Abandoned, Stone Home built 1854, Full of Stuff, Urban Exploration

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Abandoned Stone Home Full of Stuff, built in 1854 by a well known german stone mason, this is on the list of most endangered historic places. This building was added to the list of national register of historic places in 1974. The first floor is starting to collapse into the basement. Come check out this federal style building with me.

Lana Hallock
It's a shame a preservation group doesn't go is shore it up for safety. Take the modern crap out, redo the floors _& save old things & save it. What a shame such buildings are left to go to waste. Ick, I don't think I'd go in there without tubber boots. Beautiful antique lights etc.
Kyranett Pinn
I know exactly where that is!
Henry Williams
The National Register is a listing. Protected buildings are Historic Sites, but this house is not one of those. The property might still belong to the Bruch Family Foundation, but it needs a very expensive and total rebuild. Even the stone work may need to be relayed and the foundation and cellar rebuilt.
Finished in 1854, Ignatz Bruch died 6 years later and his Swiss born widow married Swiss born Peter Guertler, who added outer buildings, a country kitchen, 2nd story extension and a porch. All these were rotting away by the 1960's, and in 1971 vandals set it on fire burning most of it including half the roof exposing the inside to rain. The floor collapsed into the cellar. It would take $250,000 to fix the little house less than 20 ft. wide, next to a noisy overpass of Martin Luther King Dr., no neighbors except a big hole in the ground from a closed rock quarry with nasty water, and the only thing original would be the stone walls. Last offered for $51,000, no takers.
The 1860 Census (Madison Co., P.O. Alton, 4th ward, p.168) list Ignaz Bruch as 37 yrs.old, stone cutter, born in "Switz" (Switzerland); wife Adeline(Adelia), 35, b. Switz; Daughter Theresa, 7, b. Ill.; and daughter Mary 4, b. Ill. At death he was listed as Ignatius Bruch, died July,14,1860. Stone mason tools $10, 3 shirts $1, two horses $125, riding saddle $5, one cow $15, one hat 90 cents, etc. Coffin cost $8.
mitchell wilson
in my country new zealand, this home would be restored, for prosperity , this is a shame to be honest, as it holds so much history !!!! thanks for showing us around man............
Denise Roccia
You videos are good but you need to talk in them
if this place is registered? Then it is up to the government to save these places of history, god knows how many in my home town to gone now.
mitchell wilson
if now under a trust !!!! why is it not looked after by them instead of it becoming a ruin???
Urbex NY
Damn. Shame to see it like that (only worse a year later), and forgotten. And that's a lot of filing cabinets with info and even data on the computer, I'm sure. I wouldn't want to leave such info behind for anyone to see, pretty crazy.
Scott Peterson
I wish I could buy this house and restore it, turn it into a museum✌️❤️
Nancy Fikes
What are all those files? A Razorback hat makes this very interesting to me.
Michelle G
this doesn't just beg the question 'what purpose does the register serve?' it screams it. over 30 years it's been on the register! smh
The Lying Scotsman
The building itself is in great shape it wouldn't take much to restore the floors and roof..Good video.Thanks.
I see this house everytime I drive down this street and I've always wondered what it looks like on the inside. Awesome vid
Somebody was into stocks and investing. I wonder if a broker owned it? I bet they had fun cutting through the wall to put in that air conditioner! Well built place, really a shame to let it go like that.
Betcha dint know u had yr own saloon, didja Captain? My punkrockingchair! I had that same model rocker, cept myne had thin flowered upholstery over the wicker seat & back. Poor lil' stone house. Shame this one wasn't saved.
This house has paranormal stuff going on around you in that video. I could see some sort of energy following you around there.
Angela Douglas
good job ! i hope the historic society picks it up
Apparently, the last tenant ran a file storing business! Pity that the Donald can't move some of his wall building funds to save this little beauty.
Riannon Zemak
I've spent the past couple days recovering and watching all your videos. Don't worry about the comments telling you what to do differently. You're doing a great job.
These old buildings are amazing and I don't think people realize what it would take to actually restore them. It's not paint and carpet people 🙄
Shannon Thompson
nice place
I'm Here
History is so fascinating!
I'm Here
Great videos man, you go to some pretty cool places! When I lived back in Wisconsin, we used to go looking at abandoned places. Keep it up man!
Sadie The Woo
Did you have someone with you? There is a shadow person in the background at the beginning of the video inside the house that kind of ducks away as you pan. Cool place, thanks for sharing!
Heidi Dalton
This is great. It makes me sad that it's on the historical registry, but it being left to rot. 😔😢
It feels criminal to own such a treasure and not restore it into a beautiful home. :'(
Pamela Cain
what was the files in this building?
carl blyth
well im going to suck a lemon for a minuet and ask if you people make a living from looting these places...i know that some of this stuff would sell or be useful in my house....
Jen Clark
What a great clip. Such a mixture of old and more modern stuff it's a real shame it's all in that condition. Thanks for sharing.
Gypsy Angel
Looks like it was used as a business with all those files everywhere...I wish they were gone so we could see more of the house. It is much bigger inside than I thought it would be! Such an interesting house. Thanks for taking us along! I enjoyed it. You have a new subscriber!
Treshea Johnson
You won a subscriber with your honesty btw
Treshea Johnson
Honey your doing fine! I just want to thank you for taking me places I wouldn't get to see otherwise.
Ms. Pete Sidewalk
Abandoned TattooTonyAlton Exploring, Love your video's ! I am a new viewer, and subscriber, keep up the good work !
Amazing masonry on this home
the fireplace mantel is awesome
Cool vid!
mellisa vogel
please take out all books on magic, occult, herbalism, almanacs, tarot cards, channelled books and put them in the trash, or burn them in the fireplace, be safe. your going to ha ve to wipe up after that stuff.
paula null
The stone work on this building is amazing. The marriage point between the front dressed stone work and the natural stone is very well crafted. The pointed arches are very stunning. It is a shame no one is caring for it. And for heavens sake someone get the damned metal files and paper out of there. It is destroying the buildings structure.
Evie Roberts
Did the owner Die ? I'm curious why it's not being looked after as a listed building?
Explore Abandoned Places With TattooTonyAlton
i realize my videos aren't perfect this is an older one. for the most part i keep getting better. if you just want to criticize what I'm doing and leave negative comments and you have nothing positive to say and your not making films or contributing in any way. then go suck a lemon
Mary Tillman
I love the house!
Mary Tillman
I love that pink and white camper.lol
That is one cute house with lots of potential.
It's not often I see Federal style houses abandoned like that. They're usually nimbly restored as, for obvious reason, they're becoming increasingly rarer. It shouldn't be left like that with insulation falling from the ceiling... The stonework on this highlights prime craftsmanship, the material of construction doesn't even protude in the corners... It's laid out as if it's brickwork!

I wonder what's with all these files inside. Has the house become dump for some local civil service office, or what? The house needs a good cleanup, so that the interesting vintage items like the fridge can be put in value.
Explore Abandoned Places With TattooTonyAlton
hey guys, some of my videos with less views are the best. I have videos of abandoned schools, cathedrals and factories from the 1800's go check them out.
Jim Key
The walls will survive for many more decades. the floors not more than one or two. A pity that some thing can be done to preserve and restore this significant structure.
Jeanie coudriet
Makes me angry! There are a few ways they can save that beautiful historic home! The buildings in a town are important! They recently tore down a building that so many generations of kids graduated from this School! The wood and carvings, just everything took u back in time! All the memories, it was horrible! I really hope someone comes along and fixes this little stone house up!
Apocyl Doomer
Heard about u from Ron Gilchrist, Urbex is the SHIT so interesting, I need to get out there, there are many an abandoned factories and other shit, but, many of them are being torn down, and, the other problem is that they are in dangerous hoods, not that I am scared, just will not do it by myself, need a crew...anyway, I subbed, and also subbed to many other Urbexers out there. Be careful man, bring a strong flashlight.
yes, it's a nice structure, filled whit crap.
pat goff
Such a shame that it wasn't restored
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