Brazilian tourist Knocks over and Destroys Saint Michael statue while taking a selfie in Lisbon

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An 18th century statue was knocked down and smashed by a tourist who walked backwards to take a selfie with it.

The incident took place at the National Museum of Ancient Art in Lisbon.

The Brazilian tourist tried to take a selfie but staggered backwards into the sculpture of Saint Michael that was on a pedestal in one of the chambers of the museum.

It fell to the floor and shattered into several pieces. 

Nuno Miguel Rodrigues, who was in the chamber when the incident happened, took a picture of the smashed statue and posted it on Facebook.

He said: 'It's the price to be paid for free entrances on the first Sunday of every month.' 

Jose Alberto Seabra Carvalho, a deputy director of the National Museum of Ancient Art told local media: 'I've been working in the museum for many years and cannot recall anything similar happening.'

According to experts the damage done to the statue is irreversible.

In September, museum director Antonio Filipe Pimentel, warned the authorities the institution was under staffed.

He said: 'There are only 64 people for 84 chambers open to public. I am very sure one day we will see hazards in the museum. It will happen because we're playing with our heritage.'

The case is currently being investigated and the name of the man who knocked down the statue has not been made public.

Music: "Suonatore di Liuto" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Wendy Harper
Is the tourist going to be held accountable financially?
Hope the scum bag dies from cancer!
G. R.G.
Los encargados de acomodar piezas artísticas en un espacio público, deben tener la capacidad de suponer que algo asi puede pasar y proteger las obras de arte además de anclarlas o sujetarlas a una base sólida.
It's a statue. Make another one and move.
People need to lay off the fucking social media and get a life. Yes, said on Youtube. lol
Glor Yaomme
Michael Sun
I do not approve.
the yellow gloves
crazy idiot
Lee Keels
That does not appear to be "irreparable" damage. It won't be the same, but good conservationists/restoration experts can repair it.
Dale Corner
Don't give me this accident bullshit. It was done on purpose so the rotten Atheist scum could be the last person to "selfie" or as I call it "vanity" it self with the statue. Find the horrible bastard and kick his teeth out of his head.
Neil Fiertel
And why was it not affixed to the plinth? It is sloppy museum craft. One has to assume stupidity and accidents in advance.
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