BAYWATCH Red Band Trailer (Extended) 2017

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Here is the RED BAND Trailer for Baywatch

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And here we have finally a Red Band Trailer for Baywatch
Kirsty Dc
Lmao has anyone noticed that Alexandria Daddario played Annabeth in the PJO movies and then her character in this movie kisses Zefron underwater.... THE ONLY THING ON MY MIND RN IS PERCABETH
Ben Fisher
Is that annabeth from Percy Jackson?
Kenea Baf
merci d'avance cordialement
Carol Pennington
0:20 was funniest part
Lucy The Husky
The girl from the intro is annabeth from percy Jackson
marie trotier
``And Not single Fuck was given``
Anabolic steroids, plastic surgery and lame jokes all in one movie.
Abdul Mueed
"Yours balls are bullies" hahahahahaha
Why Me?
This is beautiful on a spiritual level
Natsu Dragneel
budget cut much? rubber looking leg xD
Shannon Crossley
4:35 the funniest thing ever I love this movie so much guys please watch this
Charles Dunn
Hollywood needs more Alexandra Daddario
Taylor-Marie Arnold
You have one job"make sure swim happy white people don't drown
Jc Parker
The Rock, needs to get his ass kicked!
claudiuflorin00 0
3:57 you're welcome
Wyatt Blue Grassi-Hoying
I saw it and I wasn't quite disappointed. It was pretty good. Zac had to hold a penis.
Luigi Marinus 3
Matt Lacdao
I'm watching this in bay watch tower πŸ˜‚
genevie lucious
I kinda like this movie I kinda wanna see it but dont know if I should.
Samuel A
This movie was so so so bad!! Forget that the story line was beyond stupid, the acting was Horrible!!!!!!! No chemistry between the actors!
Philip Bexon
baywatch the best sent to Philip Bexon lifeguard be together to ready have a go rocky
diego gomez
What is song
kittylover-1124 love
I'm laughing so much I wanna see ittt!!!!
Crimson Claw
Holy shit
Daddario is the only reason I am watching this
She sexy as shit
Victor Greenwood
Oh look, another movie with "attractive" people trying to fuck and impress other "attractive people, I've never seen that before Zac! :D
Dawnn Cristiana
Who is here for Logan paul??
Bluray and DVD 8/29 and on Digital on 8/15
Mr Voorhees
0:44 Blonde girl's name pls. And those boobies and booty ❀❀
k H
Baywatch γ…œγ…œ
Frank Lotion
Where's Yasmine bleeth? Chandler and Joey would be very mad at this lmfaoo
Mike 69
We was in life guard pursuit hahahaha lolok
SΕ‚awek FrΔ…tczak
Im curious when The rock send Johny sins for reitirement, he plays in everything. This is anoying.
Leeah Perez
The part where Matt had dead man fat dripping on him πŸ˜‚.
Sweet Johnson
What s the song?
Tell me why Zac when we was dressed as a girl looks like that one transgender youtuber Gigi
4:01 That moment when one second your like "dayum who's this?", to, "OH SHIT! HELL NO I'M OUT!". πŸ˜‚
Gilbert Willarington
0:47 song reminds me clash with cam funny momentsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
The DarkKnight
"it's like, if a human f*cked a jetski. which is impossible.."


λ°•μ‹ μ£Ό
γ…Žγ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ γ……γ…‚
George Papadakis
The movie is amazing and really funny
mmarz mmarz
I think I'm gonna jerkinoff while watching daddario ...yeah definately
Robert Gonzalez
not again...please...i just got out of the first coma.
Kunal Aatray
I lv Alexander
Air Jordan
1:36 was the best CGI ive ever seen
Tellef Tacogaming
is jake paul in this movie please tell me if he is ill never watch tis movie
Minuk Jeong
0:47 nice scene.
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