LEGO NEXO Knights The Stone Colossus of Ultimate Destruction Speed Build Review 70356

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LEGO NEXO Knights: The Stone Colossus of Ultimate Destruction, Speed Build review, Set 70356! Squirrel Stamped takes on the giant statue, and the many other awesome items of this heavy construction set. 5 Minifigures includes; Stone Clay, Macy,  General Garg, Brickster, and Jestro! 2 Forbidden power shields and 2 Nexo Power Shields. 785 Pieces of amazing stone!

Found USA retail, Toys R Us, August 1st 2017. $70


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forbbiden trifecta
Are you going to review the heligoyle
Logan Keith
This is epic
Emon mohona
Where are the stone warriors from?

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Michel2017 Vargas anaya
Regalate me the nexo power of yestro
Lego x rayman gaming
Mixels are evil because they aclaim the monster is almost builded and by this reason nixels hate him
elena nastase
springtrap the builder
sorry that i ask but do you have a a double jestro
The Emerald 101
I subscribed
Dakota Gonzalez
I had know idea it had macy, it's on my bucket list.
Caroline Mock
Where can I find the squirrel?
FerCity Gamer 1.0
Who had trouble with the pins on bag 2
pierpaolo stupino
What the actual f7uuuuuuuuuudge
Gaming and building with max
Squirrel stampede did you know on ep 39 I think it's that ep clay got to his human self and has a new power arm and ruina is clays mother
FerCity Gamer 1.0
I have this set its really cool
Mel Casipit - Agos
estee cohen
love your vids! can u do more Lego ninjago set reviews
Daniel Esteve
Which set has the forbidden power awesome annihilation
blake dunfee
what about ultimate lance and ultimate flama
Randomweirdness Stuff
Love the treehouse gag!
Potate Guy
The song for the speed build sounds like something out of the legend of zelda a link between worlds.
Juan Smith
Hey, squirrelstampede, please check out my stop motion channel.
WD Toys
Cool Nexo Knights speed build thanks
Tygo Visser
spoiler alert

the stone colossus is actually monstrox
Narayana Aulia Rasyid
clay look like he evolve
P├Ętur Kjartan Kristinsson
Im geting this set today
Narty Palaganas
Do not do comment 3 or you will lose your 1st comment
Narty Palaganas
2:19 that is a pack is big
Brandi McCreary
There's more FiveNightsatFreddys Sister_Location figers
Dawid Malinowski
Like if your watching nexo knights while whatching this
James Sargeant
TheReese Productions
thank you
Clay is bad in stone fume.
Mekhi Harris
nice video
Potate Guy
Did anyone else have a dream where you and clay are best friends and your brother says that hes not a good person but that he certanily looks stylish and he hears you and that one guy that you worked with in your school summer bridge says says that they where talking about him and pulled out a mustage when he said thats why they said he was stylish and then the king declars you the black knight and you spray paint robins black knight in a medium azure color? No just me ok.
I also don't remember the Wickerman being made of rocks...
I didn't think the Colossus would like the apple; it fell right through his mouth!
TheDragonLegend 21
Why u using Alvins voice
Galactic nova
Tfw you stub your toe is enough to make the tallest titans fall.
JJ and Alex
BEST. SET. EVER.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )
Inkling Joey
Cool video
Mindy Watts
One of my playsets had the same amount
Ivar Oudenampsen
Cade & Stuff
The Dumbing of Age
darth kai moorington
I have this set
Amy2008lovers Amy
Cool video
Candy the cat
I like your vid
Candy the cat
I like you vid
PikachuGamingExtreme 2.0
By the way, SquirrelStampede, the Lego City Jungle sets are officially out and so are the Marvel Ooshies.
I saw mixels
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