Meryl Streep Cries Over Donald Trump at Golden Globes

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A tearful Meryl Streep calls out Donald Trump during her speech at the 2017 Golden Globes for what she claims was him ‘mocking’ a disabled reporter during one of his rallies when he was running for president.  Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.  

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Norman Alvarez
Lying liberal what's new
Vikings Fan
She wasn't duped she is evil she defended roman polanski, a man who raped and sodomized a 13 year old had a lot of love for ol harvey weinstein. she is a pig
Greg Massacre
Best part about the speech on the diversity of Hollywood and the arts etc she had to have been dry Which I actually do believe that if not then by god she needs to maybe live in the real world...
Catherina Knight
M.Streep Is a Disgrace for Applauding .Rapist Peado .Film.Directing R.Polanski....??
Jess B
Did she not dis-avow making films with a child raping pedophile? Her and her Hollywood like made films and cashed cheques with a raping pedophile called Roman Polnanski.Shame on this person that looks into a camera and lies and is applauded in a sick echo chamber.When you come to the table Ms. Streep, come with clean hands. Thank you.
Terence Kreft
You're either a fucking idiot or an out and out liar aren't you.This is typical Trump behaviour mocking peoples appearance, the liar even doubled down claiming he doesn't know what the reporter he mocked looks like when he's met him a dozen times.You're dumb enough to believe in him but not everybody is.
Ene Arm
She makes me sick!!!
Bee Cee
When the world says Americans are stupid, they should watch this video and educate themselves. Because it proves that Americans are really really stupid.
Franky Daniel
How does woman feed and dress herself
Jerry Mason
If you think debunking liberal lies is a full time job, you clearly have never had a real job. On the other hand, you would need a staff of hundreds to debunk all of the conservative lies.
Richard Delahanty
A million people following a moron... Go buy his book!
Lloyd Smart
I like Meryl Streep ! :-) she was hawt back in the day.
Dennis Vance
Critical thinking is not one the skills taught in acting classes. As evidenced by the [Oscar/Golden Globes/Tony/Emmy] Awards show.
Oh that makes it all better! It's ok for Trump to mock, insult, and make fun of everybody not just the disabled right?
dat man
"Liberal lies, demon, other buzzwords"
Im sure the impressionable fanbase love you.
Veronica Reed
trump lies!
Veronica Reed
Trump is guilty!
Nate N
"Unique nonverbal querk?" Give me a fucking break.
Anosh Charles
What white nonsense is this?
I love when millionaires talk to me about privilege...
Zachary Maysonet
Um, am I missing something? Yeah, he's using the same gesture for them too, and in all those cases, he's implying that they're retarded or slow or dumb or whatever. That's why it's fucked up to do it to someone who is actually disabled.

The only counter argument would be that his handicap wasn't mental so it's not really making fun of his disability, but c'mon man, that exact disease is where that gesture for "retards" comes from.
Eddie Garcia
Who's this goofy fuck hosting the video? Fucking clown doesn't know what debunking means . That's not even close to the same thing he did to Ted Cruz or anybody else.
Nick Beaudry
I really don't think she's that great an actor! smh
e pen
Ha, ha, I can see Trump doing this while imitating Streep.
Oh that Meryl Streep she's such a phoney baloney!
kirstie martin
meryl streep use to be my favourite, now shes just another hollywood cunt telling people how to feel
Adam Ezarik
Really? I don't think anyone here gets the point that it isn't HOW the PRESIDENT ELECT was mocking the disabled reporter, it is that HE IS. mocking a disabled reporter. Actually that he is mocking anyone. He, at the time, was running for President of the United States and that kind of behavior is absolutely unacceptable no matter who it it's focus is. Does anyone remember when Howard Dean was completely dismissed for getting a little excited? Now it is admired and celebrated. It is a shame and a joke. I'm not going to say that liberals and celebrities aren't "manipulating mainstream media," but are literally no different and at the end of the day are worse because you are directly contributing to the mindset and manipulation that will be the downfall of this country.
Anum Afroz
She made me weep all day. What a great actress treated so badly. Love from all Pakistani girls.
Texas Traveler
Yeah, when an actor/actress, especially someone as talented as Meryl Streep tries to make a statement and cries or get's emotional some way.....nobody's buying it. I mean, they're actors for fuck sake! I wish these stupid Hollywood stars would stop trying to make political statements about things they know absolutely nothing about except what their script tells them. And by the way, does anyone remember Obama's comment about his bowling skills and how he looks like he should bowl in the Special Olympics? THE LEFT IS NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF FUCKING HYPOCRITES!
It absolutely sickens me reading the comments posted by various users. "Actors should stay out of politics" seems to be the general theme displayed. However, the First Amendment applies to them as well. You may not like what she has to say about your precious Trump, but hey, she's got your attention. No matter what you believe, it's terrible how one presidency had separated the American people. So much hatred is present in our society. It's time to learn to respect one another.
Dan Dugan
God ur hilariously stupid 😂
Innit2winnit !
She's an actor she's pretty good at fake crying.
John Anticuck
Thank you Mark for sharing this.
Jack Hyde
So there you go, kids, the main reason why you shouldn't take Meryl Streep seriously is that she is nothing but a fucking retarded hypocritical dickhead who supports a child rapist and knows jack shit about politics. :P
Well SHE is an Actress right ? So can you really tell if she is acting or being sincere ?
That's not the point dumb ass it's that he is making fun of people which is not someone anyone wants in power he is a dumbass and so are you fucking retard your just a dumb trump supporter who is a fucking redneck Christian no body kys your a dumb ass
He does that as an expression to show uncertainty and indecisiveness in some people
Matthew Bassett
Fuck you Licey Dice. The world is laughing at you and your lies and propaganda. Your karma will catch up to you asshole. You are phony piece of shit and fuck the fucking creeps that listen to your gibberish.
Seba Corsair
She is auditioning for a Hilary bioptic. Thats all.
Rock Reed
Putting make up on Meryl ,is like putting a new paint job on a car full of Bondo
Trump is an asshole though.
Okay so he makes fun of people across the board by imitating a person with a mental disability. Then did it again to a guy with an ACTUAL disability... Doesn't change anything. Wait a minute. Back up. Why is our president mocking everybody who opposes him? No other presidents have done that. Hmmm...
Alex Carvotta
She's a fucken commie who chose to support VC over American soldiers in Vietnam, she is a disgrace to Americans
CrazyDave C
I had a good look at this too, it was so big in the news at the time. Did Meryl get it wrong... YES, did she fact check what she was going to say before spouting it on an international stage... YES. That's pretty bad! Did Donald mock a person's disability... NO. The fact that he uses the same or similar gestures on others proves that, the clip couldn't be any clearer. However, regular use of that sort of mocking on an international stage is pretty classless, it's pretty poor taste, I can't imagine Obama or the British Queen doing that, it's below them. And these are not gestures we all have. Also Trump's claim that Kovaleski changed his story is as far as I can tell, not true. Make of that what you will. DC
Streep has played the same old biddy for years. She has the acting range of a Kelvinator. What she thinks is of no consequence.
I don't even like trump, but what is with people believing everything the read online on shitty "news" sites. Fact checking aint that hard.
Mike Ock
As an anti-SJW, you're all embarrassing the hell out of me. You're all exactly the same as SJWs. Look at how triggered you are over someone disagreeing with your political views. You haven't even provided any arguments for why you disagree with her, you've just insulted her.
Mike Ock
As an anti-SJW, you're all embarrassing the hell out of me. You're all exactly the same as SJWs. Look at how triggered you are over someone disagreeing with you political views. You haven't even provided any arguments for why you disagree with her, you've just insulted her.
Marc Marcel
Over-rated’ Meryl Streep a ‘Hillary Flunky!!
Abraham Samuel
This was an unfortunate coincidence which the liberals like always used for their own agenda but could someone please answer my question that did Meryl come to give her acceptance speech or did she come to trash the President???
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