Chris Amon
Mike Pence and Donald Trump are both crooks! We want Trump and Pence banned from politics. They're not our new President and Vice President of the United States. I don't like Trump. He's a very bad man.
jim nassar
love president trump
jim nassar
trump 2020
jim nassar
ohbama is muslin
moha7 moha
moha7 moha
Kamel Amor
boost jirasak
At these speeches the opposing party of the president isn't allowed to clap. My old political science teacher told us that. If you go back and watch Obamas speeches, Republicans don't clap. It's how the system works apparently.
Thomas Ramquist
President trump
Andrew Joseph Dotson
Long live Trump!!!
Oswaldo Quintero
Guerra nuclear estados unidos
Thế Vinh Trần
Tin tucvietnam
Fernando Perera
oh my, can you just clap after the speech not every single sentence.
Chris Bergeron
shumer is a pedifile clown
Amitzah Mitzvah
#President Donald J. Trump@POTUS
fast forward to 1:59 the commentator says that immigrants are taking jobs that americans don't want. That isn't true. many unemployed taxi drivers can't get jobs that are American.
jamie oleary
yaaaa trump
Kosovo is Serbia!!!
The world needs peace do not easily start the war
Brendan Heydinger
I HATE DONALD TRUMP like if you agree
Reality Show Network RSN
Starting thread: reply thumbs up for Trump or thumbs down for a dump
WWhitee LLionn
Thank you Donald, you will succeed in your efforts but it wont be easy.
WWhitee LLionn
I believe there are good Muslims. But ....If they start that crap in our country they be forced out of this country.
Trump the GOAT
Let's crash the president!
Jerry Eberts
What an incredible accomplishment! The President managed to get through one medium-long speech without seeming like an utter mental case! Yaaaayyy!!!
Trump Is the reason why a great female musician Deceased last year. Her name, Sharon Jones!
Coast Truth
Josh Tolentino
The United States needs a Nationalist Socialist Party!
Ronmiester R
Donald Trump is more than just a great man and president way more ! Its great to feel proud of your leadership again .
Ronmiester R
thank you Donald Trump for saving our country as soon as you were elected the stock market soared and our business phone is ringing off the hook ! We love you
Steven Malchiodi
I proudly support and respect you my president Donald Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😎.
sasse Brasse
go to hell all muslimslovers!!!
Закон Подлости
None of his tean members is black
Закон Подлости
This looks like they're all NBA stars
Enrique Diaz Jr.
Call me at 9412024938
Roberto Leeva
how I hate this pig !!!! the most hated president ever !!!
Mustaffa Beenie
We all play'n Taps fo MSM like NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC~ y'all DEAD~
Someone Is After Him...Bet Your Last Buck...
Andrew Goode
The media will put words in your mouth.. Believe me.. I myself have been their. My mom thanked the news for the things they done.. She called them back.. when she was put on the media.. and it was NOT Word for Word. It was by their words. You ever get put on the media.. bring yourself a video camera.. play it back what you recorded and record what the media done.. and play back what the media put on the news.. then u will know every word was NOT put on the media. What makes u think everything that Trump said was correct. UNLESS U BEEN THEIR and heard every word.. Trump said..
Richard Chartier
After what Americas done to me and by comparative intelligence, I hope Trump gets mutilated.
Wow, you trumptards are stupid, this man you elected doesnt know wtf hes talking about or doing, you people disgust me....
what does this have to do with the nights watch oath
Martin Lira
Googan squad has the best youtube videos!!!!!! screw the politics
Power Hargis
stupid hillary
Power Hargis
i vote for trump
Alex Teutsch
Trump is a racist, homophobic, xenophobic, ISLAMIPHOBIC you name it! He is going to ruin the country! What has he ever done as president? NOTHING!
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