Linh Nguyễn
Runaway is sooooo underrated.😩 I saw a video of him performing this live and I was like woowww this song's amazing. I thought it was just a cover and searched for the original right away. Turned out it was ed's and I had never heard anyone talk about it
Saswat Pani
taylz fangirling ed
Well ed sheeran is far better songwriter than her . well she should not feel bad . he's probably the best songwriter of this gen along with Bruno mars in pop at least
Alli Senreiv
I FCKIN LOVE TENERIFE SEA and PERFECT!!i could die😭😭💔 imma sing this to my future husband lol😂
Sania Singh
Runaway ❤️
Gowri Unnikrishnan
ed and taylor are friendship goals
Selena Taylor
she can't write songs when she's happy? that is just sad....
Austin Davis
1:16 !!!
Pricillia Tay
Aww,she jealous bcoz ed wrote the song about her and she dont know
Human Person
"i've never been able to be happy" who knew taylor swift and i would have anything in common
Danielle Guyette
sweeran AF
Natural Musique
She likes Ed.
Jeia Angela Parcon
omg i thought tay made a mistake because she said "tenerife" and i thought it was "tenefire" lol
violet tv
when taylor was describing how ed's love songs are, she looked genuinely awed. ♥ :] love ed & tay ;-; <3
lydia smith
Josh c it actually says in that moment I knew you beth
Huda H
She was about to say that was my favorite song 😍 Well it makes sense cuz the song is SOOO about her! Can they get married already!!
Mohammad Ridzuan
She just described Tenerife Sea so perfectly.
But Tenerife Sea is about you Taylor....
Lovia Konopasek
I like how she refers to lorde by her actual name 😊
She just needs to marry Ed and get it over with.
WHY the FUCK do ENGLISH talk show HOSTS have to TALK like THIS

When she said "he does it so well" instantly i thought "he's so bad but he does it so well" XD
Amanda F
That song is definitely about taylor. It was sweet. At the end he sings in that moment I knew you better.. I think he liked her more than just friends but because of her history with Harry it didn't work.. You see it in interviews. Ed really doesn't like being asked about her. I know he wants to be known for his work and not hers but the way his expression changes something happened that we don't know about.. Her new album seems to be only about Harry..
I know he said it's not about her, but Tenerife Sea sounds a lot like written for her...
Ameera Juliyana
aww she's jealous of the song ed wrote about her
Becca Flynn
I want her and Ed to date SOOOOO badly!
I love Ed and Taylor's friendship soooo much.
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