BABY ALIVE EATS PLAY DOH AND POOP IT OUT Snackin' Sara kids toys playdough Ryan ToysReview

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Baby Alive Doll eats play doh and then she poop out the play-dough! Very smelly and gross diaper!!! This video features BABY ALIVE SUPER SNACKS SNACKIN’ SARA that will comes with reusable doll food ( play-doh), juice box, food cutter, and two diapers. Ryan and Princess T from Ryan ToysReview play with Baby Alive doll toy for the first time and they had a blast! They even tried to feed this baby alive doll real food sour gummi worm and see the doll poop out real food!

Product Info:
Little girls (and boys) can have fun and use their imagination with pretend play of real babies with this doll by Hasbro! This doll talked in English and Spanish and Sara will tells you if she's hungry, sleepy, or full and say phrases like "“Is it snack time?

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Sa Vf
That is just really weird! Gross.
Charlize Mckinney
Otis Antoine
Princess T is a cutie
Za'Naiya Diggs
hey guys are doing well and good luck with your family
Geidy Navarro
i love your videos RYAN and thank for puret in spanish
Rocio Vallejo
where are you guys from Ryan and princess T
Arundati Sekar Kinasih
Ryan ITS so cute i Will like your video
Freeband Junkie
I wish my son was old enough for toys
Hanidini Edryz
Ryan you so cute
I really like the video👍
kookie nkream
Do princess T has a channel
Jalen Jones
Hi guy I live in Chicago with my mom and I got my love I love you Lydia Lila just watching please get this message I love you💋💋💋💋💋💋💋👌🏽
Daniela Vazquez
what s your favorite. color
Richard Taylor
oMG I love her nails
Ryan is so Cute 😊😊
Romy Macneil
What is he all about👸👸👸👸👸👸👻
Brendan Yambao.
XD dont eat play dough😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nicole Weary
Ryan is very funny when she pooped Ryan mated sound affect
Linda Moore
it was funnyvery funny but say in it" we need airfreshener and baby powder
Like this video :)
nick/ theemraldminecart
its ok i love your videos
nick/ theemraldminecart
so cute like
Nadin Shanab
Ryan is super cute and awsome doll
Eltavo Contreras
I love this show
Antonio Montoya
jorvis monton
princess T re you the mother of ryan?
Parinita Sedai
omg i love her nail....n this video toooo.....
Mitchell Lee
cute 9o
Airor Miranda
poop. baby
Airor Miranda
😛😷ryan. what
Airor Miranda
😛😷ryan. what
Have a nice day!
Anaya Belvin
His mother is pretty
janamae panda
how much is that
ollie films
I love it
ruba hindi
Disney car toys baby alive is better than yes
Maxwell Toys Review
Cute Ryan, haha!
Dobertot & TOYS
Ha ha....what an interesting toy! I love the videos with Princess T!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWW....that baby poops a lot!!! SO FUNNY!
Naturezapitty cia
Wow like
Rainbow Learning
Great video! The baby dolls have come a long way! Liked!
We were excited to watch this video because my son (3) really wants a little sister. You guys are so much fun, that we have watched almost all your videos. Do u guys have instagram?
That Kid Jack
Haha! Funny vid!
Eggs and Toys TV
Nice vid! Nice fun! :)
Mikey Likes It
So funny when Ryan kept saying Ehewwwwwwww! Lol we had fun watching this! Adriana loves these dolls! 👍🏻😃
Kids Wild Ride
Looks like a fun time!!
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