 you can see some eyes behind coyote and i am pretty sure thats the blue claw
Christian Chavez
Share Gif: https://media4.giphy.com/media/8McNH1aXZnVyE/200.gif
Christian Chavez
🦀🦂🕷 its a mixture coyote
Bonnietta Hughes
Bonnietta Hughes
get stung by a hornet
The Wing Blader
4:51 CRAB DAB 😂
Squeeve AJ
Poor Coyote! NOOO! I really loved the shrimp, don't worry it was great! :3
Aiden Chan
I'd love a shrimp vs prawn comparison video sometime :D
kawaii genji
I swear after the orange claw tried to escape it dabbed xd
jeremy Ambrose
Looks like prawn could beat up a rockem sockem robot.
There's a black shimp an I got one
Robin Lundqvist
5:15 aww those little legs kicking it looks so cute
pedro archila
11:00 me at home work
Calli Nicholl
4:18 he said shrimp instead of prawn haha
Michelle Marble Halling
i like that the camera guys are involved in the shooting, meaning they get to be on air and participating in the show, which is different from most nature shows
Zug G
thank you for showing me the giant freshwater blue claw prawn
Mr.Weirdo ???
I feel bad he was so upset 😭
I've been watching for a while he hasn't got that upset in forever
SW Wong
Poor coyote
Addi's Gaming
Can someone explain the foam from the blue claw's mouth??
Bianca Freismuth
Maaaan, that thing would go well with some garlic butter and toast x)
Michael Westfall
Sad yet funny
ManWhoSpeaksTruth -
4:49 DAB
the crabs are dabbing
phantom bonnie
Come to Brittan and find me and I will show you some English crayfish
Ben Wunder
hahahaha I thought he threw out the shrimp and kept the stick... he seemed so excited about it
Angie Grimes
i l

ile i lease wii
i leae wit youo
Hyper SpeedLlama
That looks tasty 😋
Emily Lord
I saw the I saw it is pretty cool don't worry coyote go find another one
takislover 55
i feel bad for him
Toygun Kizilmese
look at the coloration of these claws, do you the blue in here....
:-/ nope looks like a bigass orange prawn to me
Ras likes oranges
It looks tasty if it's cooked nicely...
Ricardo Santin
If u look at 12:03 you can see a shine behind coyote. That was probably the Prawn
Exotic Master
That orange claw was like "(Bleep) you I was busy!"
Ky Go
Some say that this shrimp are still laughing at Coyote :D .
Isaac Whiteley
At 12:03 you can see some eyes shining near the rocks behind coyotes bum
LITERALLY, 5 of those Blue claws are a meal.
Amanda Feald
El t
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