BAYWATCH Red Band Trailer (Extended) 2017

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Here is the RED BAND Trailer for Baywatch

FilmSelect Trailer
And here we have finally a Red Band Trailer for Baywatch
Katie Bard

made a decision
Tony Hoang
only gonna see this for Alexandra D's boob!
Song is DMX-Where the hood at
Jon Snow
This movie and whole Baywatch series is pure bullshit. No story , no screenplay , no acting. Just BOOBS BOOBS and BOOBS. Boob is the only reason I watched it. :p
Soccer Destiny
Riyas Ahamed
Im Rock
Jassy Rahal
Things i would do to Alexandra Daddario !! 🙃😈
Fidelia Lucas
Baywatch (2017) f i l m

Click to Watch
James Qian
Wanna see Daddario`s BIG BOOBS!
Baywatch 2017 a Michael Bay film......
Nano Veloso
"She's the reason why in believe in God" LOL!
MegaGamingNoob 1000
M or MA?
Roswynn d'Cannith
"And not a single fuck was given".

My memories of Baywatch are somewhat different... This looks infinitely better.
Imran Atique
kiss doing but rock mixco and you with hilltion paris
Sonia Lawrence
Baywatch M0VIE ( )
Kelsey J. Thomas
Baywatch 2017 FuII-Movie :
Dad Vader
I think Palpatine will want to see this movie
WWe#1fanlover 101
LOL can't fucking wait!!!!!
Abhijeet Pandey
what the name of the song?
Not Nice
not much tits n boobs
Muzaffar shah Shah
MD Muzaffar
Patrick Ryan
I laughed more times during this trailer than most entire comedies I've seen..
Zac Efron: your balls are bullies 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Adriana has huge tits. And eats shit food. O to be young again. She would be so hot, if she actually worked out. She is still a bit too fat for my likes.
Wise Choice
Good grief, what did you do to Baywatch?
amelia cartagena
Too many bad puns, this movie is gonna flop
Klay Thompson
This is so trash but I have to watch it because I have balls and Alex has boobies. Can't believe she's 31 and single.
Is this trailer the entire movie? Saved me a Netflix flick through!
kiss peter
mo bounce
So now Baywatch is an action James bond movie? lmao
Blessed HAMMA 808
Dmx were the hood at
Jessica Chumala
13:49 Baywatch M0VIE ( )
Echo Sun
I was in no way considering watching Baywatch, until I saw this.
I'm shocked to say but this has turned out waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy better than I thought it would.
Paweł Mulak
This movie is technically about boobs and The Rock. This is the best combination.
Luke Bruno
Jelly qui
Hey it's the guy that played Cadillac.
Simply Harry
What a piece of shit !
"just a hand full of ballsack"
Will there be a David ?
David Broughall
This looks absolutely fucking ridiculous. If I could see this for free I wouldn't bother. In fact, I regret losing the 2 and a half minutes I spent watching this trailer.
needs the original soundtrack though
i n
looks stopid and funny
Gamer Player
I wanna like the tits of that girl
Ohh Matt Brody, nobody gives a fuh....

I love the tone of this film. This was not what I expected
DMX is on everything hype! dont ever forget that mf legend!
Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch
I'm pretty confident that I have seen all the good parts (if you can call them that) in this movie.
empty zafu
Dead man fat? Gross...
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