Tracy Morgan And Stephen Auditioned For SNL At The Same Time

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Stephen remembers seeing Tracy at the final callback for 'Saturday Night Live' in 1996. Tracy does not.

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Tracy's stories are EVERYTHING!!!!!!
bobby Seasons
i hate white-black disparities and the racism that still lingers. a lot of people just humanized tracy a little more in this interview and thought him a lot than they naturally thought. better yet, he's probably still fucking smarter than they think now.

and he did this being brought up black and in the ghetto. And all the dumb white people have no idea what that means. (and some are rabidly convinced it means nothing).

I hate this shit.
Colbert doesn't know how to handle Tracy...
legend 101
tracy Morgan one of the funniest man alive
Tracy Morgan is so hilarious but also so clearly a stupid man.
Miguel Gonzalez
Norm has a great story about watching the audition that had Colbert and Tracy in it and the aftermath
Stephen cant handle the speed at which tracy delivers his jokes......he doesnt see them getting hit from wvery which angle. some ninja star shit.
looks like most of the comments are people bitching about humor, lighten up
Wolfman Reform
Tracy Morgan is a Legend. and fuck all you racist pussies with your touch phones
adriano rizzo
I just love how off beat Tracy is and he just comes on and does and says what he wants, it must be hard for the interviewer but its super interesting to watch
colbert is a sucky interviewer... way too combative - but his monologues and performances are where he shines - wish he'd do more alex jones stuff...
To quote Louis CK: "Have some consideration for the listener!"
Justin Sloan
That was painful to watch.
Jim Leyshon
I love when SC pulls off a great letterman line... "we are renting to own."
Dana Rossi
Jimmie Walker didn't go to Tracy Morgan's high school, DeWitt Clinton High School, but I think he was making a joke because the list of famous graduates from that school is very long. Jimmie Walker went to the same school as my grandfather, (the now closed) Theodore Roosevelt High School in the Bronx.
That bit about Stephen not getting the SNL gig is so rehearsed. In fact this whole interview is just not funny because it feels stilted and rehearsed. Not hating on Tracy either, but interviews today really need to take a page out of Craig Ferguson's book.
Jewels Star
I used to find him mildly amusing on 30 Rock but I hadn't known him from SNL but now I see and understand his comedy stylings I find him much more amusing. I love that crazy insanity "He went to my high school" stuff... Sure... it's difficult for an interviewer but Colbert knows Tracy - he should just flow with it... it does in some cases but in others he doesn't. I know he's not for everyone but some days I just love that insane comic routine that he does! And underneath it all he's got a heart of gold too! ;)
Peppy Peng
Stephen and John are so damned un-funny in this particular one
is anybody annoyed by Tracy Morgan?
Phoenix Chastaine
"I was a total ne'er do well. Until, you know, recently." 😂 😂 😂 😂 And that's the kind of thing that makes Stephen awesome - sauce!
too many nyc reference for the audience to understand.
Stephen says he barely finished High School then uses a term like "Neerdowell" 🙄 Stahp!!
J Witherspoon
I liked Tracy Morgan as Hustle Man on Martin, that was the most focused he ever was. I haven't been able to stand him since then. But I was very glad he recovered from his accident.
Olivia Martin
Tracy has a style no other comic has. Goes over so many heads, clearly.
DCMarvel UniversalAlliance
I am so glad he's okay after the accident. Tracy glad to see your back.
rick sanchez
god bless tracy
Bent Neatly
smart people laugh
look at that face who would vote for that
Finn really came a long way.
The fact that you don't find him funny doesn't mean it's an opportunity for you express your racism in the comments section. I don't think he's funny but comedy is subjective!
I don't think Tracy knows where he is, ever.
Joshua Malloy
Most of the comments on this video have a hint of racism to them. Some of them are just flat out racist.
Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, Jim Carrey, Kevin Hart...
Getting rejected by SNL ain't so bad.
Sean Fuentes
Everytime I see Tracy Morgan in an interview I'm not sure if he's trying to be funny or has brain damage, he seems to just be all over the place.
Henrietta Raphael
God saved him and kept him Alive. Live traceeeee
He gained some weight since the last Star wars movie, didnt he?
Sarah Mehh
Tfw a Norm MacDonald mention is the best part of an interview.
This guy makes no fucking sense.
Q'uo Daax
Saint Morgan.
wow I want to go watch old snl with Tracy Morgan in them now. I love this guy. I could watch 100 more of these.
j jay
Man there is zero chemistry between these guys.
j jay
Two huge homophobes who have both made gay hate statements are allowed top stay on tv
This is a random thought but I wish we had more awesome late night hosts who are women. I mean Stephen, Seth Meyers, Kimmel, Bill Maher, John Oliver and Trevor are all my OGs and I wish there were some women too.
I didn't find Morgan funny. It seems that everyone is just feeling sorry for him since his accident. Not funny.
'You was?' What kind of English language is this?
Don't look at the comments?
watch this and then watch tracy with letterman. watch a master and an dipshit who just doesnt know how to interview...col-robot being the dipshit
Dx Flash
When Eddie Murphy was on Snl, Lorne Michaels wasn't there, so technically Tracy is right 😂😂😂
Phenix Nunlee
Tracy morgan is a savage oh you did not get the job?
if you want to know how funny tracy morgan is watch his interviews with conan.. tracy and stephen's sense of humor are too different from each other. there are guests that are funnier and more entertaining when theyre being interviewed by conan (jack mcbrayer, bill burr, louise ck, jeff goldblum., timothy olyphant) its the same thing with richard simmons and david letterman in the 90's
Carmen Domima
Not funny gave him a chance not NOT FUNNY
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