Are You Racist? (Test)


It's all going to be revealed.

I did that test once and I got a slight preference for black over white....

Even though I'm white e_e'
Chim chim bts
There aren't only white and black people. I hate the fact that people just don't get it. There isn't only racism to black people. What about asians LOL
Rea Keebz
"It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." - Albus Dumbledore
Rephah XD
I still luv you
Rephah XD
it's ok
Aryelle Moder
Is it racist to hate the white race?

Is it racist to hate the black race?

It's racist to hate any race lol

My friend is racist against white people, she hates our teacher who's really nice to her cos the teacher is white

My white friend has the same problem with a poc teacher.

Who's more racist?
what about people who are multiple races.
Fernando Lucatero
what about brown people or brownish people?
Alana Lino
Who is the guy in the 00:01 ???
kaisoo fl.
WaR Games
shut up man
And us Hispanics are left in the dust.
Ali S
Why does pewds look like an albino
Luke Coughlan
u r racist bitch
Bunny Vanh
What was the song at the beginning
Jonathan Cruz
What sup my wigga
Mahmoud Sallam
The test has black and white only!!!, this test is racist
How quickly would everyone else punch that guy at the beginning of the video?
Lilly Powerz
David boss
Your racist mother fucker
Andy Price
Did she claim ALL whites are racist wow
Ömer Aşgın
3:45 Billie Joe?
Jay C
I have black friends and didn't even know all this time that I'm actually racist :( what will I do with my black friends now?
LaB Clan
You're not racist beacuse of a freaking test! They just tried to mindfuck u
Åsa Ahlander
Jaejun Lee
stop at 10:03, you can thank me later.
cass hmmm
pewds dude your fashion sense leaves me fucking speechless man like ik theres a v low probability of you seein this but send some links/brands my way if u have the time itd be hella appreciated
Anime Po
I love the beginning im in love
Syali Ishihara
lmao in my test it said i have a moderate automatic pref for black ppl as compared to white. im racist as fuck towards white apparently XDDD
I love the intense mgs music
vhc tapes are awful
So the nigger word is the only racist word, Spics and chinks aren't recognized?

PS : Yeah i said it, nigger.
Lisa LeBoeuf
Am I the only one who thinks of Avenue Q... 🎶Eveyones a little bit racist🎶
i prefer rich people to poor... colour has nothing to do with it. so what is the solution for racism?? go and live amongst those you feel racist towards... intergrate and procreate
Sean Stewart
Is like this test wants you to see differences, to separate people.

I wonder if the test started the other way if it would he different. And how do they control for the fact that he probably grew up more around a certain group of people. It's about personal experiences with people. It isn't racism and does a disservice to real racism to say that someone may have a preference or comfortableness with something they are more familiar with.

This is absurd!
The Empty Void
I hate everyone equally.
Sandra Muñoz
the song in the beginning reminded me of when teens/kids react had to react to the weird video that goes along with the song
BritishSu Eccles
0:40 I've seen white people and black people......... But I've never seen a striped perdon 👌👲🔫
at the intro is that a man or a woman im curious
Albertina Maybe
I'm so cunfused on how your supposed to answer correctly??????,
DerpMan Vlogs
Well since the guy at the begining said that all white people are racist, doesnt that mean that he is racist as well?
NamJin Trash
Isn't it racist on the black man to say that all white people are racist?
Infertile Piggy
I couldn't hear What that niggerfaggot at the beginning, my white privilege was getting in the way it's soooo big
Timi Zondode
It thought the title said are you a rapist!!
Arrix 02495
This test is bogus. Its a great way to test your hand eye coordination and memory but not your level of racism. Only you know yourself if you're racist. Preference of one colour over the other isn't racist, being a dick to somebody because of the amount of melanin in their skin makes you racist. We're all the same species guys this skin colour hatred shit has got to stop.
Michele McFetridge
I'm not racist, I hate everyone equally ;).
JaimeeXD MCPE Gameplay
Sunrise Sunset
How could you NOT strongly agree that NO one group should dominate society. That's racist as f*ck.
ISIS is not a race, so you answered that question wrongly. Common sense dictates that you already know this, though.
So, you slightly agree that other races should be kept in their place. That's racist as f*ck too.
Those 2 answers alone pushed you over to the dark side. No pun intended haha!
Kristian Ellis
i guess white and black are the only races
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