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Thumbs up for Zeus!

As most of you guys know by now who watch RomanAtwood Vlogs, Roman and his family received some really heartbreaking news about Zeus. 

Roman said that the vet had told them that he has fluid building up in his abdomen and that Zeus had either cancer or lung disease. Either result was basically fatal and Zeus didn't have much time left. 

Heartbreaking news.. :(

Quick Update:

 Roman and his family had so much hope for Zeus, but unfortunately Romans tweet that was posted today confirmed Zeus' death. 

Roman Atwood twitter : 
"This is so hard for me to post. I am heartbroken and truly sorry to say that late last night we lost Zeus....I am shattered right family and I may disappear for a couple days. Zeus was a family member and will never be forgotten. He was loved by millions. He was my bed friend. We all loved him so much. Embarrassing to say I have been crying for hurts so bad. R.I.P Zeus. Thank you for your loyalty. We love you. "

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