Meryl Streep Cries Over Donald Trump at Golden Globes

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A tearful Meryl Streep calls out Donald Trump during her speech at the 2017 Golden Globes for what she claims was him ‘mocking’ a disabled reporter during one of his rallies when he was running for president.  Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.  

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WildWing 1955
Meryl, you're a liar and a shill. Better for you to stick to acting, and not political commentating. Miserable stupid celebrity.
Wei Sun
So disappointed...
Shared this on Rosie Rosie O'Donnell FB page under the posting of meryl streep. I said "watch this then judge" I wrote CNN today to chew them out and wrote Kaine and called him a piece of shit basically, but in a more "constructive way" I write my rep Karel Levin (scum) and Debbie Stabenow ( witch) but seem to only get form letters back on the topic I had to pick fill out the form???They never reply to what I wrote. Because they dont give a shit.I have been working to wake people up for years and writing to the scum to let them know I see them. Thank you Mark for the GREAT work you do.
She needs to check her privilege!
Slepas Pimpal
oh shit I love this timeline. Die mainstream media, your death is entertaining. I hope even the most stupid people will STOP watching this sewage networks
alan Williams
Stand & applaud a child rapist. (Meryl Streep)
alan Williams
Stand & applaud a child rapist. (Meryl Streep)
Simon Colleville
Je déteste les libéraux!
Sharon Skeens
I watched the screen go through her catalogue of a career. I missed "Out of Africa". Then I remembered that Robert Redford had a video interview where he said he had told Hillary Clinton if she ran, he would not support her. Then it made sense. Meryl is an uber Hillary Supporter and Redford wasn't. I got a little upset the next day when a picture of the 80 year old Actor showed up on NBC Nightly news in a speedo. We weren't suppose to know that he was at his pool with his grandson on his property. Inside Edition took it from there. I want to know why they attacked him. He is Green conscious, a good man, bought a lot of land and turned it over to the Ute Nation.. and what has Meryl done? Played a 40 year old in Momma Mia? That movie was horrible for her and she used it in her accomplishments. I want to see HER Birth Certificate on the basis that everytime she gets a face lift, her age drops. Meryl Streep went from one of my favorite Actors to top of my ignore list. I gave my copies of her movies to the garbage can.
George Donaldson
Not nice Dice
George Donaldson
Defending Trump is indefensible. The narrator of this video needs to get a day job.
Like Trump all he's doing is Making America Hate Again..
Bill Loeb
Oh right. Just a coincidence. BWHAAHA!!!!!
arkadi sevyan
talk about trying to divide the country
Sylvia Catalano
Hollywood needs to quit lecturing us and go back to mulling over their next multimillion dollar script.
**God, I really hate seeing all their sanctimonious long-faces, when the camera pans the room.
Yeah, but she knows it looks good to the, what I call the "W's (Utterly Uninformed) and the impressionable​ casual spectator from abroad..............
Paul Ann
Meryl Streep never respects others.. she's biased!! God bless America, Trump and his efforts..
Meryl who?
Vicki Fischer-Rasmussen
Thank you Mark. I had difficulty reconciling the episode with what I believe about Trump. Your debunking is greatly appreciated and I have posted your video to my Facebook page and requested that it be shared further to propagate a fair and balanced view of the episode.
Contrarian Libertarian
((( The Big Banksters )))
loopy Ruane
hollywood should be flushed down the fucking toilet, it's beyond redic.
loopy Ruane
let's sink these hollywood fokkers? & their movies for five year olds?
Y Chromosome 99
Makes sense. Just a gesture.
S Capt
Why can't this cunt die already? The planet does not want her.
People, it is important to join together and support alt media, at least by subscribing. It would be great to see the numbers climb in order to demoralize the failing leftist media!
Steven Henderson
Dear celebrities, we don't care where you live. Move, if you must.
We pay you absurd amounts of money to watch you pretend and play dress-up.
Your whining is incessant and annoying. Please stop.
Get back on the field, the stage or just nap on your bus.
Do what you do best entertainer; act, sing or play.
To us,,, your lives seems unreal and oh so glamorous.
But please show some dignity, while you thoughtfully ponder this.
Does your celebrity privilege entitle you,,, to judge and preach to us?
Your fans, the deplorables
We have spoken.
Now it’s your turn to listen.
John Castle
Seen a lot of comments about this ,has nobody realized when she says ,(it gives others permission to abuse disabled people, )can you think of a disabled person being abused lately .......has the penny dropped yet ,yes that's it you've got it ,Donald trump influenced four young people to tie up and abuse that poor guy ,it wasn't their fault at all ,I mean trump said that months ago ,they are blaming him and simple people believe it ,making trump the ultimate scapegoat .
this guy thinks infowars is a reliable source hahahaha
marybeth brenning
Your self-important tirade only serves to highlight the fact that Trump uses mockery in a MULTITUDE of situations (in the absence of rationale and restrained thought processes).
Bullies always resort to fairly base behaviors out of a fear of being "discovered" as deficient in some basic way. Read a PSYCH 101 book.
andre edwards
trump is a clown and mark of the beast lies ..
How the hell do you see this video and side with trump?!? trump is an idiot asshole fuck face racist! If you cant see that, then you have been totally brain washed by the right wing media. As soon as that dick wad opens his mouth, he is lying! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!??!!
bulldog Brown
A cunting we will go.. a cunting we will go.. hi ho the Hollywood ho, a cunting we will go.
C.J. Fuller
Meryl Streep wasn't duped by some liberal lie. She was given a script and delivered a performance.
Elyse O'Connor
Yes, It's one of his typical mocking gestures and so logically speaking, he was mocking but not necessarily the man's disability. But if you look closely and think more about this, Trump might have moved in such a way as to be more particular about those gestures that he must have known were similar to the disabled reporter?s? How could he NOT know that?
Yeah but as president elect he needs to get it together with what comes out of his mouth and even his body language
Ed Mayfield
she sucks she actually thinks people gives a shit what she saids these Fuckers are on there own pedestal go home to your mansions with your security gates and shut the fuck up you have money so none of this shit in this world is effecting you celebs so fuck off with your pathetic opinions
Mary Sherrill
She didn't mention Arnold Schwzenegger who is a foreigner, actor, politician, and Mr Universe. Look up his video on how he feels about Trump's inauguration. He wil also be hosting Trump's reality show. Your Terminated
Kustom Hooligans
I thought I was watching a meryl Streep speech then Mark dice comes on, I LOVE IT!
Trump: Said mean things and was mean to somebody.
Holawood: Booooobooo, he is disguisting and he should be killed.
Actual rapist who is on the run.
Holawood: Aww, we wish he would be with us, poor man. :'(
Milton Hackett
maybe stripe needs time out of this counrty
dale mccorkel
bull shit . . .
Again: Meryl Shriek is an old irrelevant Hollywood fossil...Who is she to dictate people what to think and what to do???
I guess the mindless Liberals and the "Obummers" generation are so brainwashed that they need to be instructed how to live their own lives!!!
You conservatives have no leg to stand on, yet you stand, on...what can only be described as a shit pile of lies. Streep is way above someone like trump. Yet you cut her down. For speaking her mind about something most intelligent people feel is correct. I feel bad for you people that have so little understanding and so little real love, you think what you feel IS love, but its not. I am baffled how anyone can argue your point as a will defend a lie so strongly, thinking by doing that it will become truth. Please find a way to see him as he is. If you dont, Im afraid for you, and our children.
Bonnie Metcalf
You know you're in a communistic, ant-freedom of speech society when you are condemned and slandered for expressing yourself or your views, using hands or not.
tcl 4369
Okay... So it's NOW going to be referred to as a unique gesture. Regardless, why would you OUR PRESIDENT to represent us with his apparent habit(which you've just fully shown) to tyrannize, torment and harass others. JUST LIKE Meryl Streep said with his status and power. MAYBE he should pay attention to how he addresses others and it's not them with the problem's him. Unacceptable behaviour regardless
Who cares about her? Why are Trump supporters acting like fucking delicate snowflakes all of a sudden? Let libs bitch and moan till the cows come home, it won't change a thing.
We shouldn't make fun of Ted Cruz's disability.
Rado Kmet
Meryl streep is very, very stupid bitch
Mark Lintner
I think your right Mark. He does that shaking around bit a lot.
Trump is scientificly illiterate that's not a liberal lie that's a fact.
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