BAYWATCH Red Band Trailer (Extended) 2017

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Here is the RED BAND Trailer for Baywatch

FilmSelect Trailer
And here we have finally a Red Band Trailer for Baywatch
George Papadakis
The movie is amazing and really funny
mmarz mmarz
I think I'm gonna jerkinoff while watching daddario ...yeah definately
Robert Gonzalez
not again...please...i just got out of the first coma.
Kunal Aatray
I lv Alexander
Christopher Fang
1:36 was the best CGI ive ever seen
Tellef Tacogaming
is jake paul in this movie please tell me if he is ill never watch tis movie
Minuk Jeong
0:47 nice scene.
King spartan
3:56 free erection button
help me reach 500 subs without any video!! !
all my favorite actors and actress are in that movie!
adgs games
adgs games
Diana Kantorová
song 1:30
I'm Livid
Looks shit
Kagaxien Boss
Ok, who is the blonde at 2.38? And has she done nude? If not why not.
3:56 tahnks later
Night Prowler
2:37 is the hot blondy Kate Upton?
"Make sure swim happy white people don't drown." Sick of this crap, why can black people say that and nobody backs an eyelid. If I were to say, the same but for black. WAR!
Awtsu Ahah
I want to see another from Alexandra dadario
Artsygirl 5858
I only clicked because it had the girl that acted as Annabeth in the PJO movies on the thumbnail and I was offended because those movies were horrendous compared to the amazing literature they came from
Van Allen
Based on the strength of this trailer, I'll definitely catch this movie...eventually.Follow me on Twitter @GrProject43X
Pure fucking shit. I wanted to shoot my brains out. I wanted to walk out in the first 5 minutes. I eventually walked out like an hour and half later. Couldn't get into it. This movie was probably one of the most boring movies i've ever seen. How can you guys stand this shit? It's like watching a really long horrible annoying television ad.
to all of you, you must watch this movie it was so nice!
anand varghese
only the problem is.... this movie have the bi****ch priyanka chopra
Grey Fox23
Priyanka Chopra is a bombshell!!!!
Kirke Põldsamm
The minute they showed Zac they should have said "get pretty boy-d"
Kaylen V
Nothing gives a movie away more than a 5minute trailer. I had to stop at 1:20 because I knew the rest would give away the movie lol thanks though, can't wait
Mrfirebombdragon 8287
got roasted by a demigod
Moshi darg
I watched baywatch and it was terrible
fan service : the movie
does this remind anyone of bad boys 2?
Hải Phạm
You can't find this mooovie with bеtter quаlity than herе =>
Am i the only one that wants to cum on the Rocks tits?
This made me search up life guard porn and jack off too it, very nice.
T.A. Laskipaa
hubs. is this humor ?
Ankit Kumar
_72_ 34_
4:44 the song ? plz
Eileen Nicole E. Lapiz
Deadpool Is life
Dwayne is life
Deadpool Is life
"You're balls are bullies "

"Why do your balls sound like 3 year old girls?"
SN 21
What was the music at 3:32?
2:12 Why does she look like he just called her a cunt
Martin Woo
The fucking morgue scene.. for fuck's sake..
Joshi Thappetla
superb rock
michael smith
Looks like they stapled together 3 different trailers... Surprised they couldn't fit a few more "Fucks" in there!
Zombie Slayer
"Oh, its just a bit of dead mans fat" I'm dead xD
boing bryan
i just finished watching the movie.....
Bharath Lokanadhan
which song is that swag back ground song?
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