Lol this video is him hitting 1million
He just hit 12 million right now
Digital Diamond
No offense but really
Digital Diamond
Whoever disliked this is such a stupid arrogant person with no soul or life.
Erika Moreno
Erika Moreno
Hey It's Lina
sorry for your loss. πŸ’—
Kaylee F.
Aw god love your heart Logan, you would be such a great dad
Alex Abdulhai
Let’s talk about the fact that she said he loves you to Logan kind of a dog owner would but it was kind of funny
akash singh
that's why he is making money...coz he is helping others...people wishes are always with him.
Topninjaxx2 Yo
I cryed this is so sad god job logan logang4life
Jack Rooster
You are so kind.
MissWilo Vz
he is so funny and a and puts his fans in front of him before himself. i love him so much and i really want to hug him and say thank you for making us smile and make our lives change. Mini Logan Paul was the cutest and he is so lucky that Logan payed that much to save his life. Honestly, I am crying so much right now and I went out of my room for some food and my mum asked me ''Why are you crying?'' And I said ''oh, this funny person named Logan saved a very cute baby's life'' I was touched by the story they told Logan and I just wanted to take Logan's place and hold Mini Logan so bad. I wish I met him in real life but that is not going to happen. We are very lucky to have a perfect life but think about other people who are having a hard time like the parents of this beautiful baby. He is just absolutely a thoughtful person.
MissWilo Vz
oh i mean 8,000 and i bet you Jake Paul would never do something like this
that was so nice that logan sened 6000 thousand dollars to save a kids life
mahwish sultan
to whoever disliked you are so cold hearted
BlazeDragonKing YT
Logan you know how you got 11mil it's because you love your Logang and you save other people's life hope you beet pewdiepie😊
Amber Rafferty
I'm so proud of u Logan I know I'm watching this really really late but still ur jsut amazing
Alvi Rashid
Dude you are actually my biggest idol...I'm a bug hunter and i am 100% sure i am going to be as successful as you..I LOVE YOU BRO
The best intro ever myan....LOVE YOU LOGAN You are changing the world
GRANDPA CHEZBUGER chezburger chizz
Im crying
Lili Smith
I wish I had started watching your videos when this came out cause I live/lived there. Gaaahhh
Aryan Panicker
How does this video have 915 dislikes
sirwolfie cutie
Sportsgamer810 Plays
Stupid people who disliked this there dumb
Cameron Thompson
The 915 people who disliked this are heartless buttchewers who should fall into a bottomless pit.
Isabella Wong
That baby who had medical condition I felt sorry for him it melted my heart so quick
Haidy Stewart
Omg is so cute πŸ˜„:3
Catherine McGrath
Logan, the Logang are with you and you have saved a child's life, well done
Gunisha Agarwal
Everyone's so proud of you Logan. Well done sweetheart
Sumathi D
Super man
Sumathi D
Sumathi D
Dude you are the best
Blue berry sans
He has mop hair like you
graceful girl296
graceful girl296
Logan Paul's a celebrity like if you agree
graceful girl296
The baby is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute like if you agree
Lightningboltx42 PlayZ
lol he hasnt done the whats poppin thing yet
Rin Whalen
I started crying when he donated the money I am so proud of you Logan
she could be more thankful
bobo bob
why wou;d people dislike??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Mono Neymar
And this is why I love logan❀️❀️❀️❀️
Cutie Cat
Omg❀️😍😍😍 Logan is the best in the world
momal samtiyo
he was so emotional ..I am sure his fans are proud of him
Brundha Boora
😭 Logan Paul (the baby) is so cute😭😭😭
Cool Dude
this is what makes Logan a better person than Jake
Im so pourd of you Logan
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