Meryl Streep Cries Over Donald Trump at Golden Globes

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A tearful Meryl Streep calls out Donald Trump during her speech at the 2017 Golden Globes for what she claims was him ‘mocking’ a disabled reporter during one of his rallies when he was running for president.  Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.  

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Rose McGuinn
The "typical quirk" excuse is lame, dude. WHY think that it's OK to "make fun of" ANY disabled person???? YOU LOWLIFE
What, did she eat too much chocolate or something and come to the Golden Globes all depressed out?
Dennis Moeller
Hush little Liberals don't you cry...get f.cked and get your self a ....continue it yourself to your wishes
Alex Zamora
I hope you have disabled family members so they may be mocked mercilessly so that then some bigoted idiot, like yourself, can defend the one doing the mocking.
Meryl Streep-Go Away!
Kayla Ferguson
Bully for you, man! Love your work<3
I basically thought the same thing Vince Vaughn was clearly thinking...what a cunt.

Juliette Roussos
i am no longer a fan she is a POS! This is coming from a Woman who freaking defended Roman Polanski a child rapist she is a jerk
Tissue One
That Donald Trump is a real asshole for imitating the retard reporter.
Golden Greatness
When I saw you were defending the gesture, I thought that you could not defend it but you did it. Great job! I like Trump but I did not think of a way out of the disabled reporter thing.
The Past
Sad but it only show how people really don't listen nor use their brains. I wonder if she will ever apologize when she finds out that she was all wrong. I bet she doesn't.
Juan Reyna
dude stfu dude u stupid asf
kisaira santos
now is the Grammy awards getting political
She is a full on supporter of a sex offender who raped and drugged a 13 year old girl and sodomized her. A supporter of Hollyweird Paedophiles!!!
The every day men and women who actually pay the taxes that the government spends to make this country run. They get to have there voice trampled by these over payed
movie stars who's opinions don't mean shit. These assholes actually think we give a shit what they think. The young people who idolize them need to wake up and stop spending
there money watching and listening to there bullshit. Because when the day is done they go back to there lavish life styles like the fucking hypocrites that they are and laugh at you.
These Hollywood Liberals need to just shut the fuck up!
Where did she make this speech? At an annual gathering where millionaires who pretend for a living give each other awards, collect swag bags worth more than a fast food worker makes in two fucking years, then celebrate afterward at parties that cost more than a middle class home. Then they take advantage of the tax breaks provided by the Republicans they claim to hate! So fuck you and your bullshit tears Meryl , because you don speak for or have anything in common with a regular liberal like me, you don't know shit about the struggles of regular folks, and you assholes are responsible for Trump getting elected in the first place! So dry your crocodile tears and fuck off!!!!!!!
Rob B
A president shouldn't be mocking anybody, he behaves as an idiot, I guess that makes it ok, for you morons
Grooty Tam
The liberal Jew princess that sits on tens of millions of dollars and acts like she understands how the working class live,deal with illegals. Stupid Bitch! Overrated,over paid,under worked.
Trump is the president bitch! Bow down to him.
why is it that when something like this is shown their are way more likes than dislikes, F'N LIBTARDS
Meryl, pick one. Actress or run for office. For the love of GOD, please stop broadcasting these Award shows. We've had enough of this behavior. Give them an award for acting and they can't just accept it and return to their seats like the rest of us do receiving degrees and diplomas. No - they have to grab a fat mic and begin pontificating to the world their political views. THIS is why I don't watch any award shows. They can't behave themselves. They have no grace, honor nor dignity. Just a hateful nature spewing their vitriol on all of us at home. Meryl Streep Shut Your Piehole.
Val D
She just finished licking Hillary's asshole before this show. I hope you choke in your sleep you dumb retarded liberal cunt!!!
Icarus Airways
.......what a gomer.
Paul West
Oh shut up Meryl. You're just an entertainer. Your job is to make the fake seem real. No one gives a shit what you think from your pampered celebrity ivory tower.
green boy
when the public will realize Strip is a liberal nazi
John Person
Hollywood is Handicapped. What a pile of turds.
Matt Rentz
Hollywood has always been delusional about their own importance in society. It is their narcissism that led them to be an actor to begin with and their ego that keeps them thinking that their opinion about political issues is better than the rest of us out here in flyover country.
Steven W.
Meryl Streep.......go fuck yourself douche bag.
David David
how long have you been in denial?
John Donoghue
Meryl streep is a bit of a nut job. Makes these detrimental comments about Trump and then gives a standing ovation the the child rapist Polanski. We all know the Hollywood is full predators, paedophiles etc so she must feel that there is really something almost admirable about Polanski,s behaviour
Mark Dice you are a fraud
Since when are entertainers politicians, they pretend to be something they are not for a living
Todd Johnson
i can't believe she did it at the golden globes i mean promoting her shitty movie at press junkets yeah say the bullshit about donald there but the fact that she used the golden globes as an opportunity to hate on him is fucking disgusting
Gloria H.
What a fire started this butch is. She's like a bully. Being tough with a lot of people from HW. She should of called Donald up herself and gave him a piece
Of her mind. President Obama made fun of a JERRYS KIDS thing back when he first became President. His attention was called as well. HOLLYWOOD did not go off and say a word. Two face people be real. They are followers. This stupid bitch wanted to start something here. FIRE STARTER!!!
The only person who is OVERRATED [and underperforming] i.e screwing up royally is DRUMP
Mark Dice you are wrong. There is a huge difference between the gestures you cite as "quirks", which only last a couple of seconds at the most, and his prolonged imitation of the disabled reporter, which, by the way, he does following the words, "you gotta see this guy." You are either stupid, or a con artist.
Benny D
I absolutely HATE Meryl Streep! She makes me cringe!
apparently she's suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia because she has NO idea what she is talking about or has any fact to prove her shenanigans
Meryl Streep is a crazy old bat, who couldn't be more out of touch with the rest of America. Standing up at The Golden Globes in a $10,000 gown lecturing the rest of us and trying to play the victim card. I would boycott her shity movies but to be honest I would rather walk up to a hot convenience store cashier and ask her if they carry these condoms in "petite sizes" before a spent 5 minutes watching one of her piece of shit movies!
I, for one, will not watch the Oscars this year.
I just don't feel like getting lectured all evening from Hollywood luminaries.
And you know it's coming.
Joe Welch
stupid libs
Andre Hübeler
Ummh i think its the way How he imitates The reporter and in addition to that what he says so well i think Meryl Streep is right and The USA made the wrong Person President of The United States
Nw Basson
meryl streep, God is watching you decieve.....
seriously these tv and movie personalities live like kings compared to the rest of us, for doing what, playing pretend like theyre lil kids n get paid for it? And so many people eat their shit right up and demand the hell out of their shows and movies putting a premium on their worth..i mean, ur paying these people to ACT like theyre doing shit and watching it, like its a hot commodity, and they of course are bold to talk like this because they surely believe they are gods to be held up on pedestals by the retarded majority of people...
Anne Broadhurst
all you Hollywood Lovey's you might work for a company but its the we the people that pay your wages put up or shut up puppets do your job entertainment like the coliseum's of old people put you where u are not Hollywood director's.
bla bla bla shut up spoiled rich stuck up hollywood celeb noone cares...
Lisa Odmsck
Cosby scandal?
Or are all these victims not worthy of mentioning?
So tired of the hollywood libs getting to pick and choose what they think is fair game.
Jan Antoni
Trump supporters did not realize that voting for him was a huge mistake. Meryl can be called "overrated " only by Trump supporters who are disrespectful just like Trump. I know he wanted to respond to Meryl's "attack " , but honestly someone should have teach him how to do it with a class. I'm disgust by what he has said about Meryl.
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