"Mascot Photobomb" with Dwayne Johnson

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Dwayne Johnson and Jimmy Fallon wear mascot versions of themselves, and surprise fans at Universal Studios.

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"Mascot Photobomb" with Dwayne Johnson

Vicky 12
I love how the guy ran against The Rock whilst being starstruck by Jimmy! 😀
gabbie xx
On the last one, the girl was in on it; she didn't react at all when she saw both of them. It's cool that she did that for the guy though. Respect.
Son Wook
so crazy how one little thing about changes his whole life. he now never needs to worry about meeting him now for rock its not much but for the fan its EVERYTHING
I think that guy had 2 tattoos of the rock actually he went to lower his shirt at 3:27 but then stopped
David Morey
My kid's marching band was backstage with you and Duane at Disney. Now I find out they'll be in New York in 2019. Its a great band program. Please contact us if you are up for doing something with them in 2019.
The Rant W/ Manny
I cried for the guy crying.. now I gotta go get in a bar fight so I can stop feeling like a bitch!!!
Anyone else think jimmy looked like Obama with rocks head??
Malek Ahmad Bakkar 8MOB Læssøesgades Skole
rock lost
Abdulkarim Azimov
This moment when you realize, you are next to the man you are the biggest fan of
Made me so happy to see the last guy getting his dream come true.
lewis jones
i know the guy at the end he used to be a teacher at my school
Katie Buss
I can't believe I was there 😭😭😭
Niko S
They forgot to paint the face tattoo on Dwayne's Mike Tyson mascot head
meng chong
ye im happy for thr guy at the end. it was auite emotional he's biggest fab
Micro Edits
I love the guy at the end looks at jimmy once he takes his mask off AND IMMEDIATELY LOOKS LEFT SINCE IF JIMMYS REAL THEN...
Olivia Cohee
Awe that guy was so sweet😂
the trimes
Who else wanted them to swicht heads
ohhh I started crying
Piotr N.
Fullus is not funny
One N Only
Does anyone know the song they used for the outro/ending? Thanks
Drakester 1405
That last one should have been counted in the game as 100
Kit Kat
Awwwwwwwwwwwvww so cute
R saai
awww that freaked out!! so sweet
I'm so glad that last guy got to meet his hero
Shubham Bhushan
The last girl was thickkk!
Francesco Taurisano
that was awesome
Subash Kumar
That last dude kinda looked like Kevin Owens
Paddy Wejchapinant
I thought Dwayne's shirt said Sexist Man Alive
JJMe Disneycool
Seeing that guy sooo happy just touched me so much. So beautiful
Madi Silver
curvy and foxy, just reeeeeeeaaaaaallly needed a bra.
Kaye Curry
Ann M.
I am embarrassed to say I used to think The Rock was just another muscleman buffoon type but I was wrong, he is really a multi-talented, charismatic entertainer. Seems like a good guy too.
Mael Barre
Narrative contest boy silence similar ear truck confront.
Tomislav Georgiev
You can see that this ment world to him. And I guess he has another tattoo on his chest. Good for him. NO TEARS!!!
His reaction at meeting a mascot of The Rock was amazing but what followed was absolutely touching! What an amazing moment! :)
john wick
Wow, I cry when i saw that guy in tears ..
bradley simmons
Its always nice seeing someone meet their childhood hero! i felt a tear come to me eye! happy for the guy!
That's my tutor at 3:37
okay picture time
smile bi- what okay someones putting a hat on me
wow okay the rock mascot NICE
Dwayne Johnson for President!!
Yannick Stiffler
The guy at the end is the definition of "Right place at right time".
Claudia Obenschain
The guy at the end!!! Awww!!!!
Victoria Honeycutt
We travel to Turkey once a year.
Lucas Perez
I think he he also has a tattoo of the rock in his chest, you can see he was going to show him but got to excited
simply bricks production
That moment when he looked at jimmy and realized that it was really the rock 3:08
Grace king
that guy that cryed at the end my heart melted
Michael Boland
That just unexpectedly turned into the best day of that guy's life!!!
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