CLUMSY GRANDMA Magical Transformation! Pretend Play Doc McStuffins Check Up Shot

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CLUMSY GRANDMA Magical Transformation!  Pretend Play Doc McStuffins Check Up Shot Youtube Kids Video. This family review children's video has cute kids playing a skit when clumsy grandma becomes Silly Baby mommy and granny from a magical spell. There are lots of surprise toys to see in this family fun children's movie. The kids had to break the spell using a Doc Mcstuffin magic needle. It was nothing but laughs during our toy playtime while making this kids movie. There is a magic surprise toy throughout that you have to find.

Nathan Fung
Play Roblox obby
Vincent Webb
I love you guys
Aniriona Washington
Kitty corn was on the coach
Greg Spencer
I want kitty corn
martha cruz
That Is Fun. Vella I Love Love You
Marylen Ortega
She was on the table
Quntrella Milledge
the one that look cute is naiah
Melissa Greco
Hi guys thank you so much for your supra what I thought of you guys Grammy was so funny when she fell ha ha Ha and she was so funny was it a good nap I love you get to the pot ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha my sissy just want to say something she loves you guys she said hi or Vermont want to say hi happy holidays
Eva M
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Krista Berstad
Kitty corn a bufgrammeys haed
Avery Haehl
They were on the pillow
Heather Reid
Samiyah Wi
We say it on the pillows
Shakespear3 The messiah
I love you 💋
Keilyn Tapanes
I saw kitty corn in the pillows
Kenyan Wallace
Nilah Rickerby Huggins
Abby Gray
Saniyah Mays
Kitty corn is on the couch where grandma is👵
the moms face
Emma Perez
OMG purshen is on the notebook but the dance was funneh
Roilovyousa Hernandez
Breann Norde
Naiah. You. Preety
Bivi Melendez
Hello naiah and Elli I've been watching your your naiah and Elli show so I was trying to find this for now I find it already so can I please can you please make some more videos
Roy Marsell
Who is that giro i mean grama?🤔
lois delaney
i saw kitty corn on the coach
lois delaney
i saw puppy corn in the intro
Christasia Cannon
When the granma was 😴
Jonathan Hernandez
If you see a boy i am his sister you and me naiah have TVE sale skert
can you do a video of shopkins Guerrero coral
Ders nothin in the book
Anaseifipour Aa
I so the anekorn at grand ma
Faith Matlock
i want to be on your video
Aniya Harris
Sooooooooooooooooo funny you guys got me crying and lahing 😂
Nevaeh Coles
the cat thing was rigth on the couch arm of couch
Vera Aguayo
Nj. Cebu wm.
ana nolasco
this was my first video I watched (well it was a long time ago tho)
Alex Taylor
You should let the mom be in the video and you should let the man be the teacher for school in the game
Samuels wanda
Kitty corn is on top of the sofua
Cambria Coffman
Cammy 😜
Jazmin Morales
Jazmin Morales
Adonna Bonner
Donna Dotson
the kitty corn is on the pillows on the couch
Darlene Rogers
This show is so funny😍😍😍
Andrea Urquiaga
I saw a puppycorn
Ervin curry
Love y er Channel
Khadra Yusuf
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Matt Paine
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