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Trick shots should be an everyday thing! 
Thanks to Kingsford for sponsoring this video! 

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We’re pumped it’s officially BBQ season! Try these trick shots while you’re hanging out & grilling this weekend. Thanks Kingsford!

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Sk8ing king
The closest one
Shawn Wilber
Like the video, but they are bs.
Sagar Bhakta
spoon fell on your cock, get shot
Aren't all there trick shots real life lol
Thickra Alharbi
Literally if i tried this I would 100% fail

Why I would fail is because I'm not a dude.😂
cindy Pham
Hey this can make your life easyer and lazy
Jordan Antu
my favorite trick shot was the key trick shot
RS Films
I wonder how long it took them to do this vid
The Spa King of South Florida
Cool like if u agree
Last shot was the best
Ben Koprevich
Thesus Caseay
You guy have luck
Rush Unknown
I think half of these are fake
francisco valck
dammmmmm!!!! They are so good first ever video I've seen and I love it
lp drolet
Do hockey triq
Randy M
Fishing string reverse filming really
Chester Pham - Munden Park PS (1361)
I'm poor on my freking channel :( I only have 1 sub which sucks completely... Help me pls
Armando Kornelsen
todd bliss
i like all of the trick shots i can't pick a favorite
James John
Why 14k dislike in this video,?,😱
Grace Chantel
They are so good. Some of them probably took a lot of time to get perfect bc they probably get it first try. If they did.. I'm inspired 👏👏👏
Chief Delix
Gustavo HH
Fake hahaha
Gigi B
i loved the last one
jm stromer
Aalia Mahmood
This comment is hacked you cannot like it, try it?
But you guys rule
They are great trick shots but I think it takes multiple times to make those shots
Isaya Johnson
Is it just me or is the audio delayed
Nickolay Amundrud-Aaserud Askegaard
I may think this is aimbot
GreeK Guy
How to live a thug life
Some of those are fake
The Flashy SplashER
All of the shots were awesome
Shah Sanket
this is impossible . i know this is video editing 😃
I tried some and it was inposible
William Hasty
Love your videos and keep up the good work
Ales Cajko
Simona Anamaria
Super tare
Astrix YT
Do a part 2
Keslar Bates
Football Boy 00
Is that real life
Jon Bowman
Do first try edition
Max Tagiatelle
Yes but how many times they must try ?
William Murtishaw
Am I the only one who got nervous when they did the match and grill trick shot?
Bendy the devil
In the thumbnail he looks like he is using the force.
Harsh Lohia
Last shot is my favourite
Glenn McKee
jamie gasior
They should have their own car
Xavier Moro
Junior Fam
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