Philip Defranco Is Being Kicked Off His Channel

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Philip Defranco has heavily hinted he is losing his channel, on h3h3 podcast he left clue, and sourcefed, plus recent discovery moves hint to this too.
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If you enjoyed this video a like is appreciated, thank you for getting dead close to 110k, promise i won't sell my channel yet.
You think Sourcefed was a good channel?
Douglas IRL
He sold his Channel years ago for 7 Million dollars, I can give you the agent's number that did the deal.
Sourcefed a high quality channel? It got canned because it wasn't making any money. The reason it wasn't making any money because it turned into crap soon after the original idea was thrown away and they went where ever the fuck they went, using endless awkward sex jokes that weren't even funny...
Good points; well said..
Oat lord
Say H.

Steve Stevens
stop trying to act and just fucking speak
Andrew Marshall
your channel is basically aids but less intereting isn't it?
Danny N
whats wrong with your teeth? it looks like you got gum in all the arches of your mouth lol.
Skeeky Online
you suck . get off my feed.
Holy shit bored 3 minutes in. Bye
Chelsey Nicole
I love Phils channel :(
Derek Wilfong
what the f*ck is up with your teeth you wanna hate get you f*cking teeth fixed *** fu*k U a** hole
Captain Jack Aubrey of the Royal Navy
whats with all this network bullshit? why dont youtube channels just stay independent?
Not a face for video's, huh?
Just stop do not know what you are talking about. You did this for click bate. I have been watching Phil since he started on youtube and he is not going anywhere.
Hi Alexx can you give my comedy channel a shout out it is funny Honest ,please
Hi Alexx can ypu please give my comedy channel a shout out please ,I am too from england
Juris Roķis
So much incorrect information
You sound like a downie.
Badge Man
SourceFed blows, life goes on.
Mike Litoris
What language is this in?
wow, you're like an actual carbon copy of pyrocynical lololol.
Opaque Motives
Of course it's like selling stocks.
Tyler Pletsch
This is the dumbest video I have watched in awhile, lol he made a video about how all of this is wrong, don't assume things and hint towards nonsense for views.
Jump cut. Jump cut. Jump cut. Jump cut.
Fartzilla 500
source fed has offical been ended great English.
You should've seen a speech pathologist as a kid.
why does it sound like you're mouth is full of food?
Source Fed sucked
Ben der Grosse
can you speak like a normal person please?
Abdul Ifham
You're a fucking douche nozzle
Chris L
nice moustache bruh
Joey Burgess
Get your facts straight
FYI, the word think doesn't start with an "F." It's not fink.
down syndrom
Trish Moore
Gay hat
What is the point of YouTube throwing Philip Defranco off The Philip Defranco Show? If he is not there, then there is no channel, there is no show. If he is not there, what is the point of watching? If it becomes just another shill New channel, they are a dime a dozen, there is no point in watching.
P Shinneman
source fed sucked ass after Phil sold it
Jonathan Phelps
Fred sold his, that's why he's not on it. SF, Phillip sold because the money google gave him ran out. If you watch the video that he talks about SF shutting down, he explains it. For his own that's another story, who know. It does sound like he's trying to move to be a "news network". But once again this is another video trying to use a bigger "YouTube drama" to get views on a video.
Anthony Ashdown
You are fake news
I really don't like the way your mouth moves
Correction. Youtube gave phil money to start Sourcefed. He then sold his channel & sourced to discovery.
Brando Boyer
I can see your lisp
you remind me of Rob Stark... its not a bad thing
Philip Defranco has already stated he is not shutting his personal channel he is looking into something new dealing with news, but he will always post on his channel and his family vlog channel!! Love your accent!! <3 your face!!
I'm I the only one who's cringing every time he makes the sss sound? Why do so many YouTubers have speech impediments?
Melanie Vonfange
The lesson here? Don't join a network.
Hypno Abel
bull shit title, bullshit video for anyone who actually follows defranco inc
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