My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Swimming Sea Pony Surprise Toys | Kids Toy Review

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Hi friends:)
I really loved playing with the My Little Pony movie toys. They are so cute and we had lots of fun playing with Pinkie Pie Sea Pony in the bath and pool and i love her light up tail, I’m super excited for the My Little Pont movie too! For more fun and games, check out the My Little Pony PopJam (@MyLittlePony)!

Remember only play with toys in the bath when it is dark with adults supervision because this is dangerous but i had my dad here the whole time.

Thanks to Hasbro and My Little Pony for sponsoring this video and sending these super cool toys.

You can check out the My Little Pony Movie trailer her -

Check out the My Little Pony websites for more games, friendship lessons and movie updates:
My Little Pony club -
My Little Pony website -

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