The Aftermath of the Sean Spicer SNL Sketch

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See reactions to Melissa McCarthy's impression of Sean Spicer on SNL. President Trump disliked the performance for a number of reasons and Rosie O'Donnell is willing to spoof Stephen Bannon on an upcoming episode.

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Anthony wopaness
ahh I feel so bad for him, He cry's like a little girl with a skinned knee. I guess they can dish it out but can't take it. in a way, we did elect the first women prez.
Dennis Vance
The SNL sketch was so devastating that Sean Spicer was fired, Trump resigned as president, Hillary flew into the White House on the wings of doves and all was politically correct once again. Then liberals awoke with a hangover to the real world. It had all been just a dream. Nobody cared what SNL did. Meh. Another day behind the counter at Starbucks…
AM Keefer
Melissa McCarthy has the comedic genius of a birthday clown. Which explains why leftists find her so funny. Much like small children, they're offended by actual jokes and only laugh at repetitive stupidity
William Ridge Sr.
Whaaaaa Sean. The Obama's weren't a bunch of idiot clowns.
The whole White House staff or a joke. The Orange Clown is the leader.
Dude, the Obamas were NOT Jokes in the White House. Their staff were not jokes and certainly not dump.
Rae Mini Hopa
It is funny and the West wing can't take a joke... SAD 😅😄😂
Bentley Maps
You working with a Traitor in the White House is Treason.
poor butthurt Traitors
Linda Myers
Awww poor Sean The Obamas didn't act the way Trump and his people. He dished it out on Obama so brace yourself it will continue. Don't hide in the bushes then Spicer
Tim Hotchkiss
Maybe it is time to start sending raincoats to the White House for Trump and his minions to wear over their heads as they are led out of the White House by the FBI.
Truth in the USA
SNL sucks anymore. We need to have people reunite our country. Whoopi can go to hell.....
Trump 2020!!! Fuck the haters!!!
Tom Chapman
-- The difference is Obama's spokesperson didn't lie all the time and therefore have no credibility but Spicer does and did it from his first session lying about the inauguration crowd plus it was really funny
The Obama actions did not merit such clash back you Spicy and your boss DO you made your bed sleep in it
People who never paid attention to Wash DC news now pay attention to Spicer & McCarthy's imitation. Spicer is great.
Brent Ocasio
whimpy bitch,suck it up
Brian Webster
lol trust me Spicer, it's still funny
Rainbow Writer
SNL did "do this" to the Obamas for a while..But Trump's administration writes the jokes for SNL.. I bet SNL stops the skits because things have gotten so outrageous, it's not funny
Jack Rose
SNL isn't funny anymore
Jack Rose
Wow unbelievable GO TRUMP!
Peter Laughlin
Poor editing. Spicy was NOT responding to HIS impersonation. He was making a very popular statement that SNL is no longer funny. Period.
Cee Cee
No matter what your beliefs are it makes people research and learn more about politics and hopefully opens up a better dialogue!
Ria Somers
It shows that Spicer has NO sense of humor. Don't want to be made fun? Don't say & do stupid. Oops, you work for Drumpf.
Eric Pratt
Awww, Baby Spice is butt hurt, boo-hoo. Well, too fucking bad. He's a public figure now, people are going to make fun of him. It comes with the territory. If he can't take it, then he should step down and let another person with a thick skin take over his job.
Go suck some cock spicey and your bootleg president Dump that bitch
Jon S
Well said Spicer..Idiots got spiced :D libby garbage:DDDD
Cecilia Cecilia
If the woman critiquing SNL, does not know Sean Spicer, how does she know he is not a transvestite ?? And,,, only someone without any brains thinks that having a female representing a male implies the subject is a travestite. You repub's have so many fears, it's hard to see how you can even leave the house.
Cecilia Cecilia
Hilarious , you have to admit. Try not to be such whiney little babies.
Hawk Moth
that was epic
Keisha F.
that sketch is hilarious..period..he is mad because she nailed it
Nigel Dowdell
It is funny, and shows the Trumpski admin deserves no respect.
Pete Phillip
Sean is a bafoon! and so is grumpy trumps and that gay boy Steve bannon!
Luis Hernandez
cry babies!?, who's still crying over trumps victory?, sore liberal losers!...Trump has the last laugh.
throw shoes at him like soc and awe,george w. bush
where's paul ryan.
it's pretty bad when a woman portray's a man,spicer,trump,and bannon,they must be cunts
spicer is a cybaby,so is trump,and bannon.
Sean Yeahright
fucking halarious the fact Sean was a bitch about it makes it that much funnier. And I like Spicer but that bit was rad
Ken Lee
Melissa totally nailed it.
The best SNL spoof ever!
O'Donnell is the most repulsive filthy sweaty diseased dyke cunt - someone please rid us of this vile morbidly obese cancerous tumour - anything, feed it to rats or some other vermin!
cathy judge
spicer chews and swallows 30 pieces of cinnamon gum before noon ?? that's odd....
cathy judge
this election...the current president is OVER THE we need over the top laughter.... thanks SNL
Leslene Hart
Comedians have never been more influential. You can call all media "FAKE NEWS" but you can't attack comedians for being funny! Being a comedian right now is dream! The gift baskets keep arriving at the door every morning, filled with some seriously good shit!!!
Pat B
The thing is it's not funny, SNL is just political leftie crap now. Obama wan't given this treatment unlike those saying he was. The only people that find this lame shit funny are lefties. They have ZERO material without Trump, how sad is that? The joke is on SNL as their shit isn't funny nor does anyone care what they think. Again the media thinking their OPINIONS are somehow relevant to everyday people.
Sharkey Corporate Art
Joyce is a nut job.
Acer13 P
Wow I really like this Mr.Spicer he tells it the way it is. Keep it up put it in there face.
joe pelham
I do not watch snl
unwinding time
unwinding time
eduardo landolt
he found out walking out of church...., such bullshit..., what a dick
Obama was wrong about Iraq and created ISIS and lied about immigration deportation counts. People are so polite to a man who lies and down plays the rise of ISIS.
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