Drunk Man Screams Racial Slurs at Park

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Occurred on January 4, 2017 /  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

"My family and I were enjoying an evening in the park with friends and other young children when this man came and started hurling racist abuse at us." 

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Lord Kitty
Go home shirtless guy. You're drunk.
David Harris
This is a crackhead Oxygen Thief who lives across the road from that park in his family's owned warehouse because they have had enough of the moron, All he ever does is waste his unemployment benefits on drugs and steals his alcohol from Coles Supermarket always has the cops chucking his arse in lock up, Put him to use ban testing on innocent animals and Lab test these Junky Morons
Gary Benton
The same socialist left agenda that forces the rest of us to put up with immigration from backward countries from Africa and the Middle East against our will.

Fuck the socialist left for all you’ve done!
FactsCount 2015
amazing self control on the behalf of the people being abused. Not sure I could have held my temper so long. This is what's ruined Australia...this parasitic scum polluting the gene pool and successive governments that force the rest of us to sustain it against our will. Seriously how long does anyone think this human detritus would last without constant handouts and endless supports from a socialist left agenda....fuck welfare for all you've done!
Kristina Fulton
Coloured people are all over Europe it's so annoying. Immigrants are annoying as fuck. They steal everybody's jobs and want to take over the country
Chris Black
The wogs and Chinese don't bother me too much but Islam does and Australia needs to stop Islamic immagration.We have many homeless Australians to look after first but the government are giving first preference to Islamic refugees and they are bleeding the system dry. Most other races accept out culture but Islam does not and shows no respect..We are on constant high alert for terrorist attacks and refugees are being housed in aged care facility's when our own elderly suffer and get pushed to the back of the line. People have had enough. Thank god we have Pauline Hanson and a new president in the U.S.A that can see that there is a problem... Quick fix is stop immigration into Australia for ten years so we can sort the mess out that has already and is still is ongoing...
Gary Benton
This man actually comes from a good family, who own a successful local business, and was educated at a good private school in Essendon.

Unfortunately prolonged substance abuse and associated addictions, stemming from Marijuana use in his teenage years, have resulted in what you see here, including some stints in jail. His family have no contact with him as a result.

Beneath it all he is actually a nice bloke, and quite intelligent, but sadly quite a messed up individual at this point in time, who desperately needs help.
Jonathan Noel
Light weight
I can assure everybody that if this happened in the late 70's, 80's, or even 90's this guy would be in a pine box already. The European guys in that era ( specially in Coburg / Brunswick area ) would not put up with this garbage. It's just we've all moved on & we all live in the same community & live, love, respect one another it doesn't happen now. ( well not as much as it used to ) I hope this guy get's help & apologises to the family's he offended. One love everybody :=)
Zak Aboueid
And at the end the police came
Zak Aboueid
I was there with my uncle and he was swearing and that in front of us
Zak Aboueid
That was my uncle who was on the news
When u woke up and like " Sheeeiiit what did i do last night"
Why didnt you just call the cops and be over with it... ITS FUCKING KIDS AROUND. All of the grown ups in this video are equally stupid imo
FFS knock the ugly retard out!
Darth Bacon
Bet he had a nice privileged life .
Poor guy. He's obviously got alot going on in his mind. He needed to be held more when he was little.
fabian garzon
Oh is new fight cool damn
E.P. James MacAdams
Everytime I turn around another degoes by...
well you immigrants shouldn't be there. It's the same problem in every country.
Cornelis Drebbel
based drunk
Nobady has knife? to stabbe this shit until dead? Please? I pay for it
For the love of God, I beg. Someone's got that bastard's head off!
Kill this stupid piece shit! Shoot in the face, this waste of oxygen.
Deserves to be exterminated immediately!
looks like ivan milat and chopper reid had a kid.
this guy is my hero
crypto graph
What a revolting and nauseating person of yesteryear. My hats of to you and your family for remaining cool, calm and collected throughout that horrible ordeal, showing him that you are the better Australian family of today.
Carlos Castrejon
bruh you guy would... kick hi DBA up 👎
michael cook
Trump's Australia
The Ulsterman
Poor guy white of people why been thrown under the bus.
I would have knocked the shit out of him as soon as he started walking towards me.
Sören Fürst
Thats why alchol is shit and weed is nice!
Mikey Mouse
you should have broken his jaw
Mikey Mouse
Lol some bogans in australia are so racist
Baitin Place
I would have hit this guy so hard by time he woke up cocaine would be legal
Create A Player
I would of knock him the fuck out
i knew he was Australian
E Johnson
fucking shitskin invaders
Luis Ramirez
i wouldve beaten the racustness out of his mental state n knocked him out
How To Get Away With Animation
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