Canyon Cliffs Freefall Body Water Slide (HD POV) - Wet n Wild Water Park

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Canyon Cliffs Drop Out Water Slide at Wet n Wild Las Vegas 2015

"The Canyon Cliffs is ideal for adrenaline seekers. The experience begins more than six stories in the air where guests get a great view of the entire Las Vegas valley. The view changes as you enter into one of two side-by-side nearly vertical drop slides.

Riders plummet into a gut-wrenching, heart pounding drop and accelerate to speeds up to 33 feet per second" Wet n Wild Las Vegas website

Be sure to visit Wet n Wild Las Vegas to experience this awesome freefall body water slide.

There's also another water park located in Las Vegas called Cowabunga Bay water park which is located on the east side of Las Vegas in Henderson.

Video shot July 7, 2015

Andrew Jacob
aur child stories
Sandeep Goswami
Babita Gagoria
it's not free fall
Lucero Tecpa Tecpa
Juan Rivera

Astrid Christensen
Frisk Err. oR
tube lari larissa silva
Oh May Good
Ryan Elliott
i went on that i was so scared out of my life
Aratipamula Umamaheswari
yellow slide is soo terrible
Rahul Dravid
Danna Chavarria
Jaymina Bellefleur
trop cool ta vidéo woww😉
laura Ortiz
Soy china
laura Ortiz
Ju handball jugadores de juegos gratis y iehrmrgrjdnejejejrmkrmtntjtjtjtbtjtkkr
I have this irrational fear that the incline is so steep that right at the beginning my body does not 'adhere' to the slide and I'm suddenly airborne for like 2 seconds before slamming down at the bottom.
Henrry Alex Villagra Quispe
ya fui a uno de velos
Ghida Ghazzawi
it is so scary like your flying try it people!
Camila Montoya Soto
qué pare de lo más alto
Putri Farisya Faifa Mohd Fairus
wah tinggi nya gelongso ni
Rose Narse
it was just going down masive water slides like so boring am i right like if agree
Novie Ari
buset tinggi banget
Vivi Nainggolan
wat my slide
Vivi Nainggolan
wat my slide
your patiently waiting in line for two hours
its your turn to go down the slide
you slide down
two seconds later the sliding is finished
you kill yourself because the slide was so short
يوميات باربي في بيت الاحلام
josie vv
those slides give u the worst wedgie .
Reshma Alvi
very scared really
Adélka Nová
toje bpmba.
Gracelia Insalada
ally snow girl
wow that's short? ?????????!
sri handewi
tbbgggvduh bvdvthhs
Roxana Lizzette Salazar Hernandez
Ela Tahiraj
Lakysha Perese-Motuliki
Lakysha Perese-Motuliki
does not move
siti amirah putri channel
طه طه
Camila Cartagena
Camila Cartagena
cutie pie
it looks very steep
shallu alwani
I went on it it's not 3ware scary
Vlogul meu
os planetas das irmã os planeta
Lubna Shaikh
very risky
Tiffiny Jackson
Berfin Acil
kool und geferlich😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨⏰⏰
Timothy Shafer
i want to go on
Bobbie Thomas
you are SO STUPID
Arif Shaikh
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