Debating gender: what if Donald Trump was a woman?

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An actress portrays Donald Trump and a man plays Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential debates, in a play organized by NYU professors to discuss gender in politics.

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This was the one part of the debate where Trump actually sounded presidential. It was the one part where his argument made sense. You should re-enact the more modern bits and we'll see how the audience feels.
I'm pretty sure if she spoke at a slower rate with as many pauses as Trump with his accent, she wouldn't appear as impressive. Her use of "empty adjectives" doesn't appear as pathetic since she doesn't hesitate to use them. It sounds less like a person grasping at straws. Certainly, that has nothing to do with policy, but I just wanted to point out that other physical factors (including gender) contribute to the image Trump currently has.
John Doe
Trump is still godlike as a woman.
Being a woman would make Trump less dislikeable . Also harder to label a women a misandrist
If Trump was a women she would definitely get my vote! I love a feisty women with a high libido. You can grab my #?$@ anytime love
Jo Bhakdi
ooops ;)
Chris Breneman
Holy shit, I might have voted for Brenda
john conner
the guardian just redpilled it's entire left audiance by mistake
She sounds pretty reasonable tbh fam
Erich Walker
Pretty amazing stuff, regardless of who you voted for. This should be required viewing in every college poli sci class. Heck, it should be shown in high schools. Anybody know where I can watch the whole thing?

And does anybody know if Brenda King is running for office? I'd vote for her in a second. The other guy, not so much.... :)
Elfrie Rod
Mrs Trump is so confident and doesn't let bs go through! Great role model for girls!
as a so called sexist id vote for this woman. :)
Charlie Holmes
If Trump was a woman, you can bet he damn sure would not be president right now.
This is not even the video I clicked to watch! YouTube is diverting from Mark Dice... what are they hiding?
Trump was right on this one the first time, and it's the same here. Trump called out Hillary on being Pro-TPP. Doesn't change the fact that they are still both shit candidates.
Too theatrical. Is this a drama class by chance? lol
Kyler Duley
I would have voted for her
He sounds super fake
Girl Trump wins!
Chris Noel
Crybaby fucks
John Smith
Hillary Sucks no matter what gender she is.
Even the male hillary clinton sounds like a lying bitch. Who knew.
Imran Khan
That's my kind of woman,
Anthony Li
I wouldn't have voted for a woman, I'm sorry. I voted Trump, but this guy is better here.
Club Fred
Where can we watch all of it?
If Trump was a woman he would still be King
Brandon Jenner
She is so weak.
Infinity Hand
So a super intelligent businesswoman vs a slimy male secretary of state?
Jason Do
I'm assuming that the man is Hillary Clinton
Miss Jennifer Banks
What's the actresses name? She NAILED it. I wish she did more of Shrimps debates. Between her and Alec Baldwin, I don't know who did a better impersonation of Donald Shrimp.
All Actors
Donald J. Trump
Now you liberals are satisfied? Shows how sexist you libs are.
Trump would've won in a landslide if he was a women.
Eldfjall Sutter
Classic Hillary hide behind a smile
advocate for epa
oh my gosh, this woman on the left podium does the exact same movements that donald trump does, the finger locking thing, holding onto the podium with both hands, and raising voice, THIS VIDEO SHOULD BE TITLED "IF DONALD TRUMP WERE A WOMAN". 😃
I would LOVE to see someone do this with a Black Man as Trump and another White Man as Hillary. This whole experiment (especially if you read the article about it) shows that everyone from the start on the left side simply fell into the "it's a woman so you must vote for her" line of thinking..... which is funny because reading the comments on this video, it sounds more like everyone is falling in love with the "female Trump" for firing from the hip and not being some stuck-up note-reader.
Mister Tipster
Source on original video?
So if a woman talks over other people and us bitchy she's "awesome" but if Donald trump does it he's a sexist, racist, pig?
Stephen Nihilus
WOW I love women now. She's crushing this lying bozo!
So, male Hillary is basically Jeb.
SS sagemode
She even got the Donald hand signs going.
Rich Hymes
Mind blown...
le chimp
would vote for her
what is the purpose of this? the female debater owned the debate.
Oru's and Or nots
:From Campus Reform interview. found here:
"Salvatore also related that several audience members felt they finally understood how Trump won after watching the gender-swapped debate.

“The simplicity of Trump’s message became easier for people to hear when it was coming from a woman,” Salvatore explained, sharing the reaction of a female audience member who said the male version of Clinton was “very punchable” because he smiled too much."

These are the same people that call everyone else sexist. They admit to outright sexism. The hypocrisy is deafening.
Email Account
If Donald Trump was a woman she would have won. Plenty of male voters would love her. It's easy to imagine a female Trump pulling it off. Someday it will happen. It's inevitable that we'll see women of all political stripes rise up to match the men. There will be a female Trump one day; I'm certain of it.

I voted for Trump even though I detest him. I would have voted for him if he was a woman too. I wish that Bernie Sanders was a woman; he would have fucking won if he had a clitoris. It's a shame. Hillary Clinton deserved to lose even though Trump did not really deserve to win. Bill Clinton is a rapist and Hillary Clinton is a psycho. Can't forget that. None of these people have any business with power, but that never matters.
Oru's and Or nots
I never thought anyone could look as weird as Clinton does when she smiles but this guy trying to copy it is just ...eerie. It's like the uncanny valley with robotics when a robot looks almost human but is off just enough to make real humans uneasy with it.
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