BLACK LIGHTNING - Official Trailer #1 (2017) | DC's Superhero TV Series HD

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Black Lightning Official First Trailer - Here Is The First Look Trailer Of DC's Superhero TV Series Black Lightning.

Mark Maggott
Looks like an 80's superhero tv show. I loved the comics but this looks hokey!
you know they could bring static shock into the show by making Black Lightning the Mentor
cute devil
Nigga light
Sherlock Timothy
I swear the last two scenes are the set of Barrys Allen Office and the coffee shop in The Flash
Nickmorey Morey
Wait a minute are black lightnings powers artificial or are they technologically enhanced?
Jumbled Gaming
Nah its the same theme and places as the Flash
Feyd Nabaron
Crime in the City???? Don't you mean Chicago after 8 years of Obama administration??
Anthonio Williams
awwwww static shock grew up into a full blown black lightning .... lol
The Tiger
He is a true superhero! Complete with a disguise that wouldn't fool anyone!
Why does he have deans car
Alan Jackson
Pootie Tang would whoop Black Lightning’s ass
chris jones
This will be a horror movie for the cops
Marvin Lopez
where the fuck can i find this music its hype af
Jae Jackson Jr
2:56 what that instrumental????
Guy from Megas XLR
Static Shock pls.
dedan douglas
Thank goodness it's not a movie
Glass Bender
Flash in da Hood
Demetrius Harris
how did i miss this
tony williams
WOW all the disrespect in the comments of Dc first African American superhero’s finally getting a movie next where the fuck is static shock lol
Where have i seen that actor who plays black lightning before i cant put my finger on it
Amrak Aten
Don't know about this
francis king
Just make batman series already ffs this shit is wack asfuck
Kylo Of Ren
I would've preferred a live action Static Shock series.
Qnaug Ng
2017???? like december 32nd of 2017?
Static shock never made it out of the hood.
Wade Wilson
Looks lame
Kaye Young
Can't watch even if i wanted to
Ayub Ali
this is sort of like Static Shock.
The Pandoraylam Box
Anyone knows the name of the song playing in the backround??
More black appeasing going on in the film industry I see.
"Hashtag"? When you put bullshit like that in you know it's going to be complete fucking trash.
Buzzkill 78
His suit looks like Spencer's light up socks in iCarly
Moe Moe
black ice is the real killer, it cause a lot of car crashes
Nakor Z
Black Lightning... lmao. Is there a sister show called White Power?
Cygnus X-01
I can get behind this. I really like Black Lightning.
Keamogetswe Ntamu
this is frikken good
Ben's Short Story
Once upon a time Crow flew as high as he could.
'What are you doing up here?' said Jet Engine and ate him.
poopoo the smarties
The story looks good but special effects are sucking major dick.
Costume is lame and acting is sub par. CW has really been going down hill with these superhero shows. The flash is already a complete embarrassment.
Ren Zen
dosnt one sister control lightning and the other thunder
Alex Riverida
Sounds more like Luke Cage on steroids
Sylvia Gitau
Yaas..... I don't have time for TV but I'm making time for this one
The Amazing Oppo
Shoot him in the head he has no powers and doesn't where a helmet
Kibo San
ohhh lord jesus that costume needs a bucket of holywater and then some
Ian G
These gangs will be cleaned up in no time when the Flash and Supergirl show up!
Spider Trends
Ooo black lightning
Couldn’t name him Lightning though..? Like Flash... Static Shock.. What’s next? Yellow Typhoon?
Aaron Johnson
Perhaps Cow
2:37 it's Barry's lab
ron anderson
That's Lavan Hayes. You can't trick me CW
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