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Hannah Stocking
Alexander life Yay
I love you hannah 😍😍😍
Rohan Khan
that lady who was in TV she lele poons
Zelle Kate
1:41 Fucking pen
Anthony Johnson
You are extremely annoying when you do that fake cry
Ashlynn IDEK
Marriedwithkids@nothankyou.leqve :D lol love the email
Ashlynn IDEK
Lele Pons was so funny or Ms.Savage
Skyler Potatoe
Why is everyone asking if the blood on Hannah's cheek was real lol its a skit so they're gonna make it funny by adding thaf part. She's fine✨👌 love you Hannah💕(^ω^)
Peter Pan
How t b a savage that's AWSOME lol
Chloe Wills
4:48 😂
Madonna Chinaza Izunwanne
lol hannah is so crazy
megan roberds
Hi Hannah can you like my comment please I watched almost all if your videos and your Friends I love your channel so much
tadiwa Kuzipa
lele crazy ib
Tj Hall
Love you all in this
Brendon ́s Bae
yo leles hair in begginng
jordan the flash
i love ms savage
who noticed the nigga in the black shirt is wearing a T shirt written in it(دبي)
Joanna Ramos
lele is so funny lmao 😂😂😂😂
Nevena Kirova
This is so cool MOVIE
Insult to Injury
I love it how hanna just punches everyone in da face lol
Satisfying Videos
O M G did hannah just make a new trend

CHANGE THE TITLE TO Savi life not savage life because when at like 4:53 she said savi life after knocking out lele
Deborah Chapa
Do you want to know who's the most important person in the world

Read The 2nd Word
Khia elizabeth Kyere
ass fuck nigga bitch shit AF NBN
Sports Inc.
Bro this title is stolen from my life
Mr. Bleach
I luv mah life!
Camila Rodriguez
It's 11:11am while I am watching this
Jibas Taula
Lele is The OG
Ruthann Leatherbury
Anyone else notice Hannah left her phone in ms. Savages office
Damien Real
that was amazing😂❤
Esme Martinez
love love lol
Katya Kawa
That commercial was amazing
😂😂I love this video!!😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️
Introvertyy Kpop
When Hannah was like eating he ice-cream and crying is meee, when I watch some sad shit because I do jackshit
Malak Nijmeh
Did anyone else notice the pot break ??
BabySisterLocation OfficialBaby
I like how the boys fight 😂😀😋😘
Willl Gaming vlogs reactions challenges animations
Hannah's phone was left on the chair
Gamet 11
Gamet 11
Did Hannah say Savah life at the end
Katt Vids
Jess Luv
Hannah is like oh shit jeez I'm not ready for this shit 😐
Gabriela Ochoa
I literally died at the very end "that's what I'm talking aboutt savage life" and gets punched 😂😂😂😂😂
olddragon 420
whenever lele thrown the pen at Hannah she started bleeding
Justin Newbolt
you fucked her up with that pen!!! 😂😂 that waz not on purpose💀💀
daffa khan07
Lele is the craziest, OMG I'm DIED😂
Yorumlarda Türk arayan bir Türkdür😂
Vortex 580
wow never laughed so hard
2:05 SMck dat a$$
cat queen lovčinovska
you like cat!!!!!!!!!!?????????
Pink Guy
3:31 she was on a hover board XD.
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