Gerrymandering: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Lawmakers often reshape voting districts to shift the balance of political power. That's unfair to voters, even those of us with questionable judgment.

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18:27 HeRe cOmEs dAt dEaD MeMe
those poor poor interns lol
I had no idea this was a thing until I watched this and now I can't believe it is a thing. Every time I think American politics and government can't get any more ridiculous and corrupt something else even worse comes along. It's gotten to the point where if I heard that cats were allowed to vote in the US elections I don't think I'd even be surprised...
was I the only one who got the slenderman reference
"All our hopes are in the claws of Neil Gorsuch."

We're fucked.
in other words america has a severe lack of democracy

better drop the label because calling yourself democratic is false advertising
a relabeling to facist jerrytocracy would be far more fitting
So, this is basicaly dictatorship non?
Viviana Di Chiara
just when I start to think "I finally get the US political system" things like this come to my attention and the whole thing becomes absurd once more...
Rajie Music
Just use a computer algorithm jeez
Joel Dunn
Democrats bring up gerrymandering every time they lose an election yet fail to mention that inner cities are gerrymandered to the max in a way that benefits Democrats (which is why suburbs are always Republican and downtown areas are always democrat
is that two boobs on a cake at the end?
Kristian Kristiansen
Question; I keep hearing that Luke Skywalker said Darth Caedus was more powerful then Darth Vader, but I can’t find the source of that quote anywhere. Please help me!
Chris van Hoesel
And why even have districts if you can have proportional voting?
aidan mcgill
bring in the STV voting system and the shape and size a district won't make much or a difference
Jared York
Man, I haven't seen Slenderman in a while...
Kata Dragovič
Strawberry ice cream RULES!
Eagle Grande
His jokes are so lame...I felt embarrassed for him. His writers blow.
Just have a popular vote.
Randomfully Wonderful
It's a fair system. Democrats have been unfairly manipulating demographics through mass third-world migration.
Fernando Rodriguez
i live in the earmuff district
Robot Hunter
Why does John Oliver privilege "whoop, whoop" Juggalos over "whoop, whoop, whoop" Juggalos? That extra "whoop" represents the struggles of the Juggalo people and should not be ignored.
"That Move, was gangsta."
Maurcus Jose
Nobody, not already insane, thought Jill Stein would've or could've won.
Zackary Freeman
i like how there were so many white people at the end😂
Edgar Larios
Have the people selected for the electoral college be the ones who draw up districts. Done.
Paul Sauerwein
Come on Britain! Do a reverse Monroe-Doctrin and colonise the U.S.A. again. Then we should export them something called "Direct Democracy".
Luluș Ione
The US is not FREE, if you don't see this you are plain stupid.
Simon Poulsen
Solution: Make a proportional vote on state level.
Modus Pwnens
Fuck you!! Strawberry ice cream is the best!!

Also, most people outside the gaming world don't know who Slenderman is...
John Smith
When you think about it, wasn't the argument for the senate sort of gerrymandering? The main argument for it was "Well if the states don't have equal say, the nation's popular vote might actually win every time!"
Mike Handy
California.... They mastered the art.
Lindsey Hudgens
awwww come on, des moines is a gem! we have a snarky t-shirt shop and weird modern art all over the place!
Ox van cool
slender man as a babysitter
......sounds good to me
Timothy Barth
american you are a 2 party system! have a party draw the lines and the other party to vote to either accept it or reject it!
he predicted covfefe
Al Stokkeough
America is just one big collection of all the people who got thrown out of their own countries lol.
Spish Spish
can we turn "that move was gangsta" into a meme?
Jude Furr
Yuriy Pasternak
democrats are stupid
Democracy is bourgie. Smash the state
The joint
haha a jugglo
how was this a month ago!?
They did gerrymadnering via computer program for equal number of voters here. My house is the only one lumped with another completely different part of the city because of this. I prefered to vote alongside with my neighboars instead.
love how everyone at the end apart from one dude is white and he's talking about equal votes
Adam Williams
Ann Romney joke was on point.
Nayden Spirdonov
This show convince that democracy is really bad.
I wonder how long will U.S. continue in their broken politics. Where president is elected with minority vote. Why just you don't make proportional representation instead of corrupted districts. #Democracy
There is Gerrymandering of UK parliamentary constituencies too, but not as brazenly.
Captain Doomsday
I really respect that John will throw Democrats under the bus, too. It's not about sides, it's about policies. The US has a lot of defective POLICIES which need improvement, regardless of which side abuses them more.
For example, don't have all of your voting based on landmass.
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