Quang Nguyen
How do you hidden that tiny rope 5:26
Ruzica Dopudj
aishu aishu
GrossLike Gaming
I can fold the paper 10 times in a different way
Magic YO YO
Very good
Samia Daher
elsa spaydere
Aida Izadi
Biswajita Viswakarma
Discovered the way to become IMMORTAL https://youtu.be/X-mqrEwS5Hs

Can you believe this, Human will become IMMORTAL https://youtu.be/X-mqrEwS5Hs

Human never will die……..IMMORTAL https://youtu.be/X-mqrEwS5Hs

To Become IMMORTAL….way found https://youtu.be/X-mqrEwS5Hs
Leonardo De Castro
I like the skarf one
Marcella Eduarda Haas
Eu falo português de Portugal
Marcella Eduarda Haas
Super Man-Challenge
Subscribe to my channel for trick shot videos and I will subscribe back...
Hema Haider
Katja Pihlajamäki

My box of memes
More than 2,600 people choked themselves from 0:43
Arbin Salihi
Li sapevo quasi tutti ma ok😂😂😂
Lorna Jenkinson
Some videos are boring
Andrean Thionardo
Errol Manago
For 10:08 can you use a PVC Pipe?
oyucu eylül
Tuhunsb ne bakıyor llikbee likelike
HeartIcy Gaming
A growtopia sound robot want dance
channel for any video
Why are you not seeing the rope that you have magic
William Bellfy
William Bellfy very cool tricks I see how it is done but still. Can't do them yet I need more practice shout me out see ya
Janis Valor
I like the 📹 jajaja
-MeTr- Chennal
Corina Radu
nu sti magieo😄😄
Corina Radu
nu sti magieo😄😄
Good jod
lizhu wang
0:32 it is explained with science . Everyone knows this
0:35 the static charge is amazing tho
Bayrava Murthi
Science plays a good role in Magic.
Sáng tạo Việt
Hello friends :) 👉👉👉👉 Cool my your video, I like it, thank you
David Scarlat
Oha allta
izrascka Kurniawan
Udah tau dari guru guah?
Harald Reznik
Cindy Beatriz
Um mágico lunca revela os seus segredos
Tyrey Brown
Franc Pancho
Nice magic
saya natasya
jimsniper GR
PL Daily
wow amazing
Mridull Khan
Hahahaha four fingar
Julia Reese
Really the floating pencil has a string to hold it when he get the pencil up there is no string or yarn even the money
I got a challenge for you guys why don't you do the pencil and money trick without any strings or yarns in real life?
Frag Master
Omg this is the first time i see your channel i saw the subs its 7 MILLION
Mohanned Abdulaziz
and also when it shows before its way better after it sicks
Mohanned Abdulaziz
some is copy from other vids
Anna Krol
takie to w afryce .
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