Brittany S
She's not spoiled at all, she has the sweetest soul! She loves and appreciates everyone and everything. Her mother put a lot of work into this, good job ☺️
Ronaldo Souza
Ayşem Lal Kocaalp
I 'm coming from turkey but I now very good english too .You can subscribe me too.
Ayşem Lal Kocaalp
I love your videos!!!❤❤❤
Andjelija Arsenijevic
Ayşem Lal Kocaalp
I have a sofia sea palace too.Happy birthday🎂🎂🎂
Amber Rose
i wish i have that many presents for my bday i don't get any presents for my bday but anyway happy birthday
Francisco Araya
Arianna White
How much was the big horse too
Arianna White
How much was the horses
maria yeidid salazar
fvy Scott tvuvsxbh
maria yeidid salazar
res fvhxdr j rey kxr t kbdbi
Malgorzata Jusiuk
Hayr blue and pink
and purple on cat on haus lol hairs.
Youtube Girl
Sche is so cute 😃
Ana Clara Ana Clara Kreulich
amaya Rodriguez
your so cute!
Asmaa Elhakim
Altaf Baig
so nice
Alina Kobrin
поцылуй свою руку 3 раза и напиши это к трём видео и посматри под падушку
Sukino Mitrowiyono
masi bayi😁
Happy Gaming Roblox
Happy birthday you have soo much toys now I want some 😂😂
Najeeb Channel
Leeha Curlee
Happy birthday little 😇💸💸🎁🎁🎉🎊
Inka Meier
Very Neis
Inka Meier
Katherine Martinez
The mom did a good job wrapping the plushies,It’s difficult for me to make it look nice.✌️The little girl is soooo lucky 😊😊Gimmie! Jk 😂
DanceMoms 4U
I hate it when i see people with tonnes of birthday presents because i only get like 3. But happy birthday!
عالم الاعاب
شروق الشمس
griselda melendez-pineda
SHE IS SPOILED But does have a kind heart BUT DON'T SAY SHE IS NOT SPOILED LIKE I DON'T HAVE TOYS AND SHE HAS HALF bit I am not taking my madness on a girl I am taking it thlo the people that brought evetthing in the store

thank you for reading this comment
Gffghg Gfthhh
Sarah Sanchrz
Happy birthday clara
Sirine Rachid
Ugdyn gjjwi jwh7w j giwiw hood homi dsuw jwsu where jnh😇😇😋😋😋
Livia Mariz
Happy Birthday Clara
Mul Yani
Kami Albuquerque
Sisil Lia
Good job happy birthedai to you
ديما الشهراني
Chloe Owens
Happy Birthday Clara 😁
Ashley Fosburgh
Happy birthday to you happy birthday to u happy birthday dear frozen Elsa happy birthday to u I love your videos
Veronica Tierra
latoya tanner
That is a hole lot of presents
Donka Ivanova
Грозна Много си грозна Много си грозна Много си грозна Много си грозна Много си грозна и аз погледни в огледалото ще се счупи огледалото заради теб
Donka Ivanova
Reyan/ Pistle.kitty
lol i am luck if i even get one present!
Shaheen MOHAMD
Isabella Panzanella
Feliz cumpleaños
Isabella Panzanella
Los quiero
Aracely Rivera
Olga Jirovská
o my gosh
Ivette Gamez
Happy cumpleaños clara
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