Debating gender: what if Donald Trump was a woman?

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An actress portrays Donald Trump and a man plays Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential debates, in a play organized by NYU professors to discuss gender in politics.

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Nate Barker
Obviously cant speak for everyone on the right, but i would imagine the vast majority would have voted for Carley Fiorina over Bernie Sanders. I know i would've. The policies one puts forward are much more crucial than the private parts they have. If anyone asks me who i voted for i usually say i voted for Neil Gorsuch because thats basically what my choice came down to.
jimmy johnston
She is.
I do like the Fem!Trump better! Great study. And Mas!Hillary is a condescending doucehbag. So glad this study was done.
Ki Ro
At an airport near you
Jeremy Rivers
Donna Trump and Hill Clinton.
The problem is, he's way more sincere than she is.
Rikard Renn
The gestures are awesome. Kudos to the lady.
Is there anywhere someone can get the full video?
Lmao...jesus christ. I just can't laugh anymore, I'm gonna die
Ok where is the full video?
Buy my book!!1
Mahfuz Munir Khan PT
he IS a woman, illuminati trannie man
I supported Bernie and then Hillary. Trump always comes across as a moron to me. I recognize that they are repeating exactly what they said in the debates, word for word. Yet, I find her convincing while I never found Trump remotely cogent at all. I wonder why that is?
What the Fuck are you righty tighties talking about?? I see a loud and obnoxious woman constantly interrupting a polite and professional man. How does this "reveal" anything
Wow... this really makes ya think...

Wait, no it doesn't. That guy isn't nearly as intolerable and creepy as Hillary, and he never once made me wonder if he eats babies when the camera is off. This is a completely inaccurate representation.

The woman playing Trump is just as douchey as the real thing (or as close as one can get without growing horns), but when you put a normal guy up there to play Hillary, you imply Hillary is a normal person. Obvious favoritism is obvious.

Please try to be unbiased next time.
Turns out I would punch a woman in the face.
Souven Ir
There is absolutely an institutional sexism problem in America.

I hope men get equality in my lifetime :(
Souven Ir
Kelly Smith
Hillary does too much mansplaning
Trump is FTM: a fake man
Sparkling Wine
What most who comment here forget is that a debate isn't everything.
If she liked to watch young boys changing clothes in beauty pageants, like to grope men by the balls or tried to sleep with married men and brag about it ("they let you do it!"), or say that the thing she has in common with her son is sex, or mocking a disabled reporter - the list goes on and on... All the sleazy stuff. I doubt that a woman would be that popular as Trump was.
Also - of course he seems weird and sleazy here, because it is expected for women to smile more than men etc. Of course a female way of talking/smiling makes a different impression when a guy does it. (D'oh?)
There are more factors at play here.
Mary Sherrill
If Trump had been a woman he still would have won. It's about the type of person he is not his gender. People want a good strong leader not a week minded individual.
wtf im with her now
It makes a big difference who's speaking too. I mean. You can change zap brannigan quotes for trump quotes and not notice the difference...
the difference between these two is obvious - Trump was speaking from his heart and with passion. Clinton was speaking from a script with over-used political, feel good, verbal diarrhea.
Daryl Revok
She would DEFINITELY get my vote!! LOLOL
Al Bell
First: Googling "What if Trump were a woman" brought me here. My question is really about a woman having the "business" background of Trump. I put "business" in quotes because I have seen countless portrayals of how he has cheated, swindled and taken advantage of people on the way to the top. This is before he ran for President so it has nothing to do with politics. HRC is a swindler in her own right, but not a billionaire. Is that the difference? She was not a good enough swindler? Anyway, my question had to do with HRC conducting real estate transacations ala Trump. I don't think she would have succeeded. And if she did - well, Leona Helmsly comes to mind.
Second: This video shows nothing. Is there more to this portrayal than what is shown here. What really counts is how the ""You've called women you don't like, 'fat pigs,' 'dogs,' 'slobs,' and 'disgusting animals,'" "You once told a contestant on 'Celebrity Apprentice' it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees." comment would play. (Of course you would have to construct the female counterpart to that comment). I guess she would fare just as well and as poorly with the same voters. So again, it shows nothing. The debate comparison is not really the point.
I though people couldn't waste their time any worse than how we've already been doing so for centuries -- but this video has to be the biggest waste of time of all time.
Nikhilesh Surve
She wasn't as good as I hoped but Trump is different. Next time a female Trump should run. I was waiting for Trump to say "such a nasty man" to Hilary but she didn't. All 3 debates & may be even GOP primaries should be remade like this in it's entirety.
Trump Empire
Of course I have a plan. It's in a book being sold at airports for crying out loud.
Hilariously enough people are even more prone to vote for the woman. It's almost as if Hillary wouldn't have gone that far if she was a man and that patriarchy in the West is a meme.
Gemma Seymour
Trump as a woman would not have been anyone for whom I would ever vote any more than Clinton as a man is anyone for whom I would ever vote. The fact that most people are captured by the idea that you must nevessarily support the other if you dislike the one is just another symptom of the cognitive decline of the American electorate. If Clinton as a man sounds every bit as smug and insufferable, Trump as a woman sounds just as idiotic and uncultured. The only thing this video does is to show that sexism was not the primary reason, much less the sole reason, the election turned out the way it did. Anyone trying to read anything else into this is engaging in comfirmation bias.
If you say you'd vote for the woman now, well, congratulations, you are sexist.
If you say "I'd still vote for her, man or woman" congratulations, you are a fool.
If you say "I'd still vote for him, man or woman" congratulations on your job on the clinton foundation.

For me trumpette sounds like trump sounded, the same old discourse of "I'm going to do different, you are just a shill" that pretty much every shill makes. And makes me even more pissed at trump for what he's doing, hearing his promisses all over again knowing now he has no intentions to fulfill it. Also makes me mad at obama for the same reason.
Hilaro here still sounds like he molests young boys at the clinton foundation. I though that changing the gender would make me think he molests young girls, I was wrong.
Brenda might be more likable than Trump, but she's still a lying jackass. And while Gordon is more annoying than Hillary, he's still right.
Michal Ptáčník
I like them both much more as reverse gendered. :)
Craig Manske
Did they video the entire debate redo? Is there a link?
Pale Emperor
The man did a good job acting as Hillary, so non-human and transparently fake as the real deal
Michael Foody
So the big take away is that we hate effeminate men? Plus this is taken from the very beginning of the debate where Trump was considered relatively effective.
Gray Matter
I had issue with some of the things Trump said before, but hearing his words from a woman suddenly makes it sound so important and necessary. First Woman President :)
that man seems very incompetant, even with a very expensive campain, he'd probably still lose
Trump should just come out and say that he's transgender now and that he is the first female President and if you say he's wrong you're a bigot.
peter degrandis
Wow, Trump was even better as a women lol...Buy my book. Can you believe her answer to a question was to not give an answer an plug her book. You (the voting citizens) can find the answers to your questions if you buy my book!!!!! I'll never get over that one. And people wonder why she lost!!!! . A criminal through an through. Money money money. That's all she ever was about and the public always knew it.
This was the one part of the debate where Trump actually sounded presidential. It was the one part where his argument made sense. You should re-enact the more modern bits and we'll see how the audience feels.
I'm pretty sure if she spoke at a slower rate with as many pauses as Trump with his accent, she wouldn't appear as impressive. Her use of "empty adjectives" doesn't appear as pathetic since she doesn't hesitate to use them. It sounds less like a person grasping at straws. Certainly, that has nothing to do with policy, but I just wanted to point out that other physical factors (including gender) contribute to the image Trump currently has.
John Doe
Trump is still godlike as a woman.
Jo Bhakdi
ooops ;)
Chris Breneman
Holy shit, I might have voted for Brenda
john conner
the guardian just redpilled it's entire left audiance by mistake
She sounds pretty reasonable tbh fam
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