After 5 attemps
what I've learned from this video: Greg has a big ass
Rescued Thunder
Will is my favorite🀣
Superduper 123
paco is the new greg
Irania Ochoa
Pacos crocs were the real winners her
Greg has the strength.
Ryan has the speed.
Will has the tactics.
Sean has the flexibility.
Derrick has the style.
And Paco needs some shoes.
Shiro D3mon
You gotta love Paco xD
Now we have to wait 8 months for the next episode
Virginia A
LMFAO 7:27 "Where are your crocs?!"
That crazy ass jump. Ryan's got balls
Catherine Blackley
A sentence no one hears "where are your crocs?" Paco u should know u need shoes. Any way love ur videos!!πŸ˜„
Poor Paco, he needs some shoes
Bultro Gaming
You should do more of these videos please. These are my favorite videos
Mateo Jordan
Who else hates paco
SnickersWithTheScythe DeathSama
Paco smiles so much
Harris Tucker
YAY! Ryan redeemed himself
Yasuo, the Unforgiven
9:01 Nice bulge you got there : ^)
zaryab ali ahmed
Sean is always 3rd lol. Also I almost said Shawn and offended every Sean out there
Sabu Abraham
The Ryan is a 1st , The Greg is 2nd , The Sean is 3rd , The Will is 4th and The Paco is 5th
Ethan Plays
Ninja Hinja
OF course the asian guys are winning
Shweta Daroch
best part of these parkours videos are rewinding of fall scenes and do it for 4-5 times.they make it even more funnier...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Ethan Reyes
Sounds of paco
Quinn Vanesco
i feel like soon this will turn into fight club.
DEAR Ryan will you give me a shout-out​ in your next video ,also I dare you to kiss derek on the lips.

Cow Tiger
14:10 All hail Ryan the Jump Lord
Celty Tompkins
Where are your Crocs!?!?
A Flamingo Goosebump
Can everybody just go to 11:55!! Props to Greg
Tom Donoghue
Ethan Huang
nice parcour skills

Blong Thor
I wish I could do that
Greg is like Jake from Adventure Time
Recoix Gaming
More surface area doesn't give more friction....
Melany Hernandez
17:41 paco 5th place πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΌ
Jason Bozek
What was that noise at 2:38
Memes for days Master
make another parcourse
Matthew Nustad
Jeremy is OP
everyone pause at 7:15!
raptor kk
I have to say that Ryan might be the one of the best pakourers ever
If your from hawaii. You don't need shoes. ;)
Renz Revilla
2:00 will looks like Jesus
Aliveguy 1
I demand episode 12
Jared Robinson
shoes are very important in parkours- pacio
Vivian duong
Ryan wins so much
Paco is literally wearing crocs
this is totally off topic but they should play settlers of catan
the best shoes for parkour is actually ur bare feat ;) no hate
Squirtle 01
Watch with subtitles
16:20 for awkward handshake
Mills How
3:50 is that mr meeseeks?
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