Philip Defranco Is Being Kicked Off His Channel

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Philip Defranco has heavily hinted he is losing his channel, on h3h3 podcast he left clue, and sourcefed, plus recent discovery moves hint to this too.
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The Crab
#PrayForAllexx #FuckCancer
Fuck you.
Sneaky Pete
I fucking loved sourcefed.
Leonidas Pereira
"Not the first time a person was kicekd from their own youtube channel"
It's not their youtube channel if they sold it
Of course it's just over 10 minutes. Every time...
pro tip... try to talk without your fucking tounge between your front teeth, literally constantly.. holy shit man.. your teeth have literally moved around your mouth so your tounge can constantly fit between them.. I feel a magnetic attraction between your face and my fists..its like a nuclear strong force.. physics itself demands it.
Brett Filuk
take the dick out of ur mouth and talk normally you imbread
scott jones
What a load of shit!
William Rutherford
Sourcefed was shutdown because of low viewership... Why would the PDS be shut down when it's still massively thriving?
Danny boy wood
who the fuck is this shithead? you dumb fuck. do some research first.
James Long
Looks like you nailed it bud, Defanco is finished isnt he.
oh my god to..... i tried so hard to listen to this face.... but i was sooo confused at why he keeps at talking....
Ward Nightstone
he wasn't gettign kicked off he was intalks with the ppl he sold it to to buy it back
Drama outa nothing.
Robert Jones
wow, looks like you were totally off your mark on that one.
Edward Blake
Does he have hard time keeping his tongue in his mouth? I bet he spits all over you when talking to you.
Stephanie Blevins
Chandler Deardorff
Clickbait as FUCK. And clearly you don't know what the fuck you're talking about either. He stopped having any say in what happens to sourcefed LONG ago and bringing him up is just a sorry excuse for your inbred lookin ass to get views
Kawaiime Aniwaii
why so many dislikes??
Hahah! what is this - baked news? He's been blazin it before recording, good man!
NO One Likes Soggy Nachos
I remember when the whole daily grace thing happend, that was before YouTube went to shit
Sharon Currah
Lol dat hat
my nipples are stiff
What the FUCK have you been smoking?! Your eyes are red.
why did people dislike this video?
Artie Wagoner
So, it has finally happened and as usual this toadie has gotten it wrong. New space, same show. Still going strong and cranking out videos.
You should learn how to speak with a more closed mouth, you'll sound less stupid and annoying. I don't have a problem with the accent you just sound too dumb to watch seriously. Also sxephil= Sexy Phil dumbass.
Curtis Schmitt
is Philip losing his channel? nope, revealed a month or so later he has reacquired everything of his brand and is Launching his own news network. haha exact opposite direction
Phil has not lost his channel.
Dennis McConnell
This is all bullshit, Philip Defranco's channel is going strong on April 30 2017. This is all wrong.
You think Sourcefed was a good channel?
Douglas IRL
He sold his Channel years ago for 7 Million dollars, I can give you the agent's number that did the deal.
Sourcefed a high quality channel? It got canned because it wasn't making any money. The reason it wasn't making any money because it turned into crap soon after the original idea was thrown away and they went where ever the fuck they went, using endless awkward sex jokes that weren't even funny...
Good points; well said..
Oat lord
Say H.

Steve Stevens
stop trying to act and just fucking speak
Andrew Marshall
your channel is basically aids but less intereting isn't it?
Danny N
whats wrong with your teeth? it looks like you got gum in all the arches of your mouth lol.
Skeeky Online
you suck . get off my feed.
Holy shit bored 3 minutes in. Bye
Chelsey Nicole
I love Phils channel :(
Derek Wilfong
what the f*ck is up with your teeth you wanna hate get you f*cking teeth fixed *** fu*k U a** hole
Captain Jack Aubrey of the Royal Navy
whats with all this network bullshit? why dont youtube channels just stay independent?
Not a face for video's, huh?
Just stop do not know what you are talking about. You did this for click bate. I have been watching Phil since he started on youtube and he is not going anywhere.
Hi Alexx can you give my comedy channel a shout out it is funny Honest ,please
Hi Alexx can ypu please give my comedy channel a shout out please ,I am too from england
Juris Roķis
So much incorrect information
You sound like a downie.
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