5 Times Floyd Mayweather Got Stunned

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The video contains a total of five times when Floyd Mayweather Jr. was stunned by his opponent. Close to get knocked down but stayed up.

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Some of the very good boxers featued in this video also includes Marcos Maidana and Sugar Shane Mosley, who were able to hurt Mayweather.

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None of these clips are refereed or officiated like 50/50 fights. More like exhibitions where Mayweather is presumed to win.
Truth Seeker
Mayweather is a great boxer but he chose his opponents wisely.
He gets blowed couple time but still wins
Mehmet Akif
Just fuck floyd
s.dot carter
Angels picked him up when Shane Mosley rocked him.... that was like Angels in the outfield type shit....lol
Demond Callahan
Its boxing so what he gets stunned. Who cares. Corny.
Micah D.
Everytime he gets hit he either holds, high guard, run. I wanna see him fight back when he gets hurt.
Rischad Bares
Floyd mayweather vines😂😂
David Richardson
Only time he ever touched the ground was with his fist and that was because he injured his hand on a punch. Lolol.
Adam McLain
stunned 5 times in 50 fights yea tbe
sony shake
never ending likes for this video...
Aaron Morgan
50 and o and yet only be remembered for the win over Connor
itachi uchiha
Maidana what a great fighter man
itachi uchiha
He was lucky that huging is allowed in boxing for minutes
mayweather lost some fights but why did the judges give mayweather the fight cus they want to keep him on top if i fight mayweather i will paralise him but he will still win
That was SO satisfying
Blazer Central
Second one is irrelevant, only reason he stopped was because he broke his hand. Learn your facts people
Mike L.
Just shows how crooked mayweathers fights are judged
Octavius Nottage
Wow he took some serious blows to the head but it doesn't matter he haven't lost a fight yet lol.
Jayne Most
he's not a real fighter and most of all who cares about "points" get in there and fight. No running no holding just tit for tat like rocky marciano ali tyson
gastro pants
Most boring 50.0 boxer we will ever see his fights were shit
Greasy Yamz
Mayweather does run and when he gets hit, he grabs or holds the other boxers hands.
Negro Mendoza
no one ever "stuned" floyd lucky shots landed and he handled them well
Soy Chingon
I wish lomanchanko could’ve fought him
Mad Dog Miky
This is why he is undefedet and they don't, he beat them all 😂 this is what u need to be a champ
Crap Shit
so satisfying to watch.
TMT 50
J Hussane
4:37. Stunned him hard. You can tell by Mayweather's face. Always mean you're hurt and he was!
mayweather fights like a bitch
Alyssa Lemus
Gayweather getting exposed
Mosley the only one make his knees buckle lol. 50-0 tho salute
Nicolas Rage
May weather vs Tyson in his prime just to see mayweather get his ass beat
James Walker
I've never been a big mayweather fan but you have to give him credit. He's a pretty tough hombre. Remember he has never lost
drippy. 1k
But he still one so what does it matter about these fights he won all of them
At MMA you dont have second chance.....
Mariano B
Ninguno como Maidana. Un minuto antes y lo sacaba. Se fue al rincón zapateando.
Shahril Mohd
defensive my s...
Mikeyy12 C.Lennz
Djedkare EnduringAfc -nac
Usada. Same as armstrong
Holy Electrum
Mayweather just keeps hugging when he feels defeated
Had ZAB kept his composure and had better stamina & conditioning - he could have beaten Floyd.
Mikeyy12 C.Lennz
He don't gotta run just make it till the 12th. The judges will take care of the rest to protect that record an sell more fights. No hate just facts. 49-4 mayweather
Donald Adams
I love how all the floyd hater talk about three fight only, castillo, pacquiao , and maidana fight but in reality, the only one that was real close was the castillo fight, pacquiao and maidana both threw a shit ton of punches but barely landed any
Justin Guthrie
Get me the stool
Justin Guthrie
Floyd still 50 - 0 haha
Joshua Thompson
This only makes me respect Mayweather more.
Julian Manjarrez
he got fucked
pc games
fuck floydd chicken runner shit gay fucking weather.. how much u paid for being your fan men... can i join?
Who was that in the fight before mosley?
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