Gerrymandering: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Lawmakers often reshape voting districts to shift the balance of political power. That's unfair to voters, even those of us with questionable judgment.

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Way to many dick jokes... every damn show. someone needs to be fired. For being super childish!
Alex Naumov
Isn't a real solution to adopt popular vote?
I watched this for school work. Lol
how are you not scared to live in america, the police there can just kill you for no reason
hey, america, i think there might be something wrong with your voting system
0000000 0000000
You Americans need a proportional-representative system, as in Germany, where a party that gains 5 % of the votes gains 5 % of the seats.
Baqca Sanke
I don't get what the fuss is all about. Gerrymandering is just a way for people in power to obtain more power/hold onto power for longer... There's nothing more American than that
Jack Phoenix
It's really not that complicated. There's a concept in political philosophy called the "veil of ignorance," where the people who make the choices have no knowledge about how they will personally be affected by those decisions. In this case, you find a "committee of unbiased people" to draw boundaries by not providing any demographic information about the people living in those areas. No names, no gender, no race -- simply "this many people live in this community and this is how they are laid out."

Or you can just get a computer to use a shortest straight line algorithm. Or do away with districts altogether and use some kind of proportional representation.
Sean O'Mahony
People need to realise the British Government have been gerrymandering in Northern Ireland to gain majority in Catholic Areas for the past 50 years.
Ryan Polvado
No, not everyone's voice should count.
Owen eldridge
Democrats hate it.... but both sides do it. That's poly sci 101.
Ledude Mcswagger
What is this shit? Y'all are already counting voter percentages so why the fuck are you bothering with districts and shit? Why not have the fucking system be dependant on the fucking voters you numbnuts.
"No a Gerrymander" is a legit observational quip.
Carina Heller
John Oliver: "A guy in a fedora"
Silas Beall
Used to live in California, now North Carolina I see why people move to Cali
Drew G
John Oliver, you're the shit.
Brianna Noel
I saw it happen in my home state. In Nebraska, we split electoral college votes based on district. In '08 the Omaha district went to Obama while the rest of the votes went to McCain. In 2010, after redistricting, they diluted the Democrats in Omaha by adding in rich, conservative communities to the west. We haven't split our electoral vote since.
Why is Eric Trump in a picture with Mitt Romney?
Zoe Zmolek
Des Moines is actually a sick city, we have the third best sculpture garden in the US and it is an already pretty democratic community, I don't know when that clip was from but now most people are democrats. Basically Des Moines has big city activities with small town feel, sorry for the diatribe I just love Des Moines
I agree everyone's vote should count equally, but between the Electoral College and the vote originally going only to landed white men, the US was definitely not founded on that principle.
How can Gerrymandering even accomplish anything in a real democracy? Later US americans will stand with pride and say that their electoral system is flawless. That place is so f*cked up beyond belief.
LJ Farm
american politics are a joke. Way to go 'murica, way to make progress with all forms of equality. Fucking retarded.
I'd say drawing districts in utterly irregular shapes to keep communities together just because they have the same ethnicity is racism, rather than good district drawing. The're encouraging the races to remain separate and alien to each other.
bunies infernal
does it bother anyone else that all the racist grandmas are democrats ?
bunies infernal
Ok lost all credibility when CNN logo was shown
I love the fact that the British politicians were "shocked" by the gerrymandering in the the USA. Our government gerrymandered the shit out of last year using boundary changes.
Babs Wayne
This was really funny
Fuck yeah! Hail to the Redskins baby!
mr ez the poop
Solution : the french system, universal and direct, it's not perfect for us in France because we have a lot of candidates, but since America only has two, democrats and republicans, you should try it, it's great to vote directly for the candidate, no states involved.
Oh so that's why America ends up with Trump as the president. I see now
Austin Noorman
John oliver is the most american british man ive ever scene
Why don't we just do popular vote. It would be lest complicated
Connor Katana
Square is fair. All districts should be made square not in odd shapes like earmuffs
The guy Mt. Everest is named after pronounced it "Ee-verest," not "Eh-verest."
Bayou Billy
I mandered Gerry last night
cyan syan
Isn't it possible to auto generate districts with a computer?
Got goosebumps at the end!
This is how Viktor OrbΓ‘n in Hungary managed to win the 2014 elevtions with the same numbers he and his party lost it in 2006.
Niranjan D
Delimitation Commission of India and ECI ( Election Commission of India) does that job in our country, and they do their job pretty well.
Jeremy Yarbro
Emma SpAce
I'm disappointed in the fact that so few of these comments are about slenderman as a baby sitter
why the fuck don't we just count the number of people that voted? why the fuck do we do this shit?
i'm not just saying this since hillary lost. that's in the past. the point is this is unnecessarily convoluted and all it does is make it hard to understand for the average voter and let people fuck shit up like this
Jessica Buckley
Oml. wheezing because of the Des Moines thing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ we have plently of interesting things.. like um...?
El Pato
This helped me write my government and econ essay πŸ™
Attila Pataki
this is soooooo stupid.... of course its in Murica
Ryan Elgie
isn't Slipknot from demoins
Acrid Moon
California is like the France of the US. Feels superior to the other states, but obnoxiously kind of is a little superior.
gerry hacked the election, not putin
Nathan Hopkins
The real solution is to remove districts all together and use single runoff voting, or another voting system. Not only does this remove the problem of "drawing a district," it also removes the partisan nature of the two party system which makes Gerrymandering appealing in the first place. A pluralist system is more difficult to gerrymander.
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