Mister Maker Comes to Town: The Shapes Dance

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It's everyone's favourite dancing shapes! Sing along and see if you can guess what they're making this time.
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Cartoon Book
Very funny 😂😂😂😂
Kuk Ku
Diana Illa
Faizi Nazir
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tuan ly
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Samreen Alam
Светап Малятова
muhammet nebi büte
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karl rommel redaja
Mohamed Absiye

Surya Majji
Anything 04
This used to always be my favorite part of the show 😂
Dinesh Mahajan
aurora del carmen esparza bastias
Pollito amarillito
Koteł PL
Zozan Özkan
Bbg4e Tamam ben 5 bir de ZZ5
Cika Gayatri
Damn memories...
Maria Morales
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Pallavi Hans
Jiene Mieko Orate
abdelkrim amimeur
Saif Ahmed
Ellen's Art
Me and my mom are laughing our ass's off. We used to watch this when I was 3
razia awan
Arnoud Schoolen
BuônsămB Thúylan
T bạn n
anick lamarche
Thonas Rice
I have a shape
huy hoang ho
Toys And Milli
Eh oh ah
سجاد محمد
Nancy Sajianto
This is my childhood show
Trân Lê
Thonas Rice
I have a shape
Tabooze1 mad Mad
So Funny 😂
Wasim Akram nú
Aylin Paola Ibañez Lopez
ly luong
Degrau taquara
Ge. Limpei
Piepie Hodson
Is it the same dance
Kuk Ku
Angy Zurita
Zaki Baby
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