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Here are some Arcade Hacks to win the CLAW MACHINES!

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Michael Stewart
So he like, is employed by the company that installs the machines
It worked! I won 5 fnaf big plushes hahahaha
at 306 the workers gave it away that it was all a joke and they was all in on it but great video funny like you always are keep up the good work :)
Leyla Milania
I live near a frankies
I'm gonna try these the next time I'm at an arcade.
bryan almost_a_pro!
Please go to Charlotte nc
A not so great animator
My name's Franki lol
Hanna Belden
Oooh he got kicked out baby
mlp_kawii panda12
im testing it out on uk arcades hope it works cuz i love guava juice
Aubrey Macias
If your a kid a good hack for the milk jug game is to have somebody give you the balls and just climb inside the machine and then put the ball in the 1000 milk jug because there is no plastic cover covering the machine.😊
Thomas Hart
Why would someone doing maintenance want to play the games... why are there cuts ?
Sophia & Amy! Gaming!
3:06 I was laughing so hard 😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂
Cross Chara
They suck
Eva Tselepis
I was like this is so good but then I was like you can get kicked out so wats the poi t
Raul Medina
Very sad but good thing he had the care bear
Isabella Jacobsen
that is awesome
Bubble berry
has anyone ever tried this tips yet?
Florencio Perez
Roi is spending money to get that and then after that they will just took it
Dreemurr The Meemurr
guys lets riot there and do all the hacks as a boycott
ac kuiper
Bedrieger het werkt niet!!! HIJ STOND OP HOL
Amy Guevarra
what they took away the prize
3.08 people were watching oml
KingReddy 101
They are just jealous of his amazing hacking, lol.
Moonfawngaming Flower
Why they take his stuff they were watching him in the first place so 🖕He PAID money for the prizes he better of got a refund!
Trashyy Keira
Did you get your money back?
Who's watching this in 2017???
Ruby Belfield
This is not real
Voices in my head
Don't know if Gava thinks ppl will believe this
Nom Nom
Bla I'm sick🤒
Tim French
Hahahaha loving the little dance
Max's Toy FUN
I tried one of these and it worked! So cool! Come to my channel!!!
Lillian Michael
i love you
Lil Shaggy
I live in Durham
NO FAIR you won the pandas
Pusheen And Beary Potato
Did it for the stuffed toys, now imma do it for the electronics :3
Doris Zhu
i'm doing a test tomorrow, if it works, I'll like this vid and subscribe
comedian kids
Bro I love Frankie's
haiying lin
When he pulled the lever thing and got 1000 it was actually 4
Lufthi Akmaloni Siagian
Thanks for fooling us
Elaine Dremurr
That arcade is beautiful i wish i lived in north carolina😭😭😭
Randy Fournier
Sorry if someone already posted this but i'm too lazy to go through the comments lol. I used to fix arcades this guy is full of shit. Every arcade machine has a maintenance mode..but you do it from within the arcade usually...that thing he is pressing on when locked...will not pop out no matter how long you hold it. When its unlocked, you can just press on it don't have to hold it and it pops out you twist to unlock...its basically a big screw. It unlocks the compartment where you put the tokens in...most arcades will have quick access to maintenance mode here, others are accessed from the back.
Miss.Kitty Lover
Oh nooooo
CC Mendes
Do has anyone tested this ?
Once a Twice
Does anybody know the intro ?
If you tell me I will subscribe to your channel promise 34x
The SuperPlushieAdventures
What is The Music In The Beginning
Alex Concepcion
What is the intro song? Someone tell me. Thanks appreaciate it.
I love animals
Can you do more of these videos
George Washington
This video only thought me how to get kicked out of arcades
Kayley Porter
I hate that guy in the red shirt don't be mean to our roi he was trying to entertain us but I'm happy he was so happy even tho the guy stoll everything except for the care bear
Redneck Knight
I work on the games at Dave & Busters and there's an alarm that triggers when you unlock that keyhole i recommend not trying this because you will get caught.
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