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Excited to see how the movie is going to come out. Casey you once said to me "its not the equipment its how you use it"
Casey, I'm going to be thirty next year and have been racking my brains trying to come up with some meaningful "bucket-list" experiences to mark the closing of my twenties. A helicopter ride is now on the list.
Casey, I just had to stop by to tell you how very much you inspire me to vlog :)
Noah Van der Vegt
where can I see the commercial?
Jay Namath
Remember when Jesse bombed at the EA E3 event?
Jamie Lee
Just wondering did Casey Checkout the GH5 PANASONIC ?_?
Michael Rivera
7Eleven Apple fritters can be addicting when you have the munchies.
Yahye Ibrahim
what was this shoot for
Matt Onorato
When is this commercial coming out?
Rock Gee
I want to see if u can hack the gym for 2 months
Daniel Chan
get your rotary aircraft license casey
Trick Shots 4 Real
gave it my view
jon houghton
wheres the video casey ??????
If I ever went to LA I would just spend most of my time trying to find landmarks from GTA
marlon wong
This Guy @CaseyNesistat is so inspiring and surreal his life is literally like a movie .....:::
Mathieu Hubert
Message plate let help defeat chapter.
Mathias Fredriksen
Rating desire decrease better leather occur clothing ring calculate.
Just came across this channel. This is so cool!
Viorel Cosmin Cismaru
Can someone please tell me how to can i see on PC videos taken with a Samsung phone? (mine is samsung note3)
I copied the videos on pc and i have only sound and the image is blurry.

Jermaine Rhoden
great really interesting..
Ellie Clark
Initiative nerve meanwhile soldier hope blind flow demonstrate.
Danielle Ipiña
I really love this vlog
Eugene Pavlov
Where to find that video that where filming with Jesse in the end?
Samyak Shah
Where should I find this video which you guys made I want to watch since that day
How do you get views? This is absolute shit
Wow, 2 min in and no shitty agenda
Nael Diab
Your videos are addicting! Must resist couch potato #ApplySelfControl #Night
Tye Dutcher
I'm the one foot wonder Casey 😉
vlog is back. good edit
No Strings Running
First off that music mix was the best!!! Secondly, how awesome is that natural light in So-Cal?! This video has me itching to back to Cali!
Jordan Dyer
For a second I thought Casey was gonna be a guest on the H3 Podcast and I got really excited
Eric Jones
The new time lapse b-roll, wit the slow to real time and then the camera pickup is dope!
that beach boys music though!
tina zac
Since u call this the real reality (comparing to tv) how about instead of calling them season 1.2 3... winter 2017.. spring 2017....
Samsung is smart. They know these videos are ads just like the one that will air on TV
Tech4 Networkers
Hey Casey ! What happen to the big Samsung S8 Comercial
New lesson learned; location, location, location.
Shane Kelley
Awesome you shared this with will! Seems like a good dude
Becon Films
Casey your camera is GH5?
Mel Hyde
But he still gets first class on a regular plane... lol
Gary Goldberg
If this vlog was filmed with those Samsung camera-phones, it could be the commercial. (Well, a 14 minute one...)
Palm Springs is an awesome place to visit I have been their 4 or more times and it was amazing each time.
Everything debunked
best vlogs
Michael Nguyen
Pretty cool Samsung YouTubers promo. Definitely can't wait to get the iPhone 8 Plus.
Where can we find Jessie's electric bicycle ?
what phone tripod thing was the guy holding with the flat brim holding?
Ohkwari Tatu
i sneak into that hotel to swim all the time! the pool is super dope
Artūrs Škutāns
What is that electric bicycle? How is the company called?
Andrew Rider
ayyyyyyeeee Will
Dustin Vogt
His voice is so Deep, i got Restless legs
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