Kenneth Kuijper
I'm sorry im trying
You better not fuck this up NBC
is there actually a town called Midnight in Texas?
@1:47 isn't that the vampire beertender from Fangtasia in True Blood?
lahiru rangana
TEMPS Official Trailer [HD] Romance Movie Trailer
Michael Fletcher
this is`nt trailer 2 it`s trailer 1
lislia pariance
Fucking homo
Pauline Alvarez
Midnight rules, hands down addictive!
Simmie Williams
Not NBC...nooo! Netflix or HBO!
Raniery Rinehardt Savi
Loved it serie
Hastin Nuraini
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I also want to be involved as a player
Jason Todd
Fuck NBC. This show needs to be on HBO or FX.
Chris Bryan
I hope there's season 2, I really love the characters.
Powered by Moonlight

I thought before i watched the trailer that it was a vampire series but it's with alot of ther supernatural/gifted/whatever people! And overall it seems great!I needed to find this show!
Lilli Tibbitt
This show is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Salad Ass
The first few episodes were awesome but it just went into the shitter real quick
Dawn Currie
Its going to get canceled and I want to know more about Emilio :(
Mich Tibaldo
Constantine we don't forget you ! The worst for you Nbc !
Maria Fernandez
You can't go to show box and see the season complete
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gul alatas
why there isnt any episode of this one in youtube?
mike saldana
Welcome to NBC where all favorite shows get cancelled. Do yourself a favor. Just don't.
The guy sound exactly like Aaron Paul.
T Gon
I really like this show, which means it's doomed. Should be on the CW
A gay angel? Too much.
infoNet play
Sigam meu canal novos trailers
Tracy McGrath
Is it just me, how is it that all I am able to only get the trailers and not the actual show... so for I'm disappointed....
Tony T.
I've read the books and they changed a lot of things with the storyline but it's still pretty good.Manfred is supposed to 23 covered in tattoos and piercings Lem is supposed to be albino, Joe and Chuy are both supposed to be fallen angels, the rev is supposed to be way older. Etc etc. As long as your cool with all the changes it's not bad.
Ariana Jove
If baby Dylan is here, I’m here
Gehan Saeed
It's the longest trailer I ever watched
Msp Sinem
is this a good serie should i watch it ? I like series like prison break , teen wolf
Prakash Aayush
Love from india
marsha phillips
I'm not much on vamps and supernatural. but I'm liking this show!!
Nogah Lerman
Fiji is soooo hot. Fiji x Bobo
Pheobe Petenstine
Great show . Just watched the first three episodes.
christina finas
pfff bof bof ...the only that i love is the dead grand'ma ahahaha
Was enjoying it until the two fruity pants showed up.After that gay crap it was over for me.
Kimberly Crabtree
this is in Hulu right now. so far 3 episodes.
Michael Gfroerer
looks like a great show! I wonder what the Christian fundamentalists will be preaching?
Monica Elizabeth
muy buena
teenie beenie
love that jason lewis !!!!
yehualashet demissie
I'M so much more than just the right place 6, I have a great time to get the job done. The other thing that you are looking for
Christopher Werme
"The rev. i still havnt figured him out yet. "
cellar door locked with a chain almost bursting open from something trying to get out during night w/ wolfish growls

Yeah, i wonder what that could be .. -_-
Red.Teddi Taylor
I found it very interesting and decent to watch......I guess summer replacement???
This show is really fucking stupid. I can't believe it got past the pilot.
Yessy M
this is gonna get cancelled
Lexi Love
Saw the first episode, a lot of hot guys and cool grandma. Nothing new so far, but I'll give it a few more watches before I decide on it.
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