President Donald Trump's 2017 Joint Address To Congress: Full Speech | NBC News

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President Donald Trump's 2017 Joint Address To Congress: Full Speech | NBC News

Narmina Sadihova
Trump best of the best!!!
danny d
government spends 150,000 a day for melania to ive in trump towers, thats 1.6 million a year, now times that by 4 years, and you are worried about petty things, save the government money by living in the white house like your suppose to live
leota vernet
I'm getting sue by Donald trump
Brandon Cason
i shut them down on them
Brandon Cason
i find them link in uk
Joseph Franco
Thank you President Trump!!!!!!!
Howard Atkinson
atown Ish
a white man from a rural area of pa wakes up early in the morning he feeds his dog jake then hops in his rusty 4x4 and heads to the voting booth. his truck has a rifle hanging in it there is a nra sticker on the bumper and a dixie flag on his antenna. he votes for trump then heads back home. he goes to his room and makes love to a young lady, guess what he say's to her when he is done. wannna guess? you give up? HE SAY'S HEY LIL SIS WHAT TIME MA SAY LUNCH WILL BE READY!
This speech was worse than The Bowling Greene Massacre.
Motor Boat
Incredible Hulk
We need to make America great and stop celebrating other country's culture like st Patrick's day!!!! Make America great!!! If you Irish Americans don't like it then go back!!!

Go trump!!!!
Brandon Cason
still blame me wiredtapping there is no prove n he lying try take cover for his son still wrong guy he not meme i am
Brandon Cason
hold up whoever that lady is saying that i dont care about heathcare to help ppl she dont know who i am n she dont know nothing at all n dont tell me grown up im already growing up be a man
Brandon Cason
u need to listen to them donald trump let me take over im strong man can handle ur not man eough to be president that really shame idk why if u dont then good luck ill make sure my people be safe stop saying fake news news alway right i hate when u say fake news try get them scare that got to be stop u cant not handle this stop stealing my taxes
Brandon Cason
why he freaking out he cant handle this job let me take that job ill handle it shame on him he dont have that handle at all he scare he gonna ruin this world
一部の人が自分たちは幸せだから、他人の不幸を見て「別に関係ない。」と見ぬ振りする政治よりも 皆が幸せで皆が皆の幸せを願う政治がいいなー。
Brandon Cason
yall need chill i will help yall he bull crap trying take yall money watch
Brandon Cason
stop trust him he trying make yall beleive dog there aint no fake new he a lier
Brandon Cason
dont even start i didnt meant wiretape i was try say dont sent me money to my phone i want cash dont even try wire tape n why would i be having wired tape in me im not like that i want cash not wired me money think about it stop try set me up
Brandon Cason
i just find out i have not got them yet about them taxes yet
savageking500 vontece
Donald trump smells like shet
Joshua Siemers
trump is a beautiful thing
Just look at Cory Booker at 32:10
Pam Feathermist
PLEASE READ! I'm 13 years old, so my opinion doesn't "really matter". But I'm going to say it anyways, because i am embarrassed for my country and the republicans inside of it. Nothing about you makes sense. If you call yourself pro life, why do you support the death penalty? Why are you okay with so many black people being killed off. WHY DO YOU SUPPORT GUN RIGHTS? So many mass shootings in this country, so many deaths, most of them hate crimes. All guns have done are killed people. If nobody had guns, we wouldn't need to worry about being killed by guns. And guns accentuate and promote violence! HOW DARE YOU CALL YOURSELF PRO LIFE WHEN YOU SUPPORT THE MILLIONS OF DEATH BY GUNS IN THIS COUNTRY? And how about we focus on women's rights before trying to protect unborn, unaware babies rights. If you truly hate abortion, walk into a planned parenthood clinic and pay for the medical expenses of the women there. Comfort her and adopt her children once they are born. If you re not willing to do that, then you are not allowed to call yourself pro life. You are pro birth. And Shut up with the all lives matter crap. If we had 300 years of black lives DONT matter, suck up your damn feelings so we can have fifty years of black lives DO matter until they get their equality. Racism exists, and denying it is part of racism. By saying black lives matter, we are not saying that white lives don't matter! But white people haven't had to deal with that type of oppression! So you don't get to talk about that! AND LOVE IS FRICKIN LOVE. Homosexuality is not gross or weird. It is actually found in over 1000 species. However, homophobia is only found in one!!! which seems odd now???!! WHY WOULD GOD MAKE GAY PEOPLE IF HE HATED THEM???? You can't call us liberals whiny losers, when you still fly the confederate flag 150 years after you lost the civil war! And anti-feminism is just gross. Women are not objects. Women are equal. We deserve equal pay. And we deserve to be treated the same, even if our bodies are different from men's. If you disagree with any of this, I pray for you.
achinta malgope
Denis Knight
I can see the Struggle in some Democrats asking themselves what I have been against to? they're so confused...they have got everything wrong.
Eternal Gamer
У него что нибудь интересно получится?
Zydrunas Mikuzas
superman. best off the best
Isha Errande
Honestly, i am still a teen so people may criticize me for not knowing better, but i dont believe that the leader or one party or the other makes up a country. I believe it is the people. I really wish democrats and republicans can learn to understand each other. Each person in that party has a reason to be in that party and it might not be as bad as you think. We just need to understand each other and learn to compromise. Its impossible though and probably never going to happen.
W Gallo
EMBARASSEMENT ! Its time we americans go to the street and ask this descerebrated man to STEP DOWN!! IMPEACHMENT NOW !!
TrumpLover Jo
bhoopendra yadav
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Simon Li
Can someone tell me how screwing over the environment, public education, arts, sciences, the elderly and disabled, POC, and basically anyone that is in need of a service is making America great? Please inform me as I'm confused as to why so many people still think America's becoming better when it seems like it's make America what it was before the 1960s.
Alfonso Garofalo
Donald you asholle
Trump is so awesome, I love this guy.
Michael perez
I like his tax reform policy! .tax cuts for middle class. who wouldn't support that ?
Justin Darden
im a creepy wierdo
I don't like Tump!
Andrew r.p.g. fun
The Mother Sunshine Super thanks you Trump. Communicate and say hi to that family. Greatness. Thank you.
Loren Robertson
Amen! Love to hear respect and praise given to our true heros...our veterans and military. God bless America. And prayers for those in authority.
Play --> Dajoz - Out In Space
lani jacquez
another one of trumps B.S speeches
Donald J. Trump
I really like this man.
I to have no say in
Dictatorship of the United States
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