the prickly sculpin is like :O I'm in a vid
What's harder than catching animals? Well getting the kids attention for a long period of time apparently! :)
Is where I'm at
I was eating pizza and i was soo distracted while watching the video I didn't even realise I ate the whole thing
Benly Gaming
I live on the east side at least
Benly Gaming
I wish I could do that and meet you but I can't
Blitzz King
Sub to me and I will shout you out
Lizbeth SummerWolf
I have snakes, lizards and baby bunnies in my back yard
Jaydhyn Carrasquillo
coyote please go to my house at 1291 sunrise drive,florida
Those kids are so lucky, this would be like the childhood equivalent of getting to meet the Steve Irwin and explore with him.
You're not coming on tour anywhere around me ):
Good Bye
Oh come on no won goes to Canada ahhhhhh I am alone
fnaf rock star
Brave wilderness I'm your biggest fan
FreakF GT
Gib Son
Co co
Gib Son
Lemons Are Lemonade
That seems so fun
Doris Mihajlovic
Come to Australia!! Please!! Of course, after this tour and you guys get some rest... if you ever do :D We have awesome animals too!
Lovella Jalonfrancisco
and sea stars
Rainbow Gamer
Those kids are so lucky.
Seafood is garbage
Gisgis41's World
You should do an On Location in Bermuda! I live there, and possibly I can do it with you! I always explore the tide pools on my Island, and so far the rare-ish creatures I have found are albino sea slugs, octopuses, moray eels, puffer fish, cow fish and a ton more!

I would absolutely LOVE to do a video with you, and it would really make my day!!

Reply if ya see this comment Coyote, you probably won't, but it's worth a shot ^w^
Flobster lobster
you kill my family
Those two kids are the ones me and Coyote had.
Hero Of Time Rachel
wow I just realized how little cool animals I have here in Indiana, all we have are birds where I live ;^; oh well good thing I love birds
chava the boss
you know there ain't no there and wait kills cows
Mark Welch
Why do no one come to Winnipeg😭😭😭😭😭
Shannon Smith
i actually like spam in england quite a few people eat it
Pikachu Fan3
5:55 i got one of those but it was small
Jessie Torres
hi cayote peterson my brother and i im 11 my brother is 7 want to go your show we live in orlando but i dont know if we have the enouph money
Kathryn Thom
By the way I subscribe: )
Kathryn Thom
Amanda Blevins
i love you vids
Betty Miramontes
Moldy Muffin
Lol the brown haired girl just looks like why am I here
Adam Hakim
Make mercy like if you agree
Aiden The Zoologist
1st word wrong word ........ohhhhhhh
Aiden The Zoologist
seems like they were just sitting there
Doel Nath
So, if I find the golden ticket, do I get to go to a factory and watch several children get into candy-related "accidents" and in the end, get to run the factory?
Cloe Linden
You should go on a tour in Canada pls. I really want to meet you
Rynna Abner
Am I the only one who would not even touch any of those
Shuruthii C
Who else wishes they could be one of those kids who are in the vid with coyote!
Robert Michael Hernandez
Please go here in the philippines
Ultamat3- CHAD
When 2 girls are with u and u say wanna look in the net and one of the girl said no and ignore that and say alright we're gonna look in the net
jim louise branzuela
these kids are savages xD
Alexa rodriguez - navarrete
Can you go to my house I'm using my grandfather's account I'm in Philippines my address is 2 project 6 road three Quezon City please come mlby my house please!!!!!!!!!!!
Kat Mac
I live in Washington
If u believe, ur legs will grow back!!
Mark Vargas
creatures are lucky they can at least grow there body parts back.
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